Affordable Housing the Len Brown and Labour way?

Len Brown and Labour have a dream for Auckland. They call it affordable housing, and they are dumping thousands of pamphlets around Auckland at the moment, paid for by the taxpayer, outlining Labour’s policy.

Len Brown’s unitary plan proposes teeny tiny, tacky apartments around bus corridors, but miraculously the area he resides in misses out on the intensification plans.

Meanwhile in China they are proving the concept of affordable housing quite well.

A 7-square-meter flat including a bedroom, bathroom, balcony and closet is displayed at a minimalist housing exhibition at Chongqing University Wednesday. 

The flat, costing 20,000 yuan ($3,224), can house three people and was designed by 12 students from the university.

Affordable housingNice indoor/outdoor flow don’t you think?

Very nice price point, and even attracts the chicks. They guy in the loft is trying to get some cleavage but she’s a bit proper.

7 square metres for 3 people should easily solve the housing crisis in Auckland.


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  • Oh well we have seen what happens in these box apartments in the US and UK, so bring it on Len and Labour, show us your sick side.
    You need to open up more land for housing, take a look at here in NZ down in Queenstown, just opened a low price subdivision and it is selling well.
    Who would want to live AK when this happens???

  • Gazzaw

    Surely Len will sell up and move into one of the intensification zones. The housing in those zones will after all be architectural masterpieces fitting for ‘the world’s most liveable city’. Surely Mrs Brown will be pressuring Len to get out of their leafy green suburb and move somewhere that is more condusive to hopping on to the train for a quick convenient commute into the CBD. They could probably sell off the family cars as an added benefit and anyway there won’t be anywhere to park them. Mr & Mrs Mayor could be at one with their people, truly unified and living the dream that will be Auckland under the guidance of our Glorious Leader.

    Fuck off Len.

    • parorchestia

      Spot on. The trouble with Auckland is that it was not allowed to develop in a sensible and citizen-friendly way. It had crush everything into the CBD instead of having dispersed hubs as Paris, London, Tokyo and every other great city does.
      Len should be sent to Tokyo and made to bike around that great city (it’s perfectly safe, and with luck he will stay there). Tokyo is nearly 20 times bigger than Auckland yet is far easier to walk, bike, or drive in or to take the bus or train because it is adapted to people, not planners and politicians.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Matt McCartens sickening, Len-licking column in the Horrid does nothing to help. Especially when he uses phrases like “Aucklanders pretty much agree that we should focus on clusters of high-rise buildings linked by rail like every other major metropolis in the world”.
    Well f-f-f-f-fuck off Matt. Aucklanders dont actually want that and spare me your lefty shit when you falsely claim to represent me.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Matt Vomit McCarten is a genius and genuinely care about Kiwis. It is hard to find people like him STC.

      • johnbronkhorst

        No…I think I just scraped something similar off my shoe, after walking the dog.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          You will Matt Vomit McCarten’s influence in tonight’s opinion polls….

    • parorchestia

      Has he seen Queens in New York? Ignoranamus.

  • J.M

    Nothing wrong with apartment living, and intensification should be and is part of the plan to manage Auckland’s growth.

    • parorchestia

      Only if people want it and accept it.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Veteran activist John Minto is asking his political party to approve a run for mayor of Auckland. The trade unionist and teacher said Mayor Len Brown had disappointed him.

    “What has Len Brown done which is different to what John Banks would have done if he were in? You struggle to find many significant things.”

    I am starting to get a feeling that God has taken off Aucklanders from his Christmas list, My condolences bros.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Why is little lennie pushing this failed idea?
    In the UK it was called High density housing, it failed and they pulled most of them, what turned out to be high rise slums, down. If any of you have ever been in one, you know what I mean! A friend of ours lived on the 18th floor of one of these. They were subject to, people, pissing in the lifts (when they worked), junkies leaving needles in the lift for your kids to find etc etc.
    In the USA they called them “The projects”…different name same result!!!

    • Bold Cotton

      Why is little lennie pushing this failed idea?
      JB Little Lennie is pushing this idea as pay back to his property developer mates who provided the 500k for the secret trust that this cunt used for his election budget.That is why he was so keen on getting this rushed through before this year elections as he needs to deliver for his mates so his trust gets the top up.I have also been told this is also very close to the mark on the proposed $60m water park in Manakau is a pay back.

  • Rat

    Cameron…as far as I know it is Election year this year. I am willing to put $100 (and I’m sure the Whaleoil Army can find 10 people amongst them to scratch together $10 each) towards your deposit towards the Mayoralty Election .

    You’ll be good, we cant have Brown going into an election unopposed, and as we know, people need to walk the talk before we can take them seriously.

    • I’m in for that. Given that Minto is now running to split the Liebour vote, you’ll be a shoo-in Cam.

      • Rat

        Completely agree Malcolm, are you willing to put $10 in and be the second nominator ?..That will be $110 towards the nomination