Aged 20 with 5 children?

Are there no sex-ed classes in Somalia or New Zealand for that matter, this alleged rapist has been here for 12 years and is apparently aged 20.

A Hamilton taxi driver allegedly used cardboard to cover-up in-vehicle security cameras as he sexually assaulted two teen girls.

Abdirahim Sheikh Mohamed Guled, 20, faces charges of sexual violation and kidnapping the first victim in March and kidnapping and indecent assault of the second victim this month.

Both victims are aged in their early teens, with one confirmed as 14.

Guled, of Somali descent who has been in New Zealand for the past 12 years, was supported in the Hamilton District Court yesterday by a large contingent of family and other members of the Somali community.

He has been held in custody since his arrest late last week and yesterday applied for bail, which was refused after police argued that he remain in custody. 

Now for the interesting part:

Yesterday Community Magistrate Jack Best refused a request by Guled’s lawyer, Louis Wilkins, for name suppression after the police argued that they wanted to make an appeal for other possible victims to come forward.

Mr Wilkins argued against a lift of name suppression until his next appearance next month, stating Guled should have more time to tell his wife and five children.

Aged 20 with 5 children already? Or did the Waikato Times stuff up…who would know?


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Send him back!!!

    • Phar Lap

      All of them.Plus any on their way.Clark and the UN reject with the arts degree a big mouth called “Knucklehead” Robertson,the now defacto leader of the Lie-bour Party,let them in.Seems most of the Lie-bour MPS are UN suspects,injected with the others will pay mentality,and **** the consequences.

    • steve and monique

      Agree,and in cargo!

  • blokeintakapuna

    This arsehole is the EXACT reason why we need to be able to send our worst offenders to the likes of China for their incarceration period. Pay China to help these unfortunates learn about morality, individuals rights, long hours of hard labour and what happens when you elect to infringe on someone else’s rights.

    Ship him off to China… Along with all our recidivist offenders. Pinch to a pound of goat poo they’d come back with entirely new attitudes…

  • Typical! a large contingient of these people turn up to support this scumbag – no condemnation, no sense he has done wrong, no dropping like a hot spud – oh no, they are all supportive of him.
    I can just imagine the talk going around the Mosque …. “these western girls have a damn cheek not submitting when a muslim man wants sex – what is wrong with them?”

    • manuka416

      You’re making an assumption about the victims being western. I’d have thought they’d be members of the Somalian community also. Who knows, doesn’t matter.

    • Justsayn

      You’re also assuming he did what he is accused of. You’re assuming his friends / family don’t want to see him punished for anything he may have done wrong. You’re assuming he is Muslim. You’re assuming where he came to New Zealand from.

      If he’s guilty then I hope he gets what is coming to him, but put the noose and pillow cases away for a moment.

      • Are you suggesting I am to assume the Hamilton Police have nothing better to do then go around ‘fitting up’ taxi drivers? not only that but the leaders of the Hamilton somali community felt no need to decry this sort of ‘fit up’ from the steps of the Courthouse? oh – silly me! clearly I have it all wrong.

        • Justsayn

          At least you have the courage to admit it. I suggest you try not to assume anything.

          • Do you believe the Hamilton Police have ‘fitted up’ an innocent man? it is a very simple question – don’t get all “sickly white liberal” and then weasel out of it

          • Justsayn

            No. I expect they think they have sufficient evidence mount a case that may prove him guilty. Do you believe that everyone the police charge with a crime did it?

          • Thank you for being honest. Yes I do; I simply cannot believe the Police have nothing better to do than grab random people off the street and charge them with crimes. I also believe Police internal proceedures tend to weed out the innocent suspects (ie: a senior officer plays devil’s advocate and demands hard evidence before allowing charges to be laid)

          • Justsayn

            So we should do away with trials as that is just a waste of time an money?

          • No – like everyone else I respect due process

          • Justsayn

            Those two opinions are hard to reconcile.

            Like you seem to, I think the Police do a very good job, but they do make mistakes.

            I like it as it is: the police charge on the basis of reasonable grounds to believe, and the court’s then assess the evidence against a beyond reasonable doubt threshold. That takes some of the pressure off the cops, particular in the “he said, she said” cases (which this may be).

  • bobby

    When someone is convicted of a serious crime it should be written into law that no familial or length of residence circumstances can be used when considering their immigration status.

    Citizenship for any non NZ-born person should be automatically revoked if convicted of serious crimes no matter how long they’ve been here.

    • manuka416

      This man is most likely a refugee, a little complication. It’s still possible for his refugee status to be revoked. Hopefully that would be considered post-conviction.

      • bobby

        There should be an onus on refugees to accept their generously given new life with a new attitude or have it revoked.

        • manuka416

          Absolutely. Unfortunately, under the Immigration Act 2009 it seems that refugee status can be cancelled only for dishonesty re: the application for refugee status. However, the 1951 UNHCR Refugee Convention says a refugee may be expelled “on grounds of national security or public order”, but they can’t be returned to a place they’d be in danger. Sounds like it would be rather difficult to deport a crim refugee, unlike other immigrants :(

    • peterwn

      This is already the law although it is open to Ministerial discretion. Cancellation of residency is dependent on the period of residency and the seriousness of the criminal history. If convicted as charged he would almost certainly qualify for deportation, although as manuka416 pointed out, refugee status could be an issue.

    • Patrick

      Australia has no problem deporting undesirables – must be less leftie hand wringers over there I guess

  • WayneO

    This isn’t the first time a Somali taxi driver has sexually assaulted a young female in Hamilton. Every time it happens all the Somali taxis (they all belong to the same co-op) run into the sign writers for a re-brand and are out on the streets operating under a different name. They have been through several names over the years.

  • leggo

    Precisely why we don’t want Muslim refugees. Duh!

  • Jman

    Why on earth did we allow scum like this into the country.

    • Honcho

      Because mogidishu (sp?) was on fire a decade ago and the bleeding hearts were too stupid to see it was their own who were holding the torch to the flame.
      Refugees should be forced to settle in the first safe country they arrive in, not here via an arrivals gate, none of them.are that needy.

  • tarkwin

    Lock him in a cell with KDC and the chilli vaseline for a week and then bail him to Keith Lockes place – he probably sponsored him.

    • Tom

      Nah if you’re going to lock him in a cell with anyone, I’d suggest George Baker.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Sounds like he wants to threaten some of his other victims.
    Good call keeping him locked up, and throw the book at him.

  • Justsayn

    Some (or all) of the children might have been from his wife’s previous relationship(s).

    Child molesters offenders should be chemically neutered. Even if it does nothing to prevent future offending, it might stop them passing on any of their defective genes and it would also make me smile – both worthy outcomes.

  • Mike

    The guy is a muslim so possibly has more than one wife (all on welfare no doubt), hence the 5 children at 20.

  • Brett Holak

    Been here 12 years too long,jail him for 10 years then send Back !

  • Straight arrow

    Stuff has updated his age to 30.

  • thehawkreturns

    Let’s see. What have I said repeatedly about Muslims and, in particular, Somalis? Oh yes, misogynists. Entirely unsuited to be allowed in the Western World. Yes this man is supported by his family. As far as they are concerned the girls should have been genitally mutilated as well. Don’t you get it yet?

  • GeorgeRomero

    Infidel girls according to the book of filth, are meat for the taking and should be held in the same category as livestock, or to whoever can possess it with his right hand.
    Welcome to the future of muslim gangs preying on our girls , or in afgahn culture , boys.
    Gangs of islamic adherents and mobs of maori youth are on the rampage in Hamiltinistan.
    How long before we hear the first cries of allahur akbar in our streets?