…and Gareth Morgan wept

via featheredphotography.com

via featheredphotography.com

They should have just ended the little shit’s misery right there and then.

The hunt is on for the owner of a Christchurch cat who impaled herself on a metal fence.

A spike of the Burnside fence went through 20 centimetres of the female cat when it jumped from a roof.

It was rescued by fire fighters who had to put the service’s jaws of life to good use.

Canterbury SPCA manager Geoff Sutton says the cat is doing well, but it wasn’t micro chipped so they are looking for the cat’s owners.

He says they’ve given it a name for the interim.

“Had it been a male cat maybe it would’ve been given the name Rod. But Spike is the name we’ve given for her at the moment.”


Source: Newstalk ZB


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  • Brett Holak

    I guessing cat in story NOT cat in photo taking a very very long nap.

  • i think that may be Gareths totem pole

  • This will start a new internet craze, “Spiking” – the IQ of the world is about to go up.

  • Honcho

    If the cat wasn’t microchipped couldn’t that be grounds to have it destroyed? surely if the owner cared enough to want it returned should anything untoward become it, then it would be wearing a collar or be chipped right?
    Cat should be put to sleep, and the SPCA should use its limited funding to actually prevent CRUELTY to animals. Break up a dog fighting ring in south Auckland or something like that, no doubt when no owner is found the bleeding hearts will release it into one of the spca’s fine stray cat colonies.

  • Travis Poulson

    Wonder if this one was named Frosty.