Anzac Day: For our American mates


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  • RightOfGenghis

    God bless America. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are the reason we are not speaking Japanese today

  • johnbronkhorst

    Like all good friends…you can argue with them, you can be mad at them…but always be there for them as they were for you!!!!
    We owe the USA (just from WW2) a debt we can NEVER repay and like a good friend…they NEVER ask!!

    • Paul Brown


      • What is that supposed to mean? Be careful with your response, I have zero tolerance for disrespectful c*nts on Anzac Day. My gut instinct was to just punt you and say nothing.

        • I see the unpatriotic, Labour party traitors and trolls are here – lowering themselves to the occasion as usual

    • blokeintakapuna

      Totally agree. There was a popular saying around at the time about the Americans… “They’re over paid, over sexed… And over here”

      Today, it really annoys me when my 10y/o nephews and class mates are not allowed to put up Christmas decorations least it offends Muslims or someone else’s religious beliefs! I say fuck that! NZ has been predominately a Christian /Western society… So if anyone has issues with our heritage… They’re free to leave and return to wherever their sense of sensibilities will not be offended. And that’s the thing about “free” societies… People are free to leave if they don’t like a particular celebration/religious event… But how dare they expect “NZ” to cowtow to their religious beliefs recently imported, but not respect our long standing traditional ones already long entrenched?

      The teachers and schools in Whangaparaoa should be ashamed for not standing up for our heritage… And for not pointing out our tolerant society and how families can just leave NZ inc if they don’t like it… But don’t dare to stop/alter/change our Christian traditions because they don’t fit your perception of religion.

      • RightOfGenghis

        I’m with you on this bloke!

  • thor42


  • A lot of quite prominent Americans spent time at their base on the Kapiti Coast in WW2 – Lyndon Johnson, Don Regan (Treasury Secretary), Alex Hailey (author) and many others and they all loved NZ and always carried fond memories of there time here.
    Anti – Americanism is something I cannot understand from NZers.

    • RightOfGenghis

      It baffles me also mini k

  • Wrong – as Oliver Stone (and others) has pointed out, it was the Russians that turned the tide of the war. And anyway, we would not likely be speaking Japanese, other than possibly as a second language. Historically, very few conquerors change the language spoken in their new territories.

    • RightOfGenghis

      Damn I’ve been wrong all this time. Of course it was Russia that turned the tide of the war in the Pacific. And your Marxist mate Oliver thinks they won the cold war too. I think the whale army is going to have some fun with you pal