Aussie tourists upset at lack of dunnies

ABC: Ann Jones

ABC: Ann Jones

As tourists in their caravans head inland and into northern Australia after the heat of summer, a lack of amenities at rest areas prompts criticism.

The problem equally riles some who head south.

“As soon as you cross the border from the Northern Territory into South Australia the availability of toilets doesn’t just diminish, it vanishes,” said Michael, a Northern Territory traveller.

“As a result, every rest area on the Stuart Highway is littered with toilet paper and other debris, which is not nice.

“Let’s face it, when people have got to go, they have to go.”

We have the same problem here of course. ┬áDon’t ever step more than 1 meter into the bushes at a rest stop unless you want to see what a tourist initiated toilet facility looks like.

[A] lack of toilets at some roadside rest stops was also part of a deliberate strategy to encourage travellers to stop in the regional towns.

“We’d always like to put more facilities and more rest stops to encourage people to stop and drive safely, but we have to balance that too with not taking trade away from local towns, local shops and local facilities,” he said.

Perhaps we need to export some of our Kiwi talent.


Source: ABC


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  • johnbronkhorst

    “Aussie tourists upset at lack of dunnies”
    Does this mean they are FULL OF SHIT!?

  • Patrick

    Could be the answer to Peter Dunne’s problem, put fixed speed cameras in every rest stop, then he could take a crap & kill two birds with one stone.

  • Mediaan

    Can we have some cultural sensitivity here please?
    What did Marty do?
    We need to check what is our traditional way of response to “yes need but no dunny”.