Barmy Palmy Parking Smarmy


We aren’t the only ones upset about jerks parking.  Check out this article:

20 great ways to park if you happen to be the world’s biggest jerk!!

Based on that, I think we’re holding our own in the world-wide parking jerk stakes.


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  • Drhill

    Plaza Carpark I see….

  • Surely this is some sort of joke? surely no one could be so odious, so contemptuous of others?

    • Changeiscoming

      Let me assure you there are plenty of odious people here in Palmy and no I am not just talking about Iain Lees-Gayoway

      • Hazards001

        Quite a few in Manukau too

  • blokeintakapuna
  • Rodger T

    All those white lines can get a bit confusing for the old dears.

  • Michael

    This is a site I use (their “stickers”)