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They say getting to the top is easy (it isn’t), but staying at the top is hard.

There is a good team behind Whaleoil, all working hard to make sure we have real, sustainable growth.  The pageviews are no longer important (Tui Ad), but the real aim is to increase our readership base.

Although the stats reported through Open Parachute are very useful to be able to compare our performance to others, we are much more  interested in our Google Analytics numbers


As you can see, Cam has been too modest to tell you the truth on this, but we’ve been tracking over 2 million pageviews for a while now.   And since November, the average time on-site has improved from 2 minutes to 5.

It has been a bit of an in-joke around here to appear all “excited” about our “one millions views”.  We already knew it was a meaningless number.  Our advertisers already have the benefit of a blog that pushes through an impressive number of pageviews.

But it is the “Unique vistors” as reported by Google Analytics (89,105) that we would like to grow.  I’ve been using this table for giggles:


Our readership numbers are in line with smaller regional papers and will make many magazine publishers cry in their watered-down Milos.

Why the discrepancy between the Open Parachute numbers and Google?  We don’t know, and we don’t care.  Open Parachute uses a package called Sitemeter, and as long as all participants use it, we use the same ruler.  The numbers mean nothing, but the eventual ranking is probably correct enough.

Google has a very finely tuned business based on accurately measuring web statistics for its own advertising models.  We know it is closer to the truth.  I don’t see Google paying out on flakey stats, do you? I anything their business model would encourage them to be conservative.

So, on behalf of Cam, Travis and the rest of the team, thank you for your loyalty and support.  Without you there would no Whaleoil Beef Hooked.  We hope you feel part of the blog, and if you do, then our success reflects on you too.

We’ll be working to get 100,000 unique sets of eye balls looking at our blog over the next few months.  Because when you’re Number One, you need to set targets to make sure you stay there.


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  • Andy

    Well done. This especially grates for Ken @openparachute of course. He he

    • This is the monthly be nice to Open Parachute day. He is the only person who does this and all us bloggers use his figures, because he has a consistent methodology. Hand that feed you, bite not.

    • It isn’t Ken’s fault. It’s the fact we all use a ruler called “Sitemeter”. It doesn’t really matter what it says for comparative purposes it will be correct. But I wouldn’t take the Sitemeter results into a pitch for business. Google Analytics is the “English language” of site metric world-wide. All you do is give your key accounts a login to your GA account, and there is full disclosure ever second of the day. They know if they are getting results to excruciating detail.

      • Petal, I don’t actually restrict to Sitemeter – I take anything that I can, as long as it is automatic. I am not interested in spending any more time than absolutely necessary on this.

        Sitemeter is the most commonly used and most other bloggers use Statcounter. There are a few using things like Bravenet, Flagcounter, ShinyStats, etc. My spreadsheets automatically access the stats and do any calculations required.

        My initial research indicated that Stacounter and Sitemeter gave quite close results over time. However, I don’t pretend that the ranking is absolutely accurate or that every counter is the same. Just that it’s probably the best we can do without a huge amount of effort.

        It’s not possible to publicly access google analytics data without bloggers handing over passwords.

        Andy, no the ranking results don’t grate with me – why should they? but they do seem to grate with you and your Mate Richard Treadgold. Richard assures me that his (and your?) blog receives the most hits of any in the country. But he doesn’t want to be involved in the ranking because the Stacounter he has installed is “faulty”)!

        Yeah, right.

  • Pleased you are number one. I think the success of whaleoil is due to a couple of things – this is the ONLY blog in NZ which is not pro Shearer/Adern/Robertson; this is the only blog not pro Labour; this is the only blog which doesn’t ban people for not being pro Shearer/Adern/Robertson and Labour.
    Good luck reaching 100,000 in April

    • island time

      Disagree about the effect of Shearer etc. Its more about the content of the blog – the content I find to be of a more broad nature which appeals to a larger portion of the population. The content on e.g. standard is bordering on maniac and I can picture contributors wiping spittle from their face as they hit the send button!!!

      • I was thinking of Kiwiblog haha – you should read Farrar’s fauning slobbering posts about Shearer, Robertson and Adern in the days and weeks (and years?) after sheep gained the Labour leadership.

    • Minarchist, you simply don’t read enough. NZ Conservative (30) and No Minister(17) despise labour and all its minions. And I’m to the right of them (23, this month).

      • I am sure you have an excellent blog chrisgale but it does come down to the time available to jump online and read blog commentary.

      • BJ

        Just keep running Gay Mar…ge posts – that’ll get em coming back over and over and over…..

  • Orange

    Maybe do a poll on how many unique computers/IP points people read the blog from. After mine are taken into account that kinda leaves just 5 other people reading.

    • In that case, would you mind clicking everything one more time? Thanks :)

  • cows4me

    Given the posts and comments over the last few months it would seem many do not agree with the prescribed prognosis when it comes to certain matters. One would hope that certain “people” take note. The science isn’t settled and you can tag this to quite a few issues.

    • Stop dancing around it and spit it out.

    • Orange

      You’re ruminating about something I can tell

    • Gayguy

      Lets see some proof then that the science is not settled. Put ya money where ya mouth is.

      • BJ

        You keep harping on about this science thats settled – point me in the direction then because I must have missed something

  • Michael

    Three times The Standard, and 5 times the daily blog.

    • Positan

      Proving that even the Left’s own can’t be bothered with their party(s) rubbishy thoughts.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    It’s about time some of you ordered some teeshirts and started advertising.
    Don’t be scared, the leftie commies head for the hills when they see a WOBH teeshirt

    • Travis Poulson although the tees need updating now

      • Tom

        I’d go for a plain whale bumper sticker and shirt/s if they were available. Just the logo, no slogan. LARGE logo, mind you. Go down great where I live (edge of Grey Lynn) haha

      • Hazards001

        Racist bastard…where’s the black ones?

        • Travis Poulson

          you can customize the colours yourself on the site

          • GregM

            I had no idea merchandise was available, whale army t-shirt has just been ordered.
            Good job whale and team, thanks for keeping it real.

          • Hazards001

            so you can +1, how about a tee or polo with the logo on the sleeve instead of breast?

          • Travis Poulson

            Not sure, you’d probably have to make a special request directly to them for that

  • williamabong

    Well done team, a top effort, great to see you not sitting on your bums but setting goals to get bigger and better.
    One of the reasons for the success must rest with the policy of allowing debate to continue and even to the inclusion of both sides of the argument, unlike some of the other blogs on the list, a real shame both the Standard and Red Alert can’t or won’t allow debate and censor anybody who doesn’t agree with the houses opinion.

  • Bunswalla

    Once again, you’re welcome

  • RightOfGenghis

    If Cameron wants a surge in whale virgins, there is one sure fire way. He needs to get himself sued (again). There is nothing like being the Basso Buffo in a good courtroom drama to raise the interest. Probably best to choose a worthy cause like name suppression though. Since it would give Truth a lift as well, the Crowe brothers could bankroll it

    • “Since it would give Truth a lift as well, the Crowe brothers could bankroll it”

      Be careful what you wish for :)

      • RightOfGenghis

        Do you know something we don’t?

    • Constance Lee Furious

      The Crow brothers got shit canned weeks ago. Those crooks are now off trying to find another business to suck the life out of.

    • Clean your mouth out with soap. I am still paying off the fines from the last Name Suppression battle.The best lesson WO learnt from that drama was that the people who actively encouraged him to keep doing it via phone, blog, phone and text were all conspicuously absent when he had to go to court.He had all these people telling him he HAD to do it and that someone HAD to do it. Of course none of them were willing to put themselves and their families through it.

  • A|random|reader

    They also say that it’s hard being humble…