Boat people coming to NZ…Never said Labour…now look what has happened

Labour said that boat people will never come to NZ. Even now David Shearer is?insisting?that NZ is too far for boat people. And yet some have turned up, albeit lost off Australia, but carrying placards nonetheless?expressing?their desire to come here.

A ramshackle fishing boat carrying 66 suspected asylum seekers from Sri Lanka has arrived in Australia – carrying passengers holding a sign saying “We want to go to New Zealand”.

The overcrowded wooden fishing vessel carrying men, women and children was spotted off the coast of Geraldton, about 400km north of Perth in Western Australia.

It is believed to be the first boat to have travelled so far south in recent years. Most asylum seekers arrive near Christmas Island, more than 2000km north, where they are usually intercepted.?

Getting here is a tough ask…but Australia is a now a fortress and they never make it ashore because Australia packs them off to intern camps. New Zealand is now considered a soft touch.

As for Shearer’s statements:

“Obviously these people are a long way from New Zealand, in fact they’ve gone down the wrong coast of Australia to get to New Zealand,” he said, adding it was highly unlikely any boat would make here.

“There are many people in the world who would like to come to New Zealand,” he said.

However, anyone coming here should have to go through the proper process.

“They’ve landed in Australia, they may wave a flag saying they want to go to New Zealand, they may wave a flag saying they want to go to Canada, I mean it’s just about as far,” he said.

“Obviously when you’re refugees and you get out on a rickety boat, you’re pretty desperate, and they’re wanting to get as much attention and sympathy as they possibly can.

“But it doesn’t detract from the main issue which is it is highly unlikely that any boat will try and make it to New Zealand.

“You only have to look at a world map to understand why.”

Yes perhaps he should look at a world map…and learn where Canada is.

I wonder though how he reconciles the arrival of the first boat people in NZ, in vessels rather less seaworthy than those boat people are currently using…with no benefit of engines, using only rudimentary navigation techniques and woven sails?

Maori managed to make it here…so why not other boat people.