Brislen and Robertson square off in unedifying spectacle on Twitter

Rent a quote and all round media whore Paul Brislen was trying to sell his PR services to Labour, but he had a serious SMOG.

Russell Brown and his leftie mates were discussing the lack of impact Labour is having in the GCSB story, and that yet again the Greens are the true opposition party.

Then Brislen’s over-inflated ego couldn’tthelp but get involved.

Followed up by a suggestion:


He then offers Grant Robertson some of his expert advice about getting better media coverage of the GCSB issue – implying that Robertson has done a crap job.


followed by;

Then Robertson gets wind of Brislen’s comments, and gets defensive.

But he’s quickly smacked down by Brislen.

The battle continues until Robertson suggests Brislen hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about.

I wonder if Brislen’s employers would be happy to know the face of their organisation is saying “fuck you” to the deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Does Brislen actually spend time doing anything related to what his employers pay him for or does he just spend his time on Twitter trying to get better media coverage for Labour? Perhaps I should do a MentionMap so we can see where his true alliances are who he talks to or about the most.



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  • Sell his PR services to Labour? that’s a joke – they don’t have two 10 cent coins to rub together; can’t even pay membership fees to Wankers-Of-The-World-Unite! ‘socialist international.

  • unsol

    WO I am not sure what your beef is with this guy, but it is hard to argue with statements like
    “big issues here to fight with. GCSB, IT sys failures, social welfare,… but they’re not in the game”
    “time to open source a Comms Plan for the party? “How to get in the news” 101″
    “in PR perception is truth and in this it’s Green vs National. From here at any rate.”

    I’d say he won that round easily – made factual observations & riled Robertson up, so really you should be thanking him!

  • cows4me

    Oh leave them to their misery the whole stinking lot deserve each other.

  • SJ00

    I hate twitter, the only thing its good for is own goals which WO is great at finding (not that you need to look hard).

  • Mr_Blobby

    Sorry I’m a tad late for this one.

    • Dumrse

      Comments are not compulsory you know….

  • Rogue Trooper

    well, sometimes I play and get labelled a fool, yet if this is what goes on in the “professional” and “political” worlds, I’m not so bothered; This tweeting your business to all and sundry, what nonsense; might as well have an open access facebook account… :)

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I find Labour is all over National in the GSCB issue. John Key has been given a king hit. Now Aunty King is all over Tony Ryall in the stupid decision to outsource the kitchen services in our hospitals.

    • Gazzaw

      Best decision Ryall has ever made. Have you ever tried hospital tucker SCS? It’s a wonder there aren’t patients dieing of malnutrition in public hospitals. You can bet your bottom dollar that there are so many rorts going on in those kitchens. Great move Tony, more dosh for the coalface and without a doubt better food for the patients. It couldn’t get worse FFS.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Gazzaw – For 10 million plus savings per annum, uncle Ryall has opened up the door slightly for fat aunty King to make this as an issue. Also the unions will make a huge issue of this and Vomit McCarten and Mad Minto will march down Queen Street with banners – “Save the kitchen. If you can’t handle the heat, get out John Key” blah blah. Hope you get the drift. Already Fat aunty is talking about horse meat being served, food quality, risk of disease etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if Naked Emperor pulls the plug on this.

        • Dave

          Tell you what SCS I’m sure Ryall will approve a few free meals from the hospital kitchen for Mad Minto & vomit McCarten, he might even stretch to several helpings to Kitchen King, if they think its worth saving they can verify it by eating it for a week first! PS You left off Hone and his whanau!!

        • dianne65

          Aunty King, was absolutely hopeless as Health Minister in the Labour Government. I spoke with a number of Doctors, and Labs during Cancer treatment, and she was hated. She is nothing but a hag, and wouldn’t come up to Tony Ryall’s ankle. Can’t stand the b……..

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Absolutely agree. But this decision has given aunty some free air time and the left leaning media will make this as a serious issue for the next few weeks. There will be stories about poor workers losing their jobs and aunty will scream her head off……

          • dianne65

            Oh of course Hag King, will shout like a Banshee, for sure. But I will never forget the way she wrote letters to patients on the many months waiting list, telling them there treatment wasn’t urgent, because the Labour Government has such a bloody mess. She soon got told her pedigree from the Oncologists. Bitch.

  • As one of the participants in the above discussion, I can tell you that initially it wasn’t really about Robertson, more so about Shearer/Labour’s profile, and also that the post which followed the FU one involved an abject apology from Paul because he had failed to see the :) on Grant’s post and then offered to catch up for a beer as an apology. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story, right?

    • Dion

      Not a good look for a PR guy, though is it?

      • not ideal, but it was a genuine mistake by Paul – shot from the hip and got the wrong end of the stick it seems.

        • Dave

          Really The smile is at the end of that tweet not buried in the middle, pretty hard to miss, and senior execs should not be shooting from the Hip, a very serious blunder, time for his employer to ban him from Twitter and social media, he has just brought them into disrepute.

    • I fail to see what the issue is other than it is the media in the media and not shearer, but when he mumbles, stumbles and fumbles can you really blame them?

    • Dave

      Shearers profile, really he has a worthwhile profile apart from the profile he forgets, a twitter profile use a couple of times a week?? Perhaps he needs to write his profile down so he can remember them like his foreign bank accounts.

  • Dave

    Breadcrumbs.. and Media trails! Both Robertson and Brislen should know far better, shame on them both.