Brits enjoying Global Warming this Easter

Brits are enjoying the balmy weather that spring brings this Easter…oh wait.

Water cascading down Summerhill Force, County Durham formed icicles today as the coldest March since 1963 draws to a close

Water cascading down Summerhill Force, County Durham formed icicles today as the coldest March since 1963 draws to a close

The icy Easter weekend has been declared the coldest in 100 years and forecasters have warned the cold snap will continue for the rest of the week.

Despite welcoming in British summer time, temperatures plummeted to -12.4C last night in Braemar in Aberdeenshire, while South Newington in Oxfordshire dropped to -5C.

The Met office confirmed it could be the coldest Easter Sunday morning in 100 years. 

When record high temperatures are posted all the warmists come out and claim that it is due to global warming. Now we have the coldest Easter in 100 years in the UK I’ll bet you the poms are yearning for a bit of global warming.

And it is looking like being the coldest March since 1963.


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  • English cricket supporters I chatted to in Auckland last week were loving the New Zealand summer when they heard what the weather was like at home.

  • LabTested

    30,000 Old British peope will die from the cold this winter (just ending) the reason

    “Fuel prices have doubled over seven years, forcing millions to choose between
    heat and food”

    and why?

    “Instead of making sure energy was affordable, ministers have been trying to make
    it more expensive, with carbon price floors and emissions trading schemes”

  • Orange

    Really can’t tell what’s real and what’s April 1 spoof. If it’s a real report then it’s a clanger just as bad as that one a decade or so ago about British kids forgetting what snow looks like.

  • Whafe

    Not a spoof, just arrived back this morning from Europe, was in Manchester, UK last week, cold as, snow showers etc… Flew to Heathrow yesterday from Lyon in France. The temp in London was 2 deg C…

    Getting home this morning, the weather is balmy…

    Am in the primary production business, this cold spring weather will have big impacts on food production and supply in Europe, no doubt about that… Spring planting a of wheat, barley etc etc etc are way back….

    • Orange

      If you’re replying to me, sorry I didn’t mean the Whale linked article sounded spoofy, I was referring to the silly Herald one about the the Artic going completely green while the Antarctic doubles in ice size.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Spoke to brother in law last night, yesterday was first day without snow in London for weeks.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Wait for the toxic Greens now to come up with the support of gnome John Campbell that the freeze in UK is due to Global cooling, the effect caused by lack of carbon tax in NZ and expect the sucker Kiwis to believe that and support for a 10% carbon tax in 2014.