But why was he carrying that much around?


Two Norwegian teens returned 467,200 kroner (some 62,000 euros, $81,500) they found left on a train by an elderly passenger, Norwegian media reported Thursday.

The pair found the treasure Wednesday in a bag left on the seat of a train running between Oslo and a small town in southeastern Norway.

“When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw were these wads and wads of bills,” one of the teens, identified as 16-year-old Bendik, told local daily Vestby Avis.

“My first thought was to call the police,” he said.

After looking in the bag more closely, the good samaritans found the passport of its owner, a man in his 70s who was expected to pick up his money from the police on Thursday.

Police said they did not suspect any foul play behind the man’s huge quantity of cash, and said they did not know if the two teenagers had been rewarded for their honesty.

This on the same day where a Kiwi survey showed that only 1 in 3 kiwis would hand back $10 that was given to them by mistake by a cashier.


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  • The difference is that Kiwi dollars are ‘real’ money whereas what the hell do you do with a bag of Norwegian kroner? haha – just bloody mickey mouse money isn’t it?

    • Anonymouse Coward

      Norway is located in Europe but not part of the European Union nor does it use the Euro as its currency.

      They seem to be a savvy country to me.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    From a til? $10 isn’t that much.

    If someone on the bus dropped $10 then I’d give it back, easy. Even if there were no witnesses.

  • I found $1350000 in a plastic bag about 20 years ago and found the guy who left it under a seat in the club, he had just cashed in his gold, he was a gold miner He was having a good time and was not aware he lost it, put him in a hotel, never seen him again, and no reward.