Cam’s Kings Cam

Our fearless leader has been out some more, once again taking snaps of people that don’t park well.  This time around King’s School.  (I think we can safely assume these were taken between 4 and 6 pm)

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)



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  • I am not sure the pics were taken between 4pm and 6pm due to the large number of cars along the street still parked – I count 5; you can understand a single dickhead – but 5???
    Perhaps Cam can confirm the time?

    • It was around 330pm….the photos are of cars parked in the bus stop…perhaps they are confused at the sized and capacity of their Remuera Tractors?

      • ahhhh the bus stop *click* I had thought you were wanting people to see cars [still] packed on the clearway between 4pm and 6pm

  • Gazzaw

    7.40am – 8.00am on the intersection of Omahu Rd and Remuera Rd is where the real shit happens outside Kings Prep. Right opposite where Petricevich used to live on Omahu Rd. Big (and I mean big) 4WDs double parked on yellow lines and the invariably women drivers just don’t give a fuck about the two lanes of traffic trying to get through the lights. Never a cop in sight – I suppose its not worth their while once these entitled sheilas get their lawyer husbands or mates on the case. Maybe a concerted calling campaign to the headmaster is on the cards.

    • It is not as bad as all that, and only for a few minutes. The Police should confine themselves to catching real criminals, not annoying decent respectable people in Remuera; it is not about entitlement merely that the police should be in Otara

      • peterwn

        But remember the Police get a separate budget for road traffic enforcement so any concerns that the police should be spending less time on traffic enforcement and more time catching crooks is one that needs to be addressed through political channels. It is not the Police Commissioner’s choice. Even though the problem lasts ‘only a few minutes’ it is within these few minutes that a kid going to or from school could be killed.

        • le sphincter

          Its a council parking issue , not the police.

          Just use a drive by camera car, 45 seconds and they have pinged the lot. Sure its only the cost of the weekly comb up at the hairdressors.

          But it does add up

          • peterwn

            Wellington tried a camera car, but the enforcement contractors over-used it to the extent that it became a political matter and it was scrapped. It would have survived if it was limited to roads outside schools.

          • Mr_Blobby

            Same with the bus lane videos. That also became, and rightly so, a political matter, as it was all about the revenue, not road safety.

  • Patrick

    The GFC must be really hurting – I don’t see a half decent car in any of the photos.
    I can never understand why Mummy doesn’t instruct little Tarkwin to walk into one of the side streets – ample parking & no queues. Obviously looks are a higher criteria than brains when marrying into money.

    • Are you jealous patrick?

      • Patrick

        Of what exactly – someone owning a 10 year old Audi, or a pretend 4WD? Or that fact they send their kids to Kings aka snobville NZ? You have got to be joking.

    • Spoken like someone who doesn’t know the area. There is only one little side road adjoining the school….Portland Road…which isn’t a little side street…and it is chocker to the point of being dangerous around that time.

      • Patrick

        So the poor little dears cannot walk across to Westbury or Eastbourne? Wasn’t that many years ago they would walk or cycle to school. Whatever happened? No wonder we have a nation full of overweight kids, furtherest they walk is from the side step on the 4wd to the school gate.

      • Ronnie Chow

        if a solution appears on this comments section , I will be astounded..

    • Bunswalla

      The correct term (when describing just one) is criterion, you numpty

      • Patrick

        Thanks – I never knew that

  • LesleyNZ

    I parked a bit crooked and over the line yesterday at my local supermarket. Opened the door, looked around and thought – is Cam there with his camera? Reparked straight.

    • Rodger T

      Heh,heh I went thru the express lane at the checkout with 14 items when the sign said you are only allowed 12, yeah had a look over my shoulder for WO.

  • unitedtribes

    For fucks sake Cam were else are you going to park in Auckland. On the footpath? In the fucken hedge? The whole street is taken up with yellow lines for buses that never turn up. I say fuck em all park were ever you like.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Just this once I’m with you United. Auckland Transport are a bunch of cunts.

      The Council has failed to plan and manage parking in the city and by default there answer is enforcement. By failing to plan and manage the situation they have benefited by collecting income from fines.

      Absolutely disgraceful.

    • Mr_Blobby

      But wait there is more they also want the right to issue moving enforcement notices. The justification is that the Police don’t have the resources to do it. The reality is they want to put an army of low paid Muppets out there with speed guns. It is of course all about the money.

    • or worse those green cyclist lanes that never, EVER, have cyclists in them

  • cows4me

    Oh the humanity, well the suffering never end, most liveable city, you can keep it.

    • You should try it for six months cows – I am sure you would like many parts of Auckland if you gave it a chance; make a new social circle, do some new things, meet some nice people – and for the first time in your life you could meet some rich and successful people too haha!

      • cows4me

        I was there for about 60 hours three months ago, it was probably 54 hours more then I should have stayed. Mine you the Whanau are nice people but most gave the impression they would prefer to reside in other parts. As for rich and successful, don’t fool yourself, the only things that are rich and successful in that place are the banks

        • Ha ha just joking with you; I am genuinely at a loss to understand why the other 70% of NZers hate the place.

          • cows4me

            It’s probably no so much the place more the attitude. I guess it’s just big city syndrome where the citizens come to believe it’s all about them and their issues. Auckland is but a tiny speck when it comes to NZ’s landmass, they tend to forget that.

      • Bunswalla

        A new social circle? Don’t think there’s many heifers in Queen St m8

  • Hazards001

    It doesn’t matter what time it is..the Porsche is on a bus stop and the
    red thing down the road doesn’t look to far off one either!