Can’t they tell just by looking at his photos

8582395Why is it when you see a photo of a sex offender you immediately just know they are a sex offender?

Why is Immigration checking, just look at his photo.

Immigration New Zealand is reviewing the file of an American man, who was rescued yesterday after being one of a trio overdue for more than a week from a tramp in the Kahurangi National Park.

Guy Verschuur, 51, is listed on the Nebraska Sex Offender register, an official website of the state government.

He was convicted of first degree false imprisonment of a minor in January 1998.

The site had a photo of Verschuur which matched that used by Nelson police, and recorded him as having ‘‘absconded’’. Details of his crime were not listed on the website. 

Police in both New Zealand and the US have said they have no criminal interest in Verschuur, who could not be reached for comment today.

But Immigration NZ said today his file was being ‘‘actively reviewed’’.

‘‘INZ takes the allegations about Mr Verschuur extremely seriously,’’ acting general manager Marie Sullivan said.

‘‘People are required to declare whether or not they are under investigation by a law enforcement agency in any country, or have a criminal record.’’


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  • US sex offending registers are bullshit because they label all sorts of people who are nothing of the sort. Kids who send nude pics to other kids, teens who have sex with their 1 year younger girlfriends…Boys who looked at Playboy..its hysterical evil nonsense so take it with a truck load of salt.

    • Yes, agreed, if you have sex with someone born at 12:01am on ANZAC Day 1997 – it’s a case of SEX OFFENDER!!! PAEDO!!
      Whereas having sex with someone born 11:59pm April 24th 1997 (2 mins earlier) – perfectly legal “phoar did you FINALLY get your leg over?? well done bro”

      • unsol

        There is unspoken rules with this stuff. Teens of same or similar age group – OK (ignoring the morality of the whole teenage sex issue), 20 & 17 or 18 – OK. 20 & over with 16 or younger – pervert.

        Good men don’t want to have sex with children. And 16 is a child.

        Personally I think the age of consent should be higher to weed out the borderline pedophiles, but ideally I wish parents would learn how to be bloody parents & have real conversations with their daughters about what sexual relationships are meant to be like. Unfortunately though, many parents have no clues themselves

        • Dave

          +1 But also, have real conversations with their SONS about what sexual (and non sexual) relationships are meant to be like.

          • unsol

            Definitely…but I suspect rationalising with girls/teens/young women may be far easier than trying to tell a young hormonal boy to keep it in his pants until he is of an age where he understands sex is like everything in life & is very much subject to cause & effect! I figure if no girls want to ‘play’ & make sure they keep themselves save then the boys will have no option but to realise sex is a privilege not a right.

          • Kopua Cowboy

            Yes but we need to be extremely careful here, this idea is not so very far removed from the whole burka thing.

            Personal responsibility is a marvelous thing.

  • Physiognomy is a discredited ‘science’, but you’re right: paedos often just look like paedos, in much the same way that thugs look that way too. Of course, we have Dorian Gray (in literature) as an example of the other end of the stick…and also, those poor sods who look like paedos but are red blooded real men like the rest of us, would also certainly get a raw deal…

  • cows4me

    He’s not related to Red Russell by any chance, or is that the economic offending register?

    • Sounds like they should have a register for gingas. Ouch.

      • Sponge

        Splendid idea!

    • tarkwin

      I had him down as a Green voter straight away.

      • Cadwallader

        ..and with hair like his, a sheep shagger.

  • unsol

    “Why is it when you see a photo of a sex offender you immediately just know they are a sex offender?”

    Such a crock of shit. Hindsight is a great thing. Most people have no idea when they have a sex offenders in their midst, that is how most get away with their crimes.

    Take the unfunny comedian. I never liked them. I would never have trusted them as I thought they were vile & perverted, but would I have guessed they would have molested their daughter? No way.

  • Andy C

    If you can identify pedo’s just by looking Cam, why not go and do it and save all those kids from misery.

  • Sarrs

    False imprisonment of a minor seems pretty serious.

    Also…he looks like Dave Dobbyn.

  • Dave

    Simple Equation – If he declared his Criminal Conviction, he should have been queried, and refused entry given the very serious nature of his conviction. If he didn’t declare his conviction, then he has made a false declaration, and should be sent home IMMEDIATELY, and immigration records noted.

  • Guest

    Dave Dobbyn will do anything to get himself in the papers. The man is a media-whore.

  • rhino3301

    That shameless media-whore Dave Dobbyn will do anything to make the newspapers. No surprise he’s finally been outed though. Note the close resemblance to Rolf Harris.

  • Dead Stiff

    Does anyone know the full story. This is sick media hype. If he’s raped kids well then just tell us and we can all spit at him in the street but at least tell us what the sentence was and the circumstances behind the story. If a 16 year old has consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend in US that puts him on a sex offenders register for life. If I shut my 5 year old daughter in her bedroom for being naughty and some pinko lefty doesn’t like me taking away her civil rights does that become “1st degree false imprisonment of a minor”

  • jedmo

    Had some exxy dental work done in Nelson apparently, said he was getting the muni from his car and hoofed it