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  • Conscientious dad discretely finding childs’ preferences before deciding on wife for arranged marriage.

  • Polish Pride

    pick what size implants you’d like mommy to have, after all son you’ll have first dibs on them for the next 18 months.

    • island time

      can first dibs include choosing the flavour???

  • metalnwood

    Fun bags are fun.

  • Sandysure

    “One day, my son…this will be all yours”

  • Red

    Careful with that kid – it needs to go back in the wrapper you know….

  • “Dr Norman and MP Gareth Hughes strenuously denied Mr Slater’s allegations that the Greens were “a tits party”.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    “Now when you grow up son I will teach you what these are for, and you will make a shitload of money”

  • Catweasel321