Chart of the Day – 4 in 5 Maori children born outside marriage

Lindsay Mitchell blogs about ex-nuptial births of Maori – 4 out of every 5 Maori children are born outside of marriage:

Percentage of children born outside marriage Maori and non-Maori 1968 to 2012


The earliest statistics kept on Maori ex-nuptial births were in 1968. The percentage of Maori children born outside marriage would have been even lower pre-1968.

Does marriage matter? Of course it does. Married people tend to be wealthier, are more likely to stay together, and provide their children with greater security and opportunity. A great deal of Maori disadvantage is due to the picture [above].


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  • All par for the course and shows the maoris have no morals or standards; decent respectable folk have parents married to each other.
    Another reason to abolish the DPB as well.

    • Phar Lap

      Rumour has it,that was why Lie-bour brought in the DPB. Figures,to placate the first Nations people.

    • manuka416

      I’m sure there are quite a few decent, respectable folk around without married parents

      • Perhaps but none of them are maoris; fucking savages

        • manuka416


        • LesleyNZ

          No need to say that.

        • Lion_ess

          Pull your head out of your arsehole a bit more often – you sound like a racist, ignorant twat.

          • Like Margaret Thatcher I enjoy receiving personal abuse – it means others have run out of arguments (and secretly agree with me and know I am right!)

          • Lion_ess

            Newsflash – you are nothing like Margaret Thatcher, more Tom Metzger.

          • I am very much like Margaret Thatcher – in that Labour stooges like you are name calling instead of proving me wrong (because they can’t)

          • Lion_ess

            How about validating this comment of yours with some facts, and please provide your references and sources:
            “Perhaps but none of them are maoris; fucking savages”

            Also, I’m not a labour stooge – you’re wrong again.

          • manuka416

            Yet, you regularly dish out abuse. Haven’t you just sunk your validity by your own statement?

        • Mr_Blobby

          Understand what you are doing Minarchist but you are overdoing it, just a bit.

          • I am not doing anything – I just don’t like immorality, especially when I have to pay for it and its consequences (if you had to chip in $833,000 in taxes last year you would feel the same)

          • Mr_Blobby

            If you are so unhappy then why are you still playing the game. I was in a similar position to you several years ago. Generating more in a multitude of TAXES, much more than I was paying myself.Working 7 days a week etc with nothing but grief and penalties if I was 1 minute late with a payment. Not to mention there was always some new TAX, licensing, compliance or something that was a cost and distracted from the business purpose of making money.

            One day I woke up decided not to play the game (richest man in the graveyard) and opt out, for the first time for many years I felt like a first class citizen.

            Your first class citizens in this country are beneficiaries and prisoners.

            Your second class citizens are wage and salary earners.

            Your third class citizens are business owners who have to pay for everything.

            The current system is unsustainable and we have traveled to far down the rabbit hole to turn around, all people like you are doing is propping up the system and delaying the inevitable collapse.

            Join the revolution work towards being TAX Neutral it feels good.Sit back and enjoy the show.

          • Read my post on the Labour exchange rate topic – my objective in life is to build something, build an international company; am well on my way too but get sick to death of lazy useless people getting handouts. And I know what I am talking about with the maoris – I employ 40 of the buggers

          • Mr_Blobby

            The current system is unsustainable, all people like you are doing is propping up the system and the inevitable collapse.

          • spollyike

            Just like Atlas Shrugged?

          • Cremster

            Who is John Galt?

    • cows4me

      Rubbish, if anything Maori’s are opportunists. Shit you can’t set up systems like the unemployment benefit and DPB and expect no one to take advantage of such systems. Why do you expect everyone to play by your rules. Generations of liberal governments have pandered to and told a certain section of society they have been screwed over and we have set these systems up to look after their every need, don’t act surprise when you get a certain result. Until we gear our welfare systems to promote personal responsibility don’t expect change anytime soon and this goes to all sections of society.

      • Joe

        It would be interesting to look at the marriage stats against income & education levels, rather than just race here. I think the correlation is probably around income . Maori are obviously heavily screwed into the low income demographic, hence the result. The retarded racist comments here are moronic.

        • spollyike

          How do you define what a maori is? By their income?

        • parorchestia

          As one who was born into a low income Pakeha family and who worked hard to have a better life, I resent being called a racist. The opportunities I took advantage of are available to ALL New Zealanders.

          • Joe

            “All par for the course and shows the maoris have no morals or standards” – how is that not retarded racism?

          • Mr_Blobby

            Minarchist_nz is a Maori. By definition Maori cannot be racist. Now he may well be retarded but that is another matter.

          • I am about as maori as the Empire State Building – I am 5th generation white anglo saxon; I come from a long line of decent respectable enterprising hard working people who have never accepted $1 (or pound pre 1967) of either welfare of pension money.
            Everyone should be like my family instead of looking for soft options, handouts and taxpayer funded immorality.

          • Mr_Blobby

            Did you not get the memo maori own the empire state building.

          • unsol

            I assume that includes all forms of working for families – including the family benefit as it was known when it was first introduced….remembering of course that for a time it was not even means tested.

            If not that you are not only racist but a hypocrite

          • Unsol I am not exaggerating. I do not accept WFF handouts, my parents never accepted family benefit or pension money in their day. And as for being racist – where do you live? bet it is in a white suburb segregated from the brown people; bet your kids go to a school with few if any Maoris; bet if your daughter brought home a maori you would gasp; bet your dealings with the maoris have been either patronising or theoretical than anything else because you are afraid of them….so who is the ‘real’ racist? eh? (your lifetime of actions speak louder than my words) – whereas I live in Manurewa, the neighbours on one side of my house are maoris, my son is the only white kid in his class, I employ about 40 maoris and have some idea what I am talking about when I talk about indolence, sloth, immoral behaviour and some people being nowhere near ‘decent or respectable’ vis-a-vis myself.

          • Lion_ess

            People who have to advertise that they’re “decent and respectable” aren’t noted for this by their behaviour – hence their need for self promotion.

          • Rather like people who go around calling other people racist to try and pretend they are not – are usually the worst of the lot (as they live segregated lives)

          • parorchestia

            No, Joe, it is not racism, it is factual. In the 1960s I heard a sociologist give an analysis of how much time Maori children spent in class. It was about 1/3rd all other groups. In consequence, they left school with an inadequate education and a bad attitude to society. That ain’t racism, it is a fact and it has had terrible effects on Maori.

          • Dave

            And “some” ethnic groups know what they can suck from the tit of the motherland better than others, their culture and family examples mean their young learn from a young age how to exploit the system and GRAB everything available while sitting around expecting the state to provide everything from housing to their income. We need to break the cycle from the start, its up to the Elders to say enough! Not just teach them how to fill the forms in.

          • Bafacu

            Agreed parorchestia. In addition the Maori have been given additional opportunities denied to me and my family as we didn’t have “special privilege” race status – such as education, health, benefits. We had to get off our bums and earn a better life, it wasn’t provided for us!

          • Dave

            I go back to when I brought my first home (1972). I was paying around 10% interest, a close friend with the same background and trade as me managed to get a Maori loan for his home with 3% interest, as he was a 16th cast Maori, yet he earned more than I did, and his wife also earnt a lot more than my wife. They had things handed to them on a plate. We worked F’n hard to build a few resources and a life, strangely he still lives in the same house, its now a dilapidated mess, but he has many “Benefits”

    • Lion_ess

      “… decent respectable folk have parents married to each other”. I presume you are referring to “folk” like yourself? While your parents may have been married, perhaps they were brother and sister – your ignorant rants on here suggest you are anything but decent and respectable,

  • manuka416

    Well, that’s an improvement. In the pre-missionary days it was 5 out of 5!

    • In Vino Veritas

      But then, Manuka, their family and tribe meant something to them. Plus, it they played up, they got put in a pot, cooked and eaten.

    • spollyike

      Oh that’s right, that was when they killed the girl children because they couldn’t be warriors wasn’t it??

    • Mr_Blobby

      manuka416 you are truly retarded this is a serious topic. Pull your head out of your black arse and stop living in the past.

      • First sensible thing you have said all day Blobby haha!

        • Mr_Blobby

          What sensible thing would that be. That this is a serious topic or that you are truly retarded.

    • williamabong

      I couldn’t give a flying fuck weather they are married of not, there are three reasons these children are born,
      1. A loving couple want to cement their relationship and help the human race.
      2. A root, drunk or sober, went wrong for whatever reason.
      3. A cynical lazy person wants a meal ticket and is prepared to use another life to ensure this happens.
      My money goes on option 3 as it has been offered as a career choice for all colours for large number of years, almost about the same time as the DPB was introduced, what a coincidence, who would have believed it.

      • manuka416

        Yep, agree. When it comes to providing the best for children, a loving and committed mother and father make a huge difference – as do a loving and supportive family. The idea that legalised marriage by itself is a panacea for disadvantaged kids is a bit of a stretch (the point I was alluding to, with a bit of humour).

        • williamabong

          You still miss the point, the debate is trying to look at the reasons for the statistic, it still comes back to option 3, as a career choice.
          Case in point the woman in Auckland who recently had her sty cleaned up by a number of “well intentioned” people, interviewed with her brood of 12, stupid yes, meal ticket yes, ambulance driving yes, fence building NO, just a total lack of responsibility and a system that make it to easy and has a complete lack of accountability.

  • Steve R

    Shit I was led to believe that the Maori disadvantage was totally my fault. Thanks for that I’m gonna have a great day today without that weight on my shoulders

  • LesleyNZ

    What a mess the world is in. This is what happens when family friendly values are given the drop-kick.The liberals trendies and ultra feminists are to blame for this. 30 plus years ago marriage was considered to be fuddy duddy and old fashioned. You were the odd one out if you got married. Living together without ties and “entrapment” was the way to go. 30 plus years on we have the result – the last paragraph says it all. And then I read this yesterday. Couldn’t believe it! Thanks so much MP’s for being naive. Proves that we need more democratic referendums so that we can decide the “conscience” of NZ – the latest being same-sex marriage bill.
    Beyer: We were naive liberalising prostitution –

    • spollyike

      Agreed. We have to ask ourselves what is wrong with the democratic process in this country when EVERYDAY the voices of the majority of kiwis are ignored in favour of an ethnic minorities’ latest proclamation about how it’s going to be.

    • unsol

      Lesley you would have had me had to worded your comment differently. I know you are a different generation, but I think you are being incredibly naive. You need to have a critical look at your generation & how they brought up their kids & further, whether they are still married.

      “Family friendly” – lets have a think about that. Where divorce was not an option, men were the patriarch of the family, cheating was accepted, women had no financial options if in a violent relationship, backstreet abortions were common & adoption was high….you make the 60s, 70s & 80s or even early out to be some golden area where crime was rare & offenders walked themselves to the police station. Where 2 people got married & lived happily ever after. Where the wife submitted to her husband yet was an equal as he was her provider. Where fidelity, & warm fuzzies were common place. This unfortunately is a fairytale. History tells a different story. As do all those in their 40s, 30s or younger who come from broken homes.

      Further I could not be more emphatic when I say that you are completely wrong, naive & desperate to equate same sex marriage with promiscuity amongst Maori or even link it into prostitution – something that married men have been demanding since time began.

      Contrary to Lindsay’s suggetion, this issue is not about marriage vs de fact, it is about one thing & one thing only – teenage promiscuity & pregnancy which is mostly Maori (they are 5 times more likely to get pregnant than any other ethnicity) & Maori seeing children as a meal ticket. Young Maori women who have no role models, who often come from generations of beneficiary assistance & dysfunctional family set-ups. This issue goes back decades & cannot be fixed by one of your soundbites no matter how eloquently you put them together; 13000 caregivers – aka young Maori women – are responsible for around 270,000 children who are not being cared for properly. That is the other story Lindsay has been telling us for years. By ignoring this you become part of the problem not the solution.

      You should see the Sunday segment on TV1 last night re Holly Field house. One girl at the age of 19, had had several miscarriages before she had her baby. This girl was determined to get pregnant & she is not alone.

      So if you want to install some moral compass back into society then focus on what really matters – parents whether past or current have been failing miserably in teaching their children about what sex is, what is a healthy sexual relationship & where that is best served (in my view & I suspect yours, in a committed relationship). And Maori have been leading the way.

      • LesleyNZ

        Unsol – you are completely twisting what I have said and being very condescending. My comment was in response to the last paragraph in the blog post above. Where did I equate same sex marriage with promiscuity amongst Maori or link it into prostitution? If you reread you will see I was referring to the fact that we should have a say by way of democratic referendum on important so-called conscience issues and not leave it up to our MP’s to decide for us. Why do you think there have been all these broken homes since the ’60’s? Why do you think there is so much teenage promiscuity & pregnancy (and I will add – abortion). The last paragraph in this blog post sums up the why – well. Oh and I should add a lot of our politicians to the list of those who have given family friendly values the drop-kick.

        • unsol

          I responded to this comment earlier but for some reason it is not showing so I will skip the tit for tat stuff & focus on the issue. The problem we have is that the chickens are coming home to roost – welfare where young Maori are concerned, and poor individual growth, maturity & parenting where teenage sex & the growth of ‘mobile’ relationships/serial monogamy is the new thing is concerned. Too many men are playing house instead of creating an official home & too many women are letting them get away with it; sure long term de facto can arguably be as stable, if not more stable than some marriages, but few women are really truly content with this for life. Most girls want the proposal, the ring, the dress & then the house & babies.

          It seems by doing away with what was quite terrible we have gone to the other extreme.

          Instead of in house fighting those who respect marriage & what I is meant to mean, who understand it in a personal way either through their parent’s or their own marriage, should be selling this concept as worth doing.

          More good role models – Like Ian & Mary Grant – will help demonstrate why children are best conceived within a happy, loving & stable arriage

          • LesleyNZ

            Agree . Ian and Mary Grant are good role models for a happy, loving and stable marriage.

  • Justsayn

    What happened in late 2011!?!? Or maybe I should be asking about the start of 2011. Did we slow down our breading for a reason or was there a lot of people getting married? Did we suddenly discover condoms? Is this a Global F&%$*ing Crisis?

  • spollyike

    Get ready for an article in the Herald or on Campbell live about how this is all the white mother fuckers’ fault…..

  • Joe

    The presentation of this graph assume causality between race and marriage. “A great deal of Maori disadvantage is due to the picture”. Correlation does not imply causation. At least try to argue about these important issues in an intelligent way, otherwise you get nowhere.

    • parorchestia

      It does show there is a worrying correlation between cultural attitudes such as a contempt for Pakeha institutions such as education, which must be addressed. Look after your kids, ensure they get a good education, and encourage them with love and care from both parents then graphs like this would disappear.

  • PlanetOrphan

    I have to wonder about the age of first pregnancy and the impact on education.
    It’s probably a large contributor to the outcomes for these kids/families with regard to educational performance.

  • thor42

    IIRC, the DPB was introduced in the mid-70s.
    Is it a “coincidence” that the “born outside marriage” rate has skyrocketed since then?
    I think not.
    It is time for the ignorant leftards to realise that the DPB and welfare as a whole is **the PROBLEM** – not the solution.
    Time for a government to say “from date X, there will be NO more DPBs granted.”.
    BTW – Lindsay’s site is *excellent* for really nailing welfare issues.

    • williamabong

      “What the HELL are Maori MPs (from ALL parties) doing about this situation???
      Why aren’t they giving **full support** to the government to abolish the DPB? ”

      Nothing where do you think their power base (votes) come from, certainly isn’t from you,me, or most of the other posters here.

  • Dave

    Its the result of the Labour Baby Bonus, WFF, welfare, yunno, Try before you buy!!

  • Mr_Blobby

    What we are seeing is a complete breakdown of the maori family unit.This is not something to be celebrated.

    One might even think it is a social engineering conspiracy, love a good conspiracy theory.

    So much of what Governments do is anti family, where it is better financially for mummy and daddy to be apart. A good example is peter dunn and his refusal to allow families to split their income for TAX purposes. A very pro family policy, but not good for greedy BIg Government that wants to control every aspect of our lives.

    The week minded are easily led as I have said before some are so stupid that they actually think that they are smart.

    What we need and will not get from the current bunch of politicians, is family friendly policies and less welfare dependent policies.

    Mark my word here people this will all end very badly.

  • williamabong

    I spent a large part of my formative years living and working amongst Maori, these were good people, honest, hardworking, and with a sense of purpose. Sure we all got pissed up and we all smoked a fair bit of dak together, but we were all working in the same direction, now I see a race divided by its own people, the haves using the have-nots to do there fighting for them, every three years the ordinary Maori get their back pissed on and told that it’s raining by the haves, and get told “vote for me and mine bro, and I will make sure these white mofos don’t steal any more from you”, the whole thing is just a cynical game, and the ordinary Rangi in the street is getting played by the John Hatfields of the world.
    The DPB is great investment in the future for Hatfield and those before him, think of all those ticks on voting papers growing up believing they have been wronged, that whitey isn’t righty, and I will look after you cuz.
    The scrum has been twisted by experts, and a dramatic overhaul of the welfare system would be a good place to start, fat chance of that ever happening.

  • tarkwin

    They could fix this by insisting all pubs have a registry office on the premises ( I think it already happens in Dargaville)

  • AnonWgtn

    But – Marriage no longer matters we are now told, so it is inconsequential.

    • spollyike

      Maybe no-one is getting married because everyone is now gay and are waiting for gay marriage to be allowed?

  • steve and monique

    I have to say that myself and my brothers came from a single parent home – our father was very violent and then finally he left, it has done us no harm, I would rather our family be happy and our mother safe, than living in fear every day of her life. The DPB was the only option for people like my mother but now you have dropkicks with no conscience, bludging off the hard working taxpayer as a way of having an income, and they are allowed to do it because the governments of past have led people to believe it’s their right. We need to get even harder, hand up – not hand out. I have no problem with unwed mother/fathers, there are plenty of useless “couples” out there with children. Maybe we should look long and hard at who is having children and for what purpose. If you abolished the DPB, I wonder how many people would stay in school or broaden their horizons?

  • Luc Jorieux

    Then they learn the alphabet ACC DPB KFC IOU

    • Dave

      No Luc, they dont understand IOU, they understand UoMe, and WeOwnU

  • Lion_ess

    This problem of maori girls having babies as teens is inter-generational and could be addressed by two things. Firstly limiting the DPB to one child born to any solo mother, then enforcing the other requirements currently being implemented by the National Party such as insisting solo parents look for part-time work once their child reaches the age of 5. This will reduce the number of females looking to the DPB as a lifestyle choice, because surely this is what gets up peoples noses. Secondly this will encourage girls to stay at school at least until they turn 18, thereby enhancing their prospects in seeking full time employment. Until the DPB provides only a bridge, rather than a lifestyle choice, this problem will remain.

    • starboard

      It doesnt help when racists like turia tell ” their ” people to go out and have as many babies as they can to keep their race going..irresponsible piece of shit