Chart of the Day – Blogs Influence Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

I found a very interesting article about the influence of blogs. Which is funny because I was once told by a media buyer that blogs were irrelevant.

The latest findings from Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report show that “consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase.”

In fact, blogs rank favorably with consumers for trust, popularity and even influence.


Oh dear, poor Peter will have conniptions over that…and probably write three heavily linked posts to his own tl;dr posts about why it isn’t so.

The report found that blogs are now the third most influential digital resource (31%) when making overall purchases, behind retail sites (56%) and brand sites (34%).

Consumers said that blogs rank higher than Twitter for shaping their opinions and higher than Facebook for motivating purchasing decisions.

Why are blogs so influential? Bloggers tend to be very honest and sincere in their reviews of products and services. They talk about both negative and positive aspects of a brand, and in doing so become a trusted source of information. Trust drives action, and thus consumers look to bloggers before they buy.

You may have heard that recently Robert Scoble (a very influential blogger in the tech industry) announced he was switching to Android because “Apple has slipped.”

Robert has a ton of clout in the tech world, so it’ll be interesting to see how consumers (and techies in particular) respond to his moves.

Yep, if something is rubbish we tend to say it is, likewise if it is great then we say that too. Now to the question of influence:

The problem is how brands define influence. The Technorati report says that brands are using comScore or Nielsen rankings to identify influencers, yet these metrics do not represent influencers very well. Meanwhile “real” influencers (those people whom consumers trust and rely upon for advice) are hanging out mostly on their own blogs creating tons of content.

If you’re a brand marketer trying to connect with influencers, remember that having a large social media following doesn’t give you influence, it simply gives you an audience. Try looking for influencers who have very close ties to their communities, or bloggers who are relevant to your brand even if they don’t have worldwide fame.

With over 2 million pageviews per month according to Google Analytics…happy to share info with potential advertisers…I reckon I’ve built a nice little community here.

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  • blokeintakapuna

    Great news Cameron… And the WO crew behind the scenes. I sincerely hope this helps drive more revenue your way… It’s well deserved.

    Imagine the socialists in Labour and the Greens choking on their cornies reading this, knowing that WOBH now has it independently proven that WOBH are more relevant and more influential than both Labour and the Greens put together… Brilliant!

  • fartsy

    It’s true blogs influence my purchasing decisions. After spending the morning reading a selection of blogs, I now need to go buy a 12 pack of toilet paper.

    • Yeah you shouldn’t read The Standard or The Dailyblog, though if you are bunged up it is a good loosener

  • TomTom

    I’m not sure that this type of blog is what they mean in that survey.
    When I look to buy something expensive (ie more than one or two hundred dollars) I google the brand/model to try and get impartial reviews to read – which can include utterly random blogs that people really only publish to for their friends and families only. People will write if they get really pissed off by a product or if they’re really pleased by a product so it’s sometimes a good way to judge a product.

  • NotForTurning

    If only people trusted Whaleoil for their political decisions –
    the bludgers would remove themselves from the franchise pretty damn quickly

    No representation without nett taxation!

    • Mr_Blobby

      1 Vote for every $ in net TAX and a knighthood for the person who pays the most TAX.

  • My car has died so I would like the new VW Beetle ( in pink please ) for WO to do a review on. He can tell you all about how much I like it and how perfectly it goes with my personalised license plate ;)