Chart of the Day – Socialist Values

Socialists are the biggest hypocrites known to man. None more so though that Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey socialists.



“I DON’T like rich people,” François Hollande once said. When campaigning for the French presidency in 2012, he promised an end to bling, a top income-tax rate of 75% on the rich, and a modest, “normal” presidency in touch with the people. Now the Socialist president’s new disclosure rules reveal that seven of his ministers, including his prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, are millionaires. Laurent Fabius, the foreign minister, who comes from a family of art dealers, duly declared over €6m ($7.9m) of assets, including a flat in Paris worth €2.7m and two country houses. Michèle Delaunay, minister for the elderly, reported €5.2m of assets, including two properties in Bordeaux and two houses in different south-west resorts. Until now, only the president had to publish his wealth. Mr Hollande’s 2012 declaration included two flats in Cannes and a villa nearby, valued in all at nearly €1.2m, just under the threshold at which France’s annual wealth tax kicks in.

Helen Clark left office a multi-millionaire property magnate, David Shearer has his hidden offshore accounts and multiple properties, David Cunliffe lives in Herne Bay on millionaires mile, Phil Goff can’t stand Roskill, so lives on a lifestyle block in Clevedon.

Looks to be the same the world over.


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  • Oddly these socialist folk are highly critical of Tony Blair – and his NewLabour contention that wealth is a great thing for people to have, the more the better.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I did notice, while at university, in the early 80’s. That all the socialists, were of the same belief……that socialism/communism, was a great idea for India, Malaysia, etc…anywhere but here where it may mean they have to actually live under such a thing.

  • Kebq

    This shows that socialist isn’t just about hating the rich or not having wealth. More so under capitalist or market model. I really think it is time to let go of your old ideal is what you dad taught you about socialism

  • Rodger T

    Its a trick chart,the socialists have no values.