Clark re-appointed to UN trough

Thankfully Helen Clark has been re-appointed to her role at the UNDP.

A friend of mine commented on Facebook, “That’ll keep her off the streets. Good fit Klark and the UN – go together like Trotsky and Lenin.”

Former prime minister Helen Clark has been appointed to a second term to one of the top United Nations jobs.

Clark, who has headed the United Nations Development Programme in New York for the last four years, has just been confirmed by the UN for another four year term.

In a statement, Clark said her priority during her second term remained sustainable human development and poverty eradication. 

Fuck knows what she achieved in her first term. You know the gloss has come off the beast when Stuff runs pictures of her like that below.

It is enough to haunt houses or curdle mother’s milk.

clark beast



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  • williamabong

    What did she achieve? well she filled the place with her sleepers so that should the shit ever hit the fan she can dish dirt on anyone from any corner of the building at an instants notice.

    She has feather bedded herself and her dyke buddy Simpson into a gold platted job for life, and the crowning glory must the running of the NZ Labour party by remote control from New York, this of course has included the installation of her next rainbow leader in waiting backed up by the union storm troopers and the the rainbow movement ready to lay down their lives for dear leader, or at least fuck over someone in the media because they said something nasty against her.

    • le spincter

      PinoKeyo is more rainbow that 60% of the labour caucus.

      • Gazzaw

        You’re nowhere near as funny as the real l’arsehole. You need to do better on this blog comrade. Third post lucky eh?

    • AnonWgtn

      And her part in the GCSB affair, which will come out shortly

  • Yes I would be amused to hear Helen’s top 10 achievements over the last 4 years.

    In the same way it would be hilarious if some of the other long serving Labour troughers were to list their top 10 achivements – Ross Robertson (26 years), Dalziell (22 years), O’Connor (20 years on and off), Dyson (20 years), Mallard 29 years (on and off), King (29 years on and off), Goff (31 years on and off); it would be hilarious watching them, after decades of time and millions in salary and expenses, trying to think of a top 10 list of actual achievements hahaha!!

  • BJ

    How could they get rid of her – she will have too much dirt on too many troughers, while she no doubt has covered her arse.

    • williamabong

      As sure as god made little green apples, between her and Satan junior aka Heather, she will have a bucket of dirt on everyone likely to cross her path.

  • kohibruce

    Better there than here!

    • Honcho

      Just about to say that, i hope they keep her … Please dont let her back!

  • Patrick

    She should be congratulated, lauded even. The more of her commie mates that she jacks up jobs for at the UN the less there are in NZ to damage NZ.

    Still cannot believe that man has a womans name though.

  • Sponge

    The sight of her really is unspeakably foul.

  • Rodger T

    How much is she getting paid to eradicate poverty?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      For your kind information, she has already eradicated poverty.

  • Gazzaw

    The only negative is that it isn’t a lifetime appointment. Never mind if she can attract a few more losers like Carter & Chauvel it has to be a plus. UN recall for Shearer in early 2015?

    Watch for this to be TV One headlines tonight read by a proud Peter Williams.

  • thor42


    “… Clark said her priority during her second term remained sustainable human development and poverty eradication.”

    “sustainable human development” – It helps to be a *human* in order to know something about “sustainable human development”. The Clarkbeast doesn’t qualify.

    “poverty eradication” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……

    Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiight. The vast majority of so-called “poverty” in the world is caused by the *idiotic* brain-dead cult called Islam. Then there is endemic *corruption* and siphoning-off of funds by the leaders of the “poverty-struck” countries.

    The poverty-struck countries that are not Islamic DO sure as hell have massive corruption.

    Herr Klarkenfuhrer would have to somehow order the nuking of every Islamic country in order to eradicate poverty.

  • AnonWgtn

    More Tax Free US dollars, to buy her 8th house in Auckland.
    Farrer makes it NZ$1,12million p.a. gross.
    All her acolytes are presumably staying, making room for Shearer later in the year.

  • thor42

    Check this out –

    Quote – “In a new evaluation, the UNDP’s board is critical of how the agency is delivering on poverty reduction, saying many of its activities “have only remote connections with poverty, if at all”.

    Those activities include border management, helping to write reports on how a country is complying with international environmental agreements and
    advising on trade promotion.”

    “The report also says the UNDP’s work is “seriously compromised” by a lack of learning from what works and why, in part due to rapid staff turnover at country offices, while the whole agency performs poorly in supporting nations to learn for themselves.”

    In other words, they are a bunch of paternalistic patronising socialist report-writing wankers.

    Yeah….. THAT will “reduce poverty”……

    • That’s why she got re-appointed, obviously – to fix all the fuckups of the last 4 years. Oh, that’s right, it was her……….

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Don’t forget John Key was UNDP coordinator before Clarke came in started making things good for the poor people. It is his mess, she is clearing now.

  • williamabong

    Just in case anyone forgot, how truly evil it looks, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nasty Tories – She is actually saving the poor of this world. Like Sheep saved 50 million people, she saved 100 million from hunger and poverty. In some parts of the poor world she is worshipped as a Goddess it seems.

  • Troy

    Helen and her lesbian lover Heather will be overjoyed to be continuing on in that great tradition of UN staffers – drenching themselves in the mighty trough – better there than here.