Colin Craig is the stupidest man on earth

Colin Craig is genuinely stupid. He has issued a legal threat to satirical blogger Ben Uffindel at The Civilian. You have to read it to believe it…surely this is some sort of pisstake.

I mean high priced corporate lawyer, John McKay  can’t even get his client’s name right.


I mean WTF? Who is Mr Crag and what did he say? Can you believe this? 

This is Chapman Tripp, this letter was written by a junior flea lawyer, vetted by a less junior flea lawyer and then plonked on the partner’s desk for his scribble, he clearly didn’t read it either. John McKay claims to have represented the mainstream media in defamation cases, but the fool clearly hasn’t heard of The Streisand Effect….and even better has a fool for a client for real.

If I was Ben I would reply that Mr Crag said no such thing in the blog post, call him a flea lawyer and write a parody post flaying them even more.

What a bunch of amateur numpties. This is what the corporate weasel lawyer looks like:

Corporate Weasel Lawyer John McKay

Corporate Weasel Lawyer John McKay

How embarrassing,welcome to more embarrassment Colin Craig and John McKay.

I can’t believe that you advised your client to embark on such a folly, what a dick.


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  • At $900 plus gst per hour I cannot think why he advised his client to go ahead with this absurd lawsuit…

    • cows4me

      How hard is it to be a lawyer Minarchist, cows on holiday?

      • Cows – I was talking about what Big City corporate law firms in AKL charge (nice wee racket if they can get away with it). I do understand, Cows, that your hick town hayseed lawyer only charges you $25 per hour haha!

  • WayneO

    God he look like a corpse

  • unsol

    Sloppy & petty, but if they both have the time & it is true then clearly they think it is worthwhile

    I had a look – couldn’t see anything re making the above statement, so putting it in quotation marks, especially given his love for lawsuits, was a little silly.

    Interesting though Cameron he never files one against you for repeatedly calling him stupid! Do you think that is because he knows he is?

    • James

      The Civilian is a satirical publication, NZ’s version of The Onion, so of course he didn’t say it … otherwise it would be “news” rather than “satire”.

      • unsol

        No. You missed the point. Satirical or not, use of quotation marks is always asking for trouble where petty prick like Craig are concerned.

        • James

          There is a legal defence of satire. That is why the lawyer, weakly, added that it wasn’t obvious enough that it was satirical. Of course it was obvious as the entire website is satire.

          • unsol

            Yes I realise that, but he quoted Williamson correctly, stated “reportedly” in reference to John Key so why he could not have covered his arse with Craig is beyond me. All seems rather pointless. Interestingly he has now posted a rather comical retraction “We accept, upon further review, that Mr. Craig never made the statement attributed to him. We retract the statement and apologise to Mr. Craig for any harm we have caused to his impeccable reputation.”

          • Kacanga

            Well, no, it wasn’t obvious as Mr Crag, on past experience, is wierd enough to make such a statement.

  • I very much doubt that Mr McKay advised his client to undertake this action. I expect that he advised against it, was told to go ahead- and reconciled himself at the thought that he would be paid.

    • Rat

      agree 100%, the post is targeting the wrong man. Lawyers act on instructions from clients. Of course he advised against it and issued a default warning when pushed by Craig. The $500 in costs is the giveaway, it would be much higher if the Lawyer gave advice.

  • pauleastbay

    I don’t like to boost too much but I’ve known Colin Craig is stupid for quite some time. I could probably even find a date, I think I made a diary note

    • TomTom

      Or you could just google to find his first media appearance…

  • Looks like Craig has caught David Shearer Syndrome: Talking out of ass again.

    FFS this is getting beyond comical here

  • Sym Gardiner

    Well any thought that the Conservative Party might make an impact just went out the window. National are going to have to put some effort into fixing up ACT.

  • KC

    I have to wonder how dumb and visionless you really are Cameron. You write lots of posts to point out National not harvesting coalition partners for 2014 then you act like the Green Taliban to seek and destroy the one party that could keep John Key afloat in 2014. Maybe Redbaiter is right, you are a closet Marxist?

    Colin Craig is not an experienced politician but he does have a lot of qualities seriously lacking in all of the pin up politicians you seem to workship over in Labour Lite.
    Even a drone knows there is more than enough time for Craig to get his act together and be able to lead National around by the nose next year. If you think Act is going to be the key with that bunch of muppets in charge you do need work. I suggest you have a lie down because there is lots of water to flow under the bridge before next election.

    • Ronnie Chow

      You wrote …’ politicians you seem to workship’
      You have until 4pm to retract that statement , in writing on the attached form .
      It is defamatory to suggest Mr Cameron Slater has “workshipped ” any person whatsoever . No action of ‘workship’ has ever been undertaken by Mr Slater , and for you to suggest so suggests stronger action than a libel case may be sought .

      However , the fact that you have suggested that Mr Slater is dumb , when you are even dumber , will be taken into account .

      Signed ; John Mokay esq.

    • pauleastbay

      Even a drone knows there is more than enough time for Craig to get his act together
      The sun is going to burn out in 3 billion years, craig better get his shit together

    • Kacanga

      National in coalition with Mr Crag’s Fundies is like Labour in coalition with the Melons. Scary thought.

      • Mediaan

        Voting in the gay-gay bill leaves National seriously exposed on its conservative flank. It needs to align with C Craig now, and before the election. A lot of people are not going to forget the gay-gay vote, which was seriously dumb. They should have taken the “issue too big for parliament” line.

        In fact, we could see competition between the three gay-gay parties to win over C Craig pre-election.

        Otherwise, the only option is Mr Eccentric Peters and his alluring line of can-can dancers. Sage old sod that he is, he took the middle New Zealand line and defended traditional marriage.

  • Steve Taylor

    Satire site or not – Craig seems to be sending a none-too-subtle message to the MSM regarding accuracy, which I suppose is fair enough – goodness me, how often have the MSM helped themselves to material and legwork from this website, not attributed any of it to the author, or simply mis-quoted context in the “material lift”? If I was a Journalist who was anti-Conservatives, I might make fun of Craig publically, but in a professional and private capacity, I would be more mindful that if I was to mis-quote Craig in the media, then I’m most likely up for a meaningful act of correction. One letter from a Lawyer equals this publicity – cheaper than an ad I guess: