Cool dude? Or a nerd with too much time on his hands?

When Einstein the elderly goldfish developed swim bladder disease, the future looked bleak.

The ailment, which is common in aquarium fish and controls their buoyancy, caused him to turn upside down and sink to the bottom of the tank.

But now things are looking up, after his owner Leighton Naylor, 32, from Blackpool, made him his very own life jacket.

Heh.  A life jacket for a goldfish.

Warehouse worker Mr Naylor, 32, said: ‘Einstein’s been suffering with ill health on and off for about two years.

‘He’s always been a fighter so when he sunk to the bottom one day and couldn’t get back up again it was a very sorry sight.

‘It broke my heart to see him so helpless. He looked so depressed.

‘I started looking at floating aids and saw one where an owner kept his koi carp afloat by attaching it to a wine bottle cork but that looked quite painful.

‘I wanted to build something that would allow Einstein to move his fins a little bit and be comfortable at the same time.’

Have you decided yet?  Cool dude or nerd?



Mr Naylor spent three hours designing the life jacket from fish tank aeration tubes, and adjusted the fit so it comfortably cradled Einstein.

He added: ‘He wriggled a bit a first and he wasn’t too keen on the idea.

‘He kept catching on to plants and getting stuck but since I’ve rearranged the tank to make it disability friendly he’s been absolutely fine.’


The rest of the story, including a video of Einstein swimming, can be found at The Daily Mail


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  • thor42

    Heh…. a disabled goldfish.

  • Bunswalla

    So, after a feed does he sink lower, and then after a bit of a poo he starts to drift up again?

    • I suspect that the laws of physics haven’t been suspended, even around Einstein.

      • Bunswalla

        Presumably he needs the flotation device to combat the laws of physics, given his malfunctioning swim bladder meant he couldn’t keep upright, sinking to the bottom of the tank. At least how I read it.

        In which case by what means will he regulate his depth in the tank, or is there a buoyancy compensator on his fancy new outfit?

        • Ronnie Chow


        • dumbshit

          “ask clint”

  • Rodger T

    I bet no-one fucks with his parking space.