Cool let’s protest…oh wait, what are we protesting?

More on the protesting by NZEI teachers.

This is hilarious…the teachers turning up for the protest tomorrow (with their kids) and don’t even know what the protest is about…and have to be schooled themselves.

Oh and don’t miss how they are being implored to bring the kids so they can stretch their “demonstration legs”.

Teacher protest

I think a more appropriate protest would be for parents to start singing this song:


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  • rockape

    Lets be honest teachers. This is an anti Government protest and you are being lead by the nose by an Anti Government Union. This has nothing to do with imp[roving the lot of the kids and everything to do with a Labour lead Union trying to bash a National Government. Want to see schools closed and your Pay cut. Give the Labour Green alliance 6 years of power.

    • You shouldn’t even suggest that in jest. BRRRRRRR!!!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      You have miscalculated. Labour-Green-NZ First-Mana will be in power from 2014 to 2023.

      • axeman

        SCS you mean Liarbore-Gween Taliban-Winston 1st-NO mana plus the Maori Party will be needed to get them over the line. The 7 headed monster making a coalition govt of the losers … sigh

        • worksux

          Buy US $ now, Once that lot of fucking monsters get to power our $ isn’t going to be worth shit paper. Or do as most of us plan to do, Join the que to Aus.

      • Mediaan

        Uh-huh. Then what happens?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Since when do teachers go on a protest outside of school hours. Somebody is taking the piss surely.

      • Teachersrock

        Goodness, guess that means all the teacher haters will have to find some other thing to bitch about seeing as protest action is happening in the weekend.

  • unsol

    Thankfully my child’s teachers are smarter than this one. Some are going to attend the march tomorrow. What I don’t get is why – our school is one of the top performing State primary school’s in our region & most children are at or above NZ with only about 20% of kids not quite there at the time it gets measured (so need the full year of learning before meeting the standard). So for us as parents the general consensus is that the policies have had no or have only had a positive impact on our kids.

    Sad thing is that this politicking may drive many children out of State (often their local) schools & into private schools (not local for us) much sooner than intermediate. For us it would be a shame as it would mean our small community would get split up a lot sooner than we had planned (most plan to go private after primary). And if this happens then I think that the government needs to consent to private school fees being tax deductible as what is the point of paying taxes for something we are not getting the benefit from?

    I personally think this should happen anyway, but if they brought it in now it would totally sweep the rug out from under the militant’s feet.

    • Teachersrock

      Question – before NS, was your school performing well?

      • unsol

        Yes – it has always been a top school & now it is even better as indicated by the fact that I said the policies had have no or only positive impact on our kids.

        • Teachersrock

          So in truth NS has done nothing for the kids. It has always been the hard work of the teachers.

  • Doug

    Teachers performing like trained Seals, so childish and they call themselves Teachers.

  • In Vino Veritas

    So, in reality this protest is because the union can’t negotiate the pay increase they want. It is in no way related to the “community”. This Union does not represent the “community”. It is self interested in retaining some relevance, when in actual fact they have none.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I hear John Minto and Matt McCarten will also join the protest. Thousands are expected in the protest march….

      • In Vino Veritas

        Thousands. Unless it’s raining. Or unless its really sunny.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          You are underestimating the anger that is building up in the community IVV. A revolution is going to happen at the election in 2014….

    • Teachersrock

      Actually pay has nothing to do with this at all.

      • unsol

        yes it does – they [you?] are marching for anything & everything – GERM, charter schools, CHCH, no[vo]pay & pay negotiations/not being taken seriously. It is on the flier you have got framed on your wall :-)

        • Teachersrock

          There really is no telling people like you is there.

          The pay is nothing compared to the main issues. It has already been acknowledged and agreed that a very minimal pay increase be agreed to given the economic times. However people like you prefer to use the claim that it is all about the pay in order to mask the fact that there are real dangers to our education system, and they come from failed ideas from overseas that this National Government want to force on the kids of NZ.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Teachers, there is just as much research out there, and in terms of charter schools, actual exisiting schools that work, that supports the Governments position. You can actually google it! Try it sometime, be amazed. The primary school my kids go to implemented national standards with no fuss, and whilst the teachers have some small concerns over them, they are more than happy with them. Perhaps its only a very vocal minority of teachers who see risk (non performance risk) that are bleating? And a union that can see the writing on the wall for itself that is fighting for some relevance in a period of time where they have virtually none.

  • Fat Sally

    Good Lord.

    And what the fuck is germ agenda and pact tool?

    Focus on teaching. It is only as difficult as you choose to make it.

    • unsol

      The Global Education Reform Movement which is apparently “infecting New Zealand”…you know, because reforming our education so that our children become the priority rather than teachers & their interests, is such a bad thing :)

      • Teachersrock

        It is a failed ideology imported from countries ranked well below us. Countries without this approach are on par with or above us.

  • CommonSense404

    So what they’re saying is… we don’t like the National government but rather than rely on the democratic vote every 3 years, we’ll call it a “protest”, get the kids out for the sympathy vote and basically create some sort of contrived grievance – even though things are mostly going ok? Sickening stuff and embarrassingly (for them) transparent.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Anger is brewing in the community folks! I can see that…..

  • makes me sick to think that these people are influencing our children.

    • Well actually I’m only influencing my own, because, lo and behold, I’m not a teacher. So I guess you can rest assured that the fictional teacher that Slater dreamed up is not real. Glad to cure your sickness! Don’t mention it :)

    • Teachersrock

      I guess you home school then.

      • unsol

        Or private

        • Teachersrock

          Oh no, just look and the hate directed at teachers by some. If they allow their kids ANY form of education that involves a teacher, then they are just 2 faced hypocrites.

  • John1234

    WTF? Why is this Eileen Joy texting when she is supposed to be teaching?

    If I was a parent I would be complaining to the board about this, let alone the using of children in their employment grizzle.

    • Ummm… that would be because I’m not a teacher. Don’t believe everything Whaleoil tells you, sometimes he can’t be bothered checking his facts.

  • You name it if National does it they hate it and protest about it. If Labour does it they get applauded.

    If a Labour government closed 400 schools the Labour PM would get a lifetime achievement award at the NZEI conference.

    If National said that all teachers get double the pay and a free round the world holiday – there would be protests in the streets because..because…oh because it was booked through the Flight Centre and not House of Travel.
    (Gullible parents should be warned)

    • Teachersrock

      The last time there were major teacher strikes was during a Labour Government. Get ya facts right.

      • Oh I have summed you buggers up accurately; Labour sore loser stooges the lot of you!

  • Oh, you just made my day. You see, it’s not every day I can help reveal a right wing blogger to be such a poor fact checker. Alas, I will disappoint you, I am not a teacher, and will only be bringing my two children. Check your facts Slater.

    I am but a poor concerned parent.

    • So concerned you were too thick to know what the protest was about.

      • Of all people, you should be one who supports asking questions. After all it’s the foundation of critical enquiry. However, sadly you’re one of those people who clearly just believe in shutting up and never asking.

        I know what all the issues are. I wanted to know whether that march was issue specific. Better find things out being jumping to conclusions huh? But I guess that’s something you know little about.

  • Phar Lap

    At twenty six dollars a fortnight ,the union mafia have to validate their reason for living.and diddling the masses of teachers ,who for some reason or other like being led by the nose.Maybe the teachers are really latent machochists.

  • Mediaan

    Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, a service or sold item has to be as represented, of merchantable quality, and fit for the purpose it was sold. These teachers said they would teach kids and turn them into educated, literate people. In return we, consumers, agreed they should be paid money. Hmm. And there is other, contract, law.

    The service we paid for is still not right. National has been trying to fix it. The teachers have tried to obstruct that. One day, sometime, somebody will move in and sue them.

  • greenghost

    It amazes me that so many can be so negative about teachers when most of them put their heart and soul into helping the students in their class – leave the politics at the door and don’t judge all teachers by the actions of a few (or the actions of a political body such as NZEI).

  • Outstanding. Slater lies about her being a teacher, she openly informs everyone in the comments that she is not a teacher, yet the vitriol continues to spit from your redneck mouths. Your ingrained hatred of a group that educate and help to develop our young is absolutely disturbing.