Could the Noddies be signalling something bigger?

Labour’s noddies have again shown themselves to be complete tools.


In a desperate attempt to be seen to be meeting people, Noddies 1, 2 & 3 decided to pop into Paremoremo prison to visit serial prisoner Arthur Taylor.

Kris Fa’afoi couldn’t find the time to go to the Police College for a graduation, preferring to have a BBQ with David Shearer, and bnow his priorities are to support criminals having a fag.

Looks like blatant vote gathering exercise,  with Labour supporting the overturning of the prison’s smoking ban so that when scum-bags get out of jail they’ll have Labour to thank for making their lags more enjoyable by allowing them to smoke.

With their coalition partners The Greens, it’s bound to be only a matter of time before they decide nationalising the tobacco companies is a good idea.

China did that in the 1950s and they now have 310 million smokers.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Looks like failed, has-beens too lazy to bludge…

  • Why shouldn’t representatives of an ideology based on extracting other’s property without their permission, meet with those of a similar persuasion?

  • Once again Labour taking a softline on crime.

  • LionKing

    What fucking idiots. Not only pandering to this loser in jail, but more so wasting prison officers’ time by having to “manage” this MP visit. Wonder if they left any paper clips behind for the crims to use as improvised lighters?

  • Time For Accountability

    Nothing to do with smoking.

    They were there to offer him the position of chief party fundraising roll now the Union’s are a tad short as a result of their tax reviews and expenses preparing their revised accounts.

  • DLM

    Wouldn’t that be a sweet idea for the Greens and their coalition partner Labour – nationalising the fag companies. With the millions they already hoover from smokers this could be a complete wet dream for their health spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway. He could then travel the world saying how they’re now in control of all the cigs in the land.

    As most of the downtrodden or Maori smoke (and who just happen to be Labour voters) this is a great way to get them addicted to voting for Labour. Brilliant.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Should lose them the Maori party coelition partner.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Should lose them any chance of coalition with the Maori party as one of their key policies is anti smoking.

  • AnonWgtn

    Prisoners cannot vote I think. Sorry Liarboors.

    • DLM

      Yes, but they can when they get out.

      • peterwn

        And Labour could well restore the vote to prisoners serving <3 years if not all prisoners. They originally gave the prisoners the vote in an abortive attempt to gerrymander the then Mt Eden electorate.

      • Mediaan


        Prior to 16 December 2010 prisoners who had been sentenced to preventative detention or imprisoned for a term of 3 years of more were disqualified from voting, or enrolling to vote. After this date the Electoral (Disqualification of Sentenced Prisoners) Amendment Act 2010 disqualified people sentenced to any term of imprisonment after the Act’s commencement from enrolling or voting. Prisoners on remand were still entitled to vote, as were those sentenced to home detention.

        From Civil Liberties website.

  • williamabong

    Three fuckwit time wasting serial pests, if brains were dynamite none would have enough to blow their noses.
    These oxygen thieves are only doing it to get their names in the papers, ignore them they’ll soon find another cause to follow.

  • unsol

    Such tools. Calling them “three noddies” is being far too generous. They are stupid, silly, ignorant twats whose actions defy belief.

    God knows what they hope to achieve by giving oxygen to the views of a recidivous offender, someone who has no qualms with continuing to flout the law then has the audacity to file suits against the crown.

    As for this particular case – smoking is a a privilege, so removal of all privileges should be mandatory when people get imprisoned & further it is a burden on the taxpayer; all profits from the sales of tobacco are grossly undermined by the cost of smoking related illnesses on the taxpayer.

    Unless there has been a case of harm committed against an inmate in terms of safety & basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) no one should be able to sue the State while in prison.

    One good thing to come out of this though – Judith Collins. She should totally put her hand up for PM as I am certain she would have massive appeal & further, have the balls to make the decisions this country is in desperate need of (culling of most the welfare etc):

    “Shame on them acting like a bunch of groupies going off to visit a celebrity prisoner.

    “If they want to know anything about the smoking ban, which has been hugely successful, why don’t they talk to the hard-working Corrections officers whose health has now been improved.”

    “I’m staggered that these three Noddies would go and waste Corrections’ time.”

  • Goldie

    OK – usually I am not overly concerned with prisoners’ rights. But the prisoners are trapped in a confined space with no escape. With Darien Fenton.
    That is cruel and inhuman punishment.

    • cows4me

      Are you talking about Darien Feton’s two brain cells

    • paddles83

      I bet the Bro’s would like to have a bit of cuddle time with Fa’afoi and that other dog could hand out the crack

      • Mediaan

        Why did Fa’afoi and his wife split? She is a Radio NZ producer, Gina Fa’afoi Rogers.

        I take an interest in her because she seems to have been used to mask a big big Labour criminal occurrence. It was potentially a Government-sinker. But they got away with it.

        Gina Fa’afoi Rogers apparently got switched in to take over Checkpoint at the crucial time. Checkpoint is of course a key current affairs analysis programme.

        This happened, I believe, just when everyone was discussing the fraudulent fake-voter enrolments scandal in Papatoetoe. Remember the one? More than 300 fake enrolments ready to vote Labour. Complete criminal fraud.

        • Mediaan

          Hah! I think I just found the current sweet job she is in. I knew she would be in some highly paid spot, after helping Labour like that!

          She is spokesperson for NZ On Air. God help us, it was bad enough before. And she apears also to have been, or is, part of the NZ Film Commission.

    • williamabong

      Poor old Darien, sorry sweetie but the prison visit to spark up some old contacts looks like it was all in vein.

  • cows4me

    Three bags of pus. Fucking scum and that idiot Little thinks he’s some sort of leader, shit we seem to be blessed with more then our share of two bobs in this country. Were not the fucken socialist aholes the ones that removed the right to smoke in a public place. Shit I tier of these retards, if they wish to change the world I suggest they find a large building and jump off, do us all a favour you bags of shit.

  • toby_toby

    Arthur Taylor is a piece of shit and that makes the Noddies pieces of shit by association.

    I would have thought that Labour would be in favour of eliminating smoking. The Smoke-free Environments Amendment was passed in 2003, I suppose by Labour. Why wouldn’t they want prisons to also be a smokefree workplace?

  • It is a wonder Helen gave them permission to make this visit; wasn’t she the number 1 anti-smoking advocate in NZ for 9 years?
    By any stretch of the imagination the best thing that has ever happened in NZ prisons has been a smoking ban.
    What I do not understand is why this ban is not applied to everyone else; no ciggies and use patches seems so sensible to me (and you still get your nicotine)

    • Hazards001

      Good good…I like it…then we can move to banning alcohol..then sweets with preservatives in them…then food about white bread? Salt..shit yes…lets ban salt..crossing the road while not on a pedestrian crossing…yep…better ban that…ohhh..and FFS DON’T RUN WITH SCISSORS!

      • Ha ha hazards there is no need to get carried away, but smoking – the purpose of which is to deliver nicotine into the body – could be banned and everyone given patches to get their nicotine.
        There is nothing to stop Rothmans (and other brands) having their own brand of nicotine patches or gum.

  • Oldgolfer

    Plonkers all

  • Ronnie Chow

    Next they’ll be going to meet pedophiles . Little seriously needs deprogramming .

  • peterwn

    China did that [nationalised the tobacco] in the 1950s and they now have 310 million smokers. Don’t tell Labour/ Greens this – they will claim it as a nationalisation success.

  • peterwn

    In fairness to Police Forces everywhere, it needs to be made quite clear that Mr Plod was not implicated in the actions of the trio, and also that Noddy did not drive them to the prison.

  • LabTested

    Noddies? Sorry Little reminds me of Beaker from the Muppets & he makes almost as much sense

  • steve and monique

    You break the law,you deserve fuck all. As for you 3 x Labour idiots,have a talk to the victims.

  • Honcho

    Seriously? it seems labour are trying, and I mean really really trying, to distance themselves from middle new Zealand as much as they can.

  • Lion_ess

    Darien Fenton sort of looks like a crim anyway, perhaps she was going home.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    How much did this pathetic stunt cost. Not only wasting Corrections staff time but what about the cost of them traveling to Pare ie Govt cars, air travel, hotel stays and other stuff I can’t even think of or did they all hitch hike and stay in a tent outside Pare and feed on each others Bullshit.