Couriers always find a way to park

Hi Cam

Snapped this outside Wellington railway station this morning – two couriers blocking the crossing at the main entrance.

As about 200 hundred people want to cross every time a train arrives they are a pain in the ass.



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  • Don’t couriers have a dispensation? isn’t there a special law which allows them to park where they like to do pickups and deliveries?

    • Gazzaw

      Nope. Loading zones only not yellow lines.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Maybe they were just having a break.

    • Tom

      Outstanding work!

  • Teletubby

    Couriers as a whole are the worst, most arrogant drivers out there. They park wherever they like and are consistently aggressive in their driving.

    A few years ago a truck in a fleet I manage insurance claims for was signalling to turn right from a service lane into a clients premises, and had just began to do so when a courier van overtook him, of course the truck slammed into the van, which ironically was a rental which the driver was using while his own van was off the road getting repairs from his previous accident.

    A few weeks later I was stunned to receive a letter from the rental company’s insurer holding is liable for the accident. I took great pleasure in writing back to that insurer and saying, “we have cameras installed in all our trucks plus our clients security camera also caught the whole incident. Would you like to give your customer an opportunity to reconsider his story! “. Never heard from them again.

    I would love see figures and accidents per million Kms for couriers compared to other vehicle classes

  • To be fair, they are just doing their job.

    If there is no immediate parking, what would you have them do? Drive around till they find one, drive minutes away just to drop off a parcel and return?
    Should they pay for pay and display parking as well, if they can only use legitimate parking spots, only reasonable they stop to pay for parking even if its only for 5 minutes.

    So if there aren’t any free slots, they have to drive away from their delivery, find parking, pay for parking, walk to their delivery, and return.

    Or just cut them some slack, christ.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Agree 100% now who is in charge of parking planning in most cities.