Do you like to see mountain bikes on tramping tracks? [POLL]

via Stuff

via Stuff

Mountain bikers may soon be allowed to ride the Kepler and Hollyford tramping tracks.

The Department of Conservation’s Southland conservancy is including the proposal its draft conservation management strategy.

Its community support manager, Sarah Murray, said there was a lot of interest from mountain bikers wanting to ride on the two Fiordland tracks, which was currently banned.

Christchurch mountain biking advocate Guy Wynn-Williams, a key advocate who fought for the Heaphy track to re-open, said yesterday he welcomed the news.

“Regardless of whether it’s a good or bad idea, I think it’s a delightful change in the Department of Conservation’s demeanour to be actively looking for opportunities for mountain biking.’’

Do you like to see mountain bikes on tramping tracks?

  • No (48%, 332 Votes)
  • Yes (40%, 278 Votes)
  • Unsure/Don't care/Other (13%, 88 Votes)

Total Voters: 698

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Source:  Stuff


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  • As long as they give way to pedestrians and aren’t dicks about it, they can bike to their heart’s content.

    • bevanjs

      Yeh, most I’ve met on tracks have been good, with the first often telling us how many in their group and the last letting us know they’re all past.

    • Cyclists are road lice…now they are wanting to be track lice…fuck them

      • Common whale, not all cyclists are created equal. Most off road cyclists have just as healthy loathing for the road variety as the next guy.

        Not to mention most of the middle aged fat men clad in Lycra on their way to the cafe on Saturday morning for their whateveruccino wouldn’t have a tenth of the riding skills required to ride single track.

        O and 95% of the tracks we ride in Christchurch are built by cyclists for cyclists. My earlier comment related to the fact that off road cyclists fund and build many of their own tracks whereas walkers, for the most part, expect their hobby to be subsidised by the tax payer by way of DOC building and maintaining their tracks.

        Anything funded by the government should be open to, and frequented by, a wide range of people otherwise it shouldn’t be government funded. Just like the NZSO in a way, middle-class welfare.

      • Agent BallSack

        Dont be a wanker whale. one bad cyclist post in a year and how many bad drivers? How many bad parking posts in the last few weeks? Since you gave it up youve been lumping ever cyclist like theyre Trevor. We just like to cycle its a hobby or a sport like hunting.

  • rockape

    We have a few shared walks around Nelson, often i am on them with my two dogs. Two 30kg labs v mountain bike not going to be good for the biker or the dogs. Sadly people ride mountain bikes at speed, if they didnt i would say yes but sadly i have to say no.

  • emjayblue

    There are quite a few shared tracks around where I live too. It’s fine as long as the cyclists (as Josh Metcalfe says below) aren’t dicks about it, but it’s freaking annoying/dangerous when they are and that tends to make me cynical about the whole idea of shared tracks. Too much opportunity for injury when self-important cyclist meets elderly or otherwise not-sufficiently-quick-to-jump-out-of-the-way walker. Not to mention bad for my misanthropy levels.

  • Why is it that these publicly funded tracks be for the exclusive use of walkers? Who says that cyclists should give way to walkers, why not the other way around?

    I say make all DOC tracks that are capable of being ridden, the ones funded and owned by ALL New Zealanders not just walkers, open to cyclists for half the time and open to walkers the other half. And not the middle of winter for the cyclists either, like some tracks. Half the peak season to walkers and half to cyclists, it is the only fair way.

    • emjayblue

      Problem with that treecrusher, is you’d be scaring off the hordes of people who pay to walk our DOC-maintained great walks. Having too many cyclists on a track makes it very unpleasant for the people walking the track, so soon enough NZ would be known as a place that isn’t walker-friendly. Bye-bye tramping tourism.

      You sound a bit like a selfish cyclist, just btw. Memememe, I want to be able to do my thing in everyone else’s space even if it ruins their fun. Ride your own tracks dude, or campaign for more gvt-funded off-road tracks. Quit trying to ruin the walking tracks.

      • Agent BallSack

        Get fucked with your people pay spiel…tracks are free, huts cost money and who pays more? some fucktard walking throught the bush in $200 nikes crapping every 300 feet or someone on a $3k mountain bike?

        • emjayblue

          How does the fact your equipment cost more mean that you paid more toward the track? The payment comes from whether you stay in the huts or not. If you’re cycling the track, why the fuck would you need a hut? How slow are you cycling????

      • I like how you accuse me of being the selfish one when I am the one recommending sharing. Your position of only one use for one group is more akin to selfishness. The difference between “my” tracks and “your” tracks is we build and fund our own, DOC tracks are paid for by everyone and therefore should be available to a more diverse sector of the society that is paying for it.

        Moreover there are a couple of errors in your logic.

        1. Tourists do not pay to use our tracks. They pay a nominal fee to stay in the huts, that is it. One could easily argue a displaced walker is replaced by a cyclist therefore no net loss. Furthermore as a cyclist travels faster it effectively increases the capacity of the track allowing more users at one time and therefore returning more money.

        2. Not all tourists are created equal. Compare a 21 year old back packer from England with a 50 year old American. One will spend a significant amount more in our economy. Cyclists tend to be reasonably well off individuals. A decent mountain bike is in the $5k -$10k bracket plus another couple in equipment. Compare that to the spending power of the average freedom camper often seen parked in the Tongariro pass car park who can’t even afford a toilet. I know which I would back.

  • Paranormal

    The more people we can get into the conservation estate the better.

    Around our way we have cycle tracks built by the MTB club open to walkers, and it works well.

  • The Haircutter

    It’s a speed problem.

    Walkers slow, bikes fast. Tracks should be separate, or different days allocated.

  • Honcho

    Biggest wankers I have encountered are the types that ‘tramp’ up steep, clearly signposted mountain bike trails, with their Nordic walking poles, abusing mountain bikers to slow down … wtf?

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