Dunne now done with speed cameras; accuses NZ Herald of overcooking the story

As a follow up on my post from yesterday, Peter Dunne is now feeling the pressure of having spoken up against hidden speed cameras.



Come on Peter, don’t be afraid.  Own it.  Hidden speed cameras are a cynical revenue gathering exercise.


I smell votes Peter.  Stick to the plan!

But no, it seems the Herald on Sunday have amended their story.


Interesting they will back down on something this trivial, but they continue to  push the Labour and Green lies without critical examination ad nauseum.


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  • Mike Jones

    I dont get it. It’s pretty hard to gather revenue from cameras if you don’t speed over that 15 percentile or whatever the limit is now. If you don’t break the law i.e. speeding limit then you won’t get punished.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes but at least be honest about it and call it what it is a speed TAX.

  • Patrick

    Bullshit – Come on Peter, don’t be afraid. Own it. TAXES are a cynical revenue gathering exercise.

    • Pete Jones

      Taxes are revenue gathering. Isn’t that the point? Not the cynical either as we all use roads, schools, hospitals etc.

      • Patrick

        Dunne’s recent attempts to hook his fingers further into your pay packet is cynical. Taxing you because you use your work laptop at home – a little bit of www surfing after you complete your work in the evenings is cynical, is revenue gathering. If he now has to pay a speeding fine I say good job see how you like it Peter. The point here is he broke the law, he is being fined for doing that & he is whining like a biartch. Yet he happily promotes thieving more out of your pay packet & tries to justify it as a fringe benefit. The man is a clown, always has been always will be.

        • Pete Jones

          He is a bit of a clown I agree. Some of those work from home taxes will be a nightmare (and costly) exercise to enforce and maintain.

  • Pete George

    Dunne just had a bit of a grizzle like most of us do if we’ve been pinged.

    He might get into trouble again today, he had a moan about a flight delay, something else that annoys most of us. It doesn’t mean he is starting a campaign against Air NZ.

    Being a bit of a cranky old bugger just shows that despite being a politician for a long time he can still be a bit normal, sometimes.

    • peterwn

      I suspect a constituent got pinged and gave him an ear bashing about it. Interestingly, Simon Power also had a grizzle about speed cameras pre 2008, but very soon shut up.

      • rockape

        No on the news he admitted he has been pinged several times. That put him up in my mind, I just never saw him as the boy Racer type.

  • Pete George

    He’s on a roll, he’s just tweeted again, anti-Christchurch campaign this time:

    Anti Chinese leaflets in letter boxes & David Round’s apartheid comments – is Christchurch our race-hate capital?

    David Round was on Q + A this morning.

    Leafet: https://twitter.com/traceyrcooper/status/328295625861001216/photo/1

    • Mr_Blobby

      His apartheid comments were pretty much on the mark.

  • Pete Jones

    Meh. As in the other post, NZ’s speed cameras are not allowed to be ‘hidden’ or else the entire deployment is invalid as per the auditor generals report in 2002. Although the definition of ‘hidden’ appears to differ from person to person.

  • David

    One-man band, MMP prostitute and media attention seeker Dunne should shut up. Why is this buffoon still in parliament? Do the country a favour Dunne and resign.