Faces of the day

Tonight. Can’t wait.  Sorry LesleyNZ, Cliff Richard won’t be opening for them.




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  • And for the poor souls who cant be there tonight or monday, hes the next best thing… m/

    • How can you people go see an ABBA tribute band?

      Blacks Abba Th

      • how observant. i hope they play Fernando

        • blokeintakapuna

          Nah…they’re more after “money, money, money”

      • Travis Poulson


  • …and not as grey hair to be seen.

  • Random66

    Going tonight, also went to Deep Purple and Neil Young recently. It should be an interesting night given what the radio station has been saying.

    • Travis Poulson

      I’ll be there, although after most of the week off sick I won’t be exercising my lungs with any great force unfortunately. If you see a guy in a Motorhead tee give him a jab in the ribs :)

      • Random66

        ha, will do. We are sitting up in the lower bowl near the stage end. I, like most others, will be dressed in the obligatory black. Have fun, might see you there :).

      • how great was THAT!!!!! lived up to all expectations. And starting the show off with war pigs….WWHHOOOAAAHH!!!!!!! and and and and and the drum solo et fuk!!!!! good call on the motorhead shirt too btw. i had mine on too

        • Travis Poulson

          Cool pic, yea that drum solo was epic, wish I was as fit as him! Had some random drunks come and greet me, weird…

  • Wo are they? (For those of us that don’t require a dye job)