Family First are a joke

As MPs are set to debate the final reading of the Marriage Equality Bill in parliament tonight Family First has sent out a bullying letter to all MPs giving them details of the impact their vote could have on their chances of re-election.

Family First managed to get only 15,000 pledges to vote against MPs if they supported the bill. One MP with one of the higher number of pledges against him (290) will be quaking in his boots, though he has a majority of over 15,000, so unless Family First managed to canvass just his electorate I think he is pretty safe.

If anything the family First organised pledge proves that bugger all (excuse the pun) people give a flying f*ck about this bill except those fundy, hand clappers, haters. 

The funniest thing about this whole exercise is that Bob McCoskrie personally emailed them all with the following signature/disclaimer…which just shows how batshit crazy these tosser are.

Family First



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  • maninblack

    how the fuck does he expect to be taken seriously with that disclaimer??

    • Dave

      Seriously MIB, since when has anyone ever taken Family First seriously. I rate them even lower than that “White Mother Fuckers” Mana Party

      • LesleyNZ

        You are being extremely vile Dave.

  • come on… that shits funny!

  • That disclaimer – and claims about pidgeons – seem like Mr McCroskie is under a wee bit of ‘pressure’ at the moment and maybe he should take a couple of weeks off.

    This threat is utterly meaningless and assuming it could possibly ever happen (it can’t) would have resulted in a nett gain of a single vote against the bill;
    Let me explain:
    In every electorate last election the losing opponent – where the electorate MP has supported gay marriage – would also have done so, except in a handful of electorates.

    Those handful of situations (where the losing candidate had they won would have voted against gay marriage) are – Chris Finlayson Rongotai, Melissa Lee Mt Albert, Paul Quinn Hutt South, Michael Woodhouse Dunedin North and David Carter Banks Peninsula.

    However because the same MPs would simply have been elected on the party list (except Clark in Dunedin North) it means a mere nett gain of 1 (ie: Paul Quinn against and no David Clark) against the bill.

    • Bunswalla


  • toby_toby

    That disclaimer looks like something he lifted from the internet because he thought it was funny.

    • It is funny. But also rather old; I haven’t used it for about 9 years myself.

  • LesleyNZ

    Scoffing is to be expected……………………………..

  • Gayguy

    Marriage equality is here. 77-44.

    Congratulations NZ, it is a proud day for our country.

    • LesleyNZ

      I don’t think you should be congratulating NZ. We never had a say or vote on this. The lobbyists and MPs did. In the end Gaygay it is not things here on earth that are most important.

      • god moves in mysterious ways LesleyNZ

        are you saying this bill passing is not what the almighty invisible pink unicorn wanted?

        tsk tsk