Fear the Whale Parking Army

This follows on from our “parking in two handicapped spaces” post I had yesterday.

Via the Tipline


The owner of this vehicle is TE ORANGA ARAHUTA HIKU

Her registration ran out on 16 Feb 2013.

Oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear.

Who is Te Oranga Arahuta Hiku?

Wouldn’t you know our luck?  Her Facebook page is wide open.

Here she is.

via Facebook

via Facebook

Now, some of you convinced yourselves that she is a Lion Red drinker.  Turns out you’re wrong.

via Facebook

via Facebook

One word of warning.  Te Oranga moves in the sorts of circles where you may have to be careful not to take your thirst for parking enforcement too far.

via Facebook

via Facebook


via Facebook

via Facebook

Anyway – Ms Hiku, now would be a good time to go pay your rego.

It seems to me that you need the car to get Tui, and food for your brand new baby.

via Facebook

via Facebook


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  • James M

    Yay seems like a good use of our tax payers dollars. Funding parties, piss and gang patch embroidery.

    Yes assuming I’m unemployment.

    • TeOranga Hiku

      Thanks for your comment I do work and also the picture that they took was from a page of someone who doesn’t live in NZ and also has a job. Cheers

      • Then how come the car is unregistered?

  • Now come on don’t be silly – surely you realise that not paying your rego and parking where you like is a ‘customary right’ for the maoris?

    • Mr_Blobby

      I think you are right Minarchist.

      Having read the comments, I smell bullshit and a good dose of entitleitis . You are who you associate with, so what is it two faced Gang skank or the nice girl next door.

  • 4077th

    Takapuna Grammar? Really?

  • TeOranga Hiku

    Well first of all they should get thier facts right as I haven’t had the car for over 10 weeks, also that was not me and I was no where near there, I actually do work and pay my taxes thank you very much and just because someone has stuff that represent a gang it does not automatically mean he is in a gang.
    Regards Te Oranga.

    • Dave

      Question one: Did you send in the Change of Ownership form, if you haven’t you are still legally responsible!!

    • What a nice response!

      Look, if it wasn’t you, then you probably need to change the ownership details of that car asap.

      You may be liable for any fines as the registered owner.

      • LesleyNZ

        Good on you Te Oranga – you tell this lot! Your response says a lot about you – nice response. And suggest you fix up the privacy on facebook.

        • You should have heard the phone call she made to me, where she ended with a threat of a bashing from her Black Power mates.

          • RightOfGenghis

            I’m sure there are those who have been watching this quietly who are in a position to exercise their influence on her and her mates’ lifestyles in some unsavoury ways that are entirely within the law and which do not involve physical violence ;)

          • LesleyNZ

            She must have been upset. Not nice getting nasty FB messages. I am now too scared to park anywhere!

          • Dave

            Now Lesley. You only need to worry about your parking, if you park well, stupidly. I am sure WO has better things to do than publish pictures of parkers who fit nicely between the dotted lines!

          • LesleyNZ

            But I am not too good at parallel parking.

          • Dave

            Hope its on the voicemail!

          • LesleyNZ

            Don’t be so mean. Show Christian grace and charity.

          • Tom

            Are they bulletproof?

          • Mr_Blobby

            Not to worry they look like the bring a knife to a gunfight type to me. Brave in a group and scared little rabbits when by themselves.

          • you would incite violence from Mother Teresa.

          • Mr_V4

            Well nobody ever said being parking vigilante is an easy job.
            Imagine what real parking inspectors put up with?

          • Travis Poulson

            In all honestly, I think they’d have to be an arsehole to want to be a parking warden. Self inflicted.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Well said TeOranga. Beware though, association is a powerful thing.

    • According tot he government you still own the car love, if you pals who now have it get a ticket..guess who it is coming to…You.

    • Prove it…government says you own it.

  • Dave

    Not a good situation, plenty of money for a computer to access Facebook, Beer, Matching T-shirts for mum and baby, and she only seems to be around 20 years old ……. Employment, on FB it says, Worked At Caroline Sills – seems she is unemployed!

    Oh well, hopefully she will have sorted herself out within 2 years. At least the baby seems well clothed, fed and looked after!

    • TeOranga Hiku

      It seems that you have alot to say, it would be nice if you don’t judge me but that is probably abit too much to ask. For your information that was not me, I am currently on maternity leave and I have never been unemployed since I finished school. Thank you very much.

      • Dave

        Thanks for the reply, I stand by my comments, please read it again, the Employment status came DIRECTLY from your employment status on FB. Very pleased your employed, thats great. PLease correct me, but at this stage the facts are.

        1) You are the registered owner and person responsible for your car.
        2) FB pics suggest you are a supporter or associate with Black Power.
        3) Your FB page says “Worked At” If you have always had a job, congratulations, thats good, I hope you can return after Maternity Leave.

        I am very happy to correct and apologize for anything I post which is incorrect. Then any judgement can be factual. Am sure others here would appreciate clarification as well. PLease also see my comments, re the baby, seems well looked after – very happy for you and baby.

        E.G. If you have passed the car to someone else, when, to whom when did you send the form in ???

        • TeOranga Hiku

          1. Yes my name is on the registration form as I hadn’t done them like I thought I did, my fault. Should’ve made sure.
          2. Those pictures were taken from someone elses page I can not be responsible by what others put on thier own pages. I am not a supporter nor do I consider myself an associate I consider myself as a person who will accept someone for who they are.
          3. Yes that is correct I did, but haven’t for over 5 years, I have not updated my current employment as I didn’t feel a need to.

          • Dave


            Thanks for replying, Good to see you will correct the rego change. Its always a good idea to restrict your FB page to friends of friends at least, and sorry you are getting abusive messages, thats a step too far. Also suggest you remember, most employers look up the internet for prospective employees, so suggest you restrict who you associate with (you will be remembered for who you hand with) and your Facebook page etc when you are looking for employment again, and keep all comments etc positive……

            Good luck, oh, are you studying for anything special in the future??

          • Greg

            Good on ya Dave, this young girl has just made you look like complete fuckwit, well done mate.

          • Dave

            well go re read my posts Greg. hopefully she will stay away from FB and the media!

      • Don’t want to be ‘judged’? Do your paperwork. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  • hazardsareonitsok

    I’m waiting for:

    “eh fukk u cuz i cn prkk whur i want north syd”

  • TeOranga Hiku

    O.k from what I thought I did, I obviously hadn’t done the papers.
    Will be done now though. Thank you.

    • GregM

      Do it online, takes 2 secs. cute kid btw.

    • Justsayn

      You should consider a career change when you head back to work – PR. You’ve handled this very well.

      • Not on the phone she didn’t, demanding, screeching, swearing and threatening.

        • Justsayn

          Sounds like a perfectly fair response to me. you better hope she it not connected or the threats may not be so hollow.

  • While I don’t like the black power patch, I am impressed that TeOranga Hiku has come on here and replied, and has done so politely. So often people get burned by Cam and they come on here and rage, baiting him to do his thing. TeOranga, from the little I know of you, you have my respect :)

    • metalnwood

      es, she has replied well and some people on here still think it’s thier god given right that she gives further explanation to them. To much high horse around this tbh.

      • Travis Poulson

        She replied well with her threats via email and telephone too.

  • PlanetOrphan

    You definitely want to change the ownership TeOranga Hiku.
    Or did you not notice that those plates were on a different car ?

    Watch out babe, car conversion will get ya in prison.

  • LabTested

    The white bike looks like a V-Rod. The bike on the right is a Softail, So $30-40,000 2nd hand. Stolen, or where did the money come from. (can any cops on here run those plates?)

    Bike on the left looks Japanese, so worth f**k-all and shame on you for stealing such shit

    • Travis Poulson

      V-Rod is not stolen.

    • Justsayn

      If they are gang members with those bikes they have no need to steal them, pay in cash, used 20s.

  • Guest
  • TeOranga Hiku

    O.k yes the car was still registered to me because I hadn’t completed the paperwork, my fault. As for the photo of someone else’s page I cannot be judged by what others place on them thank you very much.
    But thanks to the writer of this article who put a link of my page on here I have had to shut down my page due to the fact that I was getting nasty messages.
    Thank you.

    • You dont owe ANYONE an explaination. They know nothing about your life, employment, family so they presume to know it all and make up shit as they go along. THAT is NOT the truth people….that is bullshit!

  • cows4me

    “The 4th occupant of the car came out of the supermarket with his large box of “Lion Red”. How could beautiful Tui be confused with the swap water that is Lion Red ? I was in the city on Monday I believe they were having a sale at spec savers.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    She and her baby have their clothes on inside out – cool

    • 4077th

      The magic of taking a picture of yourself in a mirror Steve.

  • What ill-informed judgemental racists, some of you are. Usually I am a big fan of Cameron but this goes beyond the realms of decency. You know how the ad goes…”dont judge me until you know me”. Yes…her fb page may be open, but does that give you any right to publicize her private pics without knowing a single thing about her, other than a car that was registered to her, was parked in a disability park. Hear that Cam? It’s not a “handicapped” park!!! My son has never been nor will he ever be “handicapped”. That insulting derogatory term is purely for ignorant people. If people were judged merely by association, then we would all be stuffed.Fuck you minarchist kiwi..I presume that you think you do absolutely NOTHING wrong! It’s my customary right to park my big maori foot up your racist arse

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes Minarchist is probably racist, isn’t free speech a bitch. Don’t care if your son is handicapped or disabled haven’t got time for PC crap, he will adjust and make the best of life. Now I will leave you to your customary big maori foot in mouth inbreeding program.

      • Your mother probably invented in-breeding… isn’t free speech a bitch. Whether YOU care about what I have to say, means nothing to me. Funny thing is…you sit there in your anonymity making all these disgusting comments but would never do the same thing in public. You are a coward and that is the worst of all

        • Mr_Blobby

          The reality is that you and your disgruntled malcontents are in the minority, the silent Majority don’t support you. Your own kind don’t even like you. So you and slave john hadfield (Hone) carry on with your inbreeding program, by all means. In a few generations and many inbreed retards latter you will be not only irrelevant, but in big trouble as the rest of us will not only be unwilling, but unable to fund your benefits.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Racism aside, shouldn’t you be upset that somebody is parking in not one, but 2 disabled car parks?