From hippie to tory to gay icon, Maurice Williamson is the man of the moment



Any sensible PM would have learned long ago that Maurice does what Maurice wants to do and that trying to stop him results in carnage on the tracks.

Michelle Hewitson sat down with Maurice Williamson for a chat about his sudden rise to fame.

Nobody could be more surprised than Maurice Williamson – other than his wife, his three kids and … oh let’s just say the entire country and quite possibly the universe – that one morning he woke up and found he had become a great big gay icon.

Nobody could be more surprised than me to find myself in his Pakuranga electoral office asking the National MP of 27 years: What’s it like to be a gay icon?

There is no use asking him. He hasn’t the foggiest idea. Still, I have a sneaking suspicion that he is rather enjoying being whatever one is.

I asked his son, Simon, what he thought and he said: “It’s surprising.”

He said this in a way which suggested that he got over being surprised about his father’s antics some years ago. We had just watched him doing a surprisingly good impersonation of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. “He walks up to this counter of this hotel and there’s this massive big Alsatian sitting there and he says to the guy, ‘Pardon Monsieur, does your dog bite?’ And the guy says, ‘No, it does not’. And he says, ‘thank you … hello poochie! How are you?’ And the dog just savages him and Sellers is going, “Aagh!” And he says, “I thought you said your dog does not bite?’ And the guy says, ‘I did Monsieur.

That is not my dog’!”

Oh no… he’s pitching for a career in standup as well.

[S]till in negotiations with the Ellen show about whether he’ll appear and when. He wants to talk about New Zealand and promote the country as a place of tolerance and so on but they obviously want Maurice Williamson, the comic MP.

The PM seems keen for him to go. He claims he has no idea what the PM meant when he said: “It would be hard to stop him”; he might have an inkling. Any sensible PM would have learned long ago that Maurice does what Maurice wants to do and that trying to stop him results in carnage on the tracks.

He should take all that energy and focus it on Auckland.  The place can do with someone who has more of a plan than just building a nebulous living city and a train set.

He’s been around for too long to worry about what people think of him, or the dog, or his speech – which wasn’t even his best speech: “Not in a million years.” It was just “a four-minute leer-up!” So all the fuss is a surprise. “I mean, you’re asking the wrong person! But I think if you speak from the heart …”

What is not a surprise is that he voted for gay marriage. It is perfectly in keeping with his Libertarian views. “Correct. I’ve always held those views. Your rights finish where my nose starts.”

He said, “I’m doing bland exceedingly well these days.”

He has at times been extraordinarily unpopular. “Ha, ha. You might say that. I couldn’t possibly re-emphasise it. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said: ‘The best way in politics to be unpopular is to try and please everyone.”‘

But he might be easier to deal with these days; his maverick tendencies might have mellowed with age. “You can’t just ask someone questions like that! I don’t know!” Doesn’t he really? “Well, I don’t think I’m that hard to deal with. Take for example staff …” He called out to his electorate secretary: “Carla?” There was no reply. “Oh. Carla’s at lunch. Carla has worked for me since the day I started, 27 years ago.”

Yes, but he has never stood up at a National Party conference and said she was useless! “Um, I don’t think that’s a fair comment to make. I don’t think I ever said that!”


Source:  NZ Herald


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  • Greg

    IDIOT of the moment.

    • Bafacu

      Maurice or Michelle????

    • Anonymous4001

      Yes Greg, you are.

    • Gayguy

      My my, a tad bitter Greg?

  • John Q Public

    Are you suggesting he should run for Mayor?

  • cows4me

    So if Maurice gets his fifteen minutes of fame will he be telling Ellen how New Zealand is a wonderful democracy and he is the people’s champion, doubt it. Will he be telling Ellen the countless hours he spent listening to and reading emails from his thousand of constituents, doubt it, that would be lying. Will he be telling Ellen the overall consensus of the people was against gay marriage, doubt it, that wouldn’t look good would it. Will he be telling Ellen that he would like to make the population of New Zealand carry ID cards, probably, that would get her liberal heart fluttering. Please go Maurice and don’t fucking hurry back.

    • Gayguy

      Nasty bitter little thing aren’t you Cow.

      Never mind, I am sure you could move somewhere that still believes what you do. Say… Iran.

      • cows4me

        What’s your problem Gayguy, you won, why do you give a shit what I think. Wait, I know you haven’t won, most see your victory as nothing but a load of bullshit brought on by a undemocratic move in parliament, pushed by liberal noddies that think they know best.

        • Gayguy

          Yep love won. Hate lost and I love the fact the haters are sooo upset about it.

          Now, when are you moving to Iran to be with your type of people?

  • Good on Maurice; I think he has done a good job for 27 years and will continue to do so.

    • Greg

      Are you having a laugh?

  • The thing which has been forgotten in all of this, with the enormous number of views of the above clip – is that Jonathan Young should be equally famous for his constant scowling at Williamson throughout the speech.
    Even when watching it live on the internet I could not help noticing Jonathan getting seriously pissed off in the background haha

    • Rodger T

      Who is Jonathan Young and what does he do?

  • Patrick

    His “foot in mouth” clangers when Key first became leader mean he will never feature again, he was consigned to the back of the queue ages ago. Time to leverage his 15 minutes in the limelight & retire gracefully from national politics. Have a go at knocking the lying corrupt snivelling leftie mayor out of Auckland.

  • LesleyNZ

    From hippie to Tory to gay icon, Maurice Williamson is the man of the moment….and then the next day the moment in time in the print media is being used for fish and chip paper. A few weeks back I probably would have voted for Maurice for Mayor of Auckland – not now though. His mocking attitude towards the Christian belief, then jumping at the chance to go on the Ellen Degenerates show and then John Key encouraging him even more……… to say we are a tolerant lot here in NZ (but only because our government refused to listen to the voice of the people.) He has lost my support and the support of my family and a lot of my friends. Guess Maurice won’t care though – after-all – he has gained the gay vote instead.