When I started the “Parking like a c#nt” photo series, I didn’t realise how deep the resentment would run.  It has by far caused the most feedback on any issue from you, our readers.

via 1funny.com

via 1funny.com

What started out as a bit of a lash out at an idiot stopping me from parking turned into quite the series (keep them coming, by the way, this isn’t the end of it).

It appears we’re not the only people sick of bad parking.  In Sweden they have even invented a word for it

Fulparkerare, n.
Definition: Literally translating to “ugly parker,” the word describes someone who parks his or her car in a particularly egregious or unlawful manner.

Used in an English sentence: “Whoa, did you really just double-park? Come on, don’t be a fulparkerare.”

It rather has the additional benefit of looking like it’s rooted in Maori as well.

Turns out the Swedish like to make up words:

1.Bloggbävning, n.
Definition: Literally translating to “blogquake,” the word describes the process by which a topic explodes in the blogosphere and is then picked up by more mainstream media outlets.
Used in an English sentence: “Man, that ‘ogooglebar’ thing really caused a bloggbävning today.”

2. Livslogga, v.
Definition: Literally translating to “life log,” the word refers to continually documenting one’s life in pictures.
Used in an English sentence: “I know my Instagram is full of retro-looking pictures of salads, but what can I say? It’s fun to livslogga.”

3. Ogooglebar, adj.
Definition: Literally meaning “ungoogleable,” the term is used to describe someone or something that doesn’t show up in Google results.
Used in an English sentence: “I’m going on a date tonight, but he’s totally ogooglebar! What are the odds he’s an axe murderer?”

4. Nomofob, n. 
Definition: A person who feels anxious at the very thought of being separated from his or her mobile phone. (Adapted from the clunky English “no mobile phone phobia.”)
Used in an English sentence: “I’d love to go swimming, but I can’t be in the water for very long — I’m sort of a nomofob.”

Check the rest out here.

There is still a word that doesn’t exist for something that happens to me.  I’m amazed that over the years nobody has coined one for it.  I’m going to give it a go here:

Googlefog, n.
Definition: When a digital map loads on a screen, and the map tile that has the information you’re actually interested in doesn’t display while the others do.
User in an English sentence: I still can’t see what side of the road that park is supposed to be on, it is still in the Googlefog.


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  • Dave

    Brilliant – had a good laugh! However, I think Fulparkerare is not ugly parker, the F denotes is is a Fugly parker, loosely translated to Fucking Ugly Parker

  • blokeintakapuna

    Fulparkerare = North Island
    Halfulparkerare = South Island

    • I’m still pushing for Bro and Cuz.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I can’t imagine how you pronounce Ogooglebar in Swedish – they do something weird with the “g”s. It’s almost like a “jy” sound. I could never get my tongue around it when I visited there.

  • jonno1

    I’ve got to agree with Googlefog, that happens to me frequently (although it does load eventually). The solution is to fool it by putting in a nearby address then pan across.

    My other little grizzle with Google is that while the new 3D maps are great, I still occasionally need the birds-eye view. Sure, I can zoom out to retrieve it, but the image is then too small. And if you snip then enlarge it, the resolution is rubbish.

  • The Dog Thinks

    I can park better than this. Now where did I leave the Mini and my trainer?