Getting fired for having a laugh at a bloke with an eel up his bum?

One person has been sacked after and investigation into staff looking at the x-ray of the bloke with an eel up his arse.

Not the actual X-Ray

Not the actual X-Ray

Thirty-three health workers have been disciplined for snooping at x-rays and other information on the man who had an eel removed from inside him at Auckland City Hospital.

At least one was sacked. The rest were given verbal warnings, written warnings or final written warnings.

Mainly they had looked at computer-based radiology images, but some looked at the man’s blood-test results and the discharge summary.

Some had also distributed information outside the Auckland District Health Board. 

Apparently some media have obtained the xray image but haven’t had the guts to publish it.

I’m sure that if my ‘privacy’ was ‘breached’ I’d be a bit pissed off, mainly because the whole world would know what I had inserted into my arse.

But frankly it’s pretty funny.

And just how does an eel ‘become stuck in his rectum’?  Would be a hilarious fishing story to tell around the BBQ if it were true!


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  • Justsayn

    I was down the pub and a group or Paramata supporters came in after their loss to the Warriors. They were going on about how the eels would win the comp and I said “My arse, you can sick the eels”. The clearly got the wrong end of the stick.

    How did he stop it biting him on the inside? No, don’t explain that. There are some weird fuckers in this world.

  • LesleyNZ

    I wonder who was sacked? That is far too harsh. How ridiculous.

    • Shadiness

      Gotta say – don’t think I’d like it if all and sundry at the hospital were able to access my file – regardless of my ailment… Would it also be too harsh if you were in hospital for injuries sustained through a rape complaint, and people with no cause to be went looking through your file, then went to the media with graphic detail of the injuries?

      Yes – certainly one for the gossip columns and will probably come up in a Grey’s Anatomy episode or such like in the not too distant future! It’s one thing to hear of various objects being stuck in places they weren’t supposed to be, it’s been happening for years, but this one is perhaps a bit too unique….

      • Justsayn

        You’re right, if that eel raped him then he deserves our sympathy. The eel was probably just a shit stirrer anyway.

        • Shadiness

          Ha ha – yes funny response and I did laugh, hilarious story for around the BBQ, but I guess my unease is the number of people accessing a file for no other purpose than for amusement. Have no problem at all with someone being sacked. Medical records should not have been accessed by unauthorised people, and those authorised should not be reporting details to the media. Simple.

    • peterwn

      The person was probably on ‘final warning’ because of previous breaches. In that light it may not be not too harsh.

  • AzaleaB

    ‘Bummer’ for the sacked person :)

  • cows4me

    Some serious cable laying due.

  • BJ

    I guess its just another activity that someone does in the privacy of their own home – except it becomes public when the taxpayer pays for its extraction – should have gone to private hospital

  • Rodger T

    It`s nice of starboard to share his x-rays with us.

  • Bunswalla

    Has anyone interviewed the eel to ask if he wants bum suppression?

    • Justsayn

      The eel was shit-faced and doesn’t remember anything.

      • obviously

        Good joke on that – ‘Elton john goes into a tattoo palour and asks for a tattoo of a rolls royce on his cock and the artist goes ‘dont you mean a range rover? the amount of shit that goes through!!

  • Changeiscoming

    You have to admit it’s pretty bizarre! Anyone would be tempted to look at something like this.

  • Justsayn

    Hey, if you squint a bit and tilt your head to the right this x-ray look a bit like Jonathan Coleman…

  • GregM

    If the self propelled eel trap had only spent a few bucks on batteries for the ten inch multi speed it would have saved a whole lot of problems. Fuckin funny though.

  • Richard McGrath

    He was probably hoping it was an electric eel.

  • Ronnie Chow

    That’s just taking gay marriage to the extreme . They said this would happen .

    • Justsayn

      It was a criminal union

  • steve and monique

    Hell of a way to get rid of worms

  • BR

    Perhaps the eel was a wedding present from his bum-chum.


  • LabTested

    Or this version

  • Troy

    I don’t know what the issue is… there’s no image of his face showing… for all we know it could be Queen Elizabeths gut when she had gastroentrinitis eel included. Geesh!

  • Richard McGrath

    Is the SPCA involved?

  • Richard McGrath

    The Mighty Boosh had a song about eels: Eels up inside ya, findin an entrance where they can, Boring through your mind, through your tummy, through your anus, eels!