Good Message Discipline

Nigel Farage stays on message right from the get go:

In the entrance to Worcester?s Guildhall, the ranks of Ukip?s silver-haired supporters were growing restive.

Around 350 people had come to see the eurosceptic tub-thumper speak at the council?s elegant headquarters, but two matronly attendants insisted they could only admit 180. The Italianate doors holding back the masses hardly looked impregnable.

?It?s a bloody shambles,? roared one tweedy man in his early 70s.

As the tuts and grumbles grew louder, Mr Farage sprang into action. To the surprise of his staff, he suddenly appeared on a balcony overlooking the overspill crowd and began an impromptu 20-minute speech.

?Thank you all so much for coming tonight,? Mr Farage began, adding with trademark flare: ?I am so sorry EU health and safety rules make it impossible to let more of you inside.??

The UKIP party is one the rise. Nigel Farage is a natural.