Green Mayor cops it in the chook from all sides

What’s going on down in Wellington?

Supposed Green Party Super-star Mayor, Ce(th)lia Wade-Brown and her loony left Council is taking a flogging from both the sides over this morning’s DomPost story about Councillors being asleep at the wheel.

This is after we learned that Wellington’s regional water restrictions were delayed because the Wellington City Council were the only Council in the region too lazy ratify them

Despite that, Celia Wade-Brown cancelled the Council’s February regular monthly meeting saying “there wasn’t enough business to justify meeting”.

These guys nearly make Red Len and C&R the buggers muddle seem competent.



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  • blokeintakapuna

    If it upsets Bradford and all the other intellectual pigmies on the left, regardless of what the topic is…. It’s got to a good thing!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Sue Bradford is often stunned. Anything that isn’t on her whacko agenda stuns her. Perhaps this is why she hasn’t been able to hold down a job.

  • starboard

    Actually I agree with busted arse face Bradford for once. WTF is goin on in Wellington?

  • Auto_Immune

    In reference to Bradford’s local body reps following Green party policy quip: Celia deliberately didn’t campaign using the Green ticket – it was her way of promoting inclusiveness across political lines. The fact that she can and does vote against traditional party lines is a good thing.

    Not that I’m really defending Celia, I personally think her – and the vast majority of councillors on the WCC – need to get voted out.

    • peterwn

      Not ‘vast’. Just the ones in the first list below, especially Celia and Helene.

      For the motion to “not support the flyover”: Mayor Celia
      Wade-Brown, Stephanie Cook, Paul Eagle, Justin Lester, Iona Pannett,
      Bryan Pepperell, Helene Ritchie

      Against the motion: Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Ngaire Best, Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster, Leonie Gill, Simon Marsh, John Morrison
      Absent: Ian McKinnon . (He would have voted against the motion)

      • Auto_Immune

        Heh. Not a bad way to break the council down. I’d still say the vast majority should go though. Many people in the second list have been around the council table too long, even if their ideas aren’t so bad. (I’d also argue that Eagle should stay, since he actually does work for his ward).

  • No doubt Sue Bradford will be “stunned” in about 10 years time when 18 year old children from ‘good families’ start appearing in Court because their parents were forbidden to discipline them when they were younger.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Wait a minute guys…Isn’t this John Key’s problem?

  • Celia ponders workers’ rights.