Green Taliban declare another disaster where there isn’t one



Twitter was delightfully immediate in showing up the latest Green Taliban smear

An oil spill responder aircraft flew over the area this morning and clean-up teams had been on standby since 1am.

But Environment Southland spokeswoman Michele Poole said the flight found no signs of diesel this morning, neither on the shore around The Neck, off Stewart Island, nor on the water where the fishing vessel Sureste was stationed.

Regional On Scene Commander Dallas Bradley said that the diesel has either blown further offshore or has dispersed naturally in the heavy seas.

Bradley said he was working with the Department of Conservation to assess the risk to wildlife in the area.

He asked Stewart Island-based boat owners to check the area around The Neck today to see if they could see or smell diesel.

Of course, that doesn’t stop the Green Taliban trying to whip up a panic.  And they are helped by a media that’s looking for something more exciting than the Rena sinking.

Stewart Island locals have been kept mostly in the dark about the diesel spill in Paterson Inlet.

It is believed up to 20 tonnes of diesel, which spilled into the sea after a ship split its hull near Stewart Island last night, has naturally dispersed into the ocean.

The Timaru-based 58-metre Sureste ripped open one of its fuel tanks when it got too close to The Neck in Paterson Inlet, in Foveaux Strait, while trying to shelter from a southerly storm.

Stewart Island community board chairman Jon Spraggon said he did not know much about the incident except for what was on the island’s grapevine.

“I’m on the wharf here and and I’ve heard nothing formal. There’s been no increase in activity in boats or aircraft. Other than the rumours [that a boat has struck a rock off the neck and the oil spillage has been blown to sea] I know nothing.”

An employee at the South Sea Hotel on the island, who did not want to be named, said she had heard nothing about the incident. “I suppose I’m concerned. It’s not a good thing.”

Up to 23,000 litres of diesel could have spilled into the sea very close to wildlife sanctuary Ulva Island. The actual amount is unknown.

Except nobody can see, smell, hear or otherwise see any of it.

Never mind.

I guess #HeyClint thought it was worth a try for Metiria to jump out in front and look just as uninformed and flat earthish as that vacuous sock puppet Hughes.

No.  Still nothing.  But she’s there to report it in as soon as she can find any. [EDIT: Whoops, not really.  Tongue in cheek comment]

via frogblog

via frogblog

Just wait.  They’ll explain the immediate dispersal evaporation was due to Global Warming.

Oh wait…


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  • Guess she needs to the tyvek suit to keep any muck from her $3000 outfit. Or is it to ensure no actual wildlife,or ordinary plebs touch her precious designer get up

    • Patrick

      She was concerned the locals might contaminate her – all that pruning & fashion advice could be undone with one hug from a local.

  • Gazzaw

    Need we ask who footed the bill to get her there in such a hurry.

    Goofy will be jealous when he gets to see her flash outfit. A much more appropriate photo ops dress code than the Italian suit when cleaning up oily beaches. Maybe next time Phil.

    • dumbshit

      cycling day and night she arrived without a change of clothes,two suits zipped together just encircled the barrel of fat

  • Honcho

    Cant help but notice the disposable coveralls and nitrile gloves (which are the wrong size) are immaculately clean. Never worked an honest day in her life.

    I would actually have respect for these people if they spent even half a day, an hour, half an hour even, practicing what they preach. Rules for us and champagne and caviar for them. Tossers.

    • Patrick

      Where is Goff, suited & booted c/w shovel. The nation needs him, environmental armageddon is just around the corner.

  • Rodger T

    The only oil slick she will ever see is the one in her bath ,if and when see has one.

    • amerikiwi

      You know you’ve let yourself when this is the only costume you can fit into for your day out LARP’ing.

  • sweetd

    Just starting to get a bit annoyed at John Key going around running all these ships onto rocks. After all, it his fault isn’t it?

  • Colin Cloudesley

    The Greens new policy for fishing is:
    All fishing boats will be manned with oars from the first of April, sorry that’s wrong Clint we can’t used trees, well what the F*&* can we use?

  • JeffDaRef

    is that the michelin man?

    cant help but laugh at “crossing your fingers is not a policy option” – seems to be thats the foundation of EVERY green policy!!

  • williamabong

    Just another photo op from one of the nations leading idiots, she didn’t actually go there to do anything but more a case of being seen to be there.
    A responsible govt would place a cap on spending for political parties to discourage idiots treating the airlines as a chauffeur service, after all it is public money or should we just print some more.

  • LabTested

    Commercial fisherman are not afraid of a bit of weather. If they needed to seek shelter things must have been very dodgy. Yet TV3 news last night was saying these boats need to be kept away from wildlife reserves. Let the bastards drown rather than risk a few birds

  • JC

    Its amazing the sea is still there. Just think, in WW2 just under 7000 merchant marine ships were sunk along with their millions of tonnes of fuel yet the oceans are still salty, fish still swim there and ocean life carries on as before.

    Truly the environmentalists are straining mightily to produce a gnat.


  • Patrick

    20 tonnes of diesel spilt, sure not a desirable event but the reality is it is just a drop in the ocean. Would have been broken up with a bit of wind & a tide change.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Oil just loves paper overalls. What a crock of shit she and the Greens are

  • She’s an oil slick waiting to happen

  • Kacanga

    Poor melons, they were so disappointed that there wasn’t any actual oil!