Green Taliban protest flotilla limps back home

via Stuff

via Stuff

Kirsty McMurray reports:

Seismic surveying protesters off the North Taranaki coast nearly became as endangered as the dolphins they were trying to protect when their boat broke down.

A group of eight protesters went out in two small boats to wave signs at Kea Petroleum’s Voyager Explorer which was searching the seabed for potential oil and gas reserves in a marine mammal sanctuary, home to highly endangered Maui’s dolphins near White Cliffs.

Kea Petroleum managing director Richard Parkes said the protesters’ boat broke down less than 100 metres from the acoustic arrays which produce the powerful soundwaves used in the surveying process. “We were very concerned.

“It is an exceptionally dangerous place to be.”

The Green Taliban suicide-protesters embarrassed themselves, and potentially put their rescuers at risk too.

The ship’s support vessel warned them off to begin with and then offered the protesters help, which was refused, he said.

A perfect example why protesting at sea needs some extra rules.  Not just for those working at sea, but also the protesters themselves.  There is nothing more selfish than to put other people’s lives at risk just because you want to mess with their legal business.


Source:  Stuff


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  • I wonder if any of the Greenies gave a thought to what their boat is powered by? (before it broke down, that is)

  • Rodger T

    I`m assuming those are eco-friendly ,non- electrical ( rare minerals and all that)human powered outboards powering the non-petroleum based inflatable rubber dinghy.
    They would not be so hypocritical to use fossil fuels to power their protest now ,would they?

  • williamabong

    Bring on the new law regarding the distance this pond slime is allowed to shipping, economic traitors have no problem with picking up their dole, hypocrites.

  • Honcho

    They will not only be disrupting the surveyors, but also disrupting the best efforts of New Zealands best ecologists from cawthorn institute observations on the marine environment and their amicable task of writing best trade practice regulations and protocols adopted by Maritime New Zealand supporting new legislation on protecting our offshore environment.
    It makes these protestors actions seem counter productive, and down right selfish.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What a bunch of losers. Looking for a payoff.

  • Tom

    These muppets couldn’t even make sure the outboard was up to scratch?!!! *facepalm*