Greens demand Inquiry into National’s foreign exchange blunder

via Stuff

via Stuff

One of New Zealand’s biggest banks has scrambled to assess its security systems after handing out hundreds of dollars in counterfeit money.

An ANZ customer was given bogus Canadian currency by the Remuera branch to take on holiday.

The woman – who asked not to be named – learned she was carrying the illegal notes when a restaurant refused to take one of her $100 bills.

She went to a Canadian bank where the remaining $220 was confiscated for being counterfeit.

“The bank said they had never seen a forgery look so professional,” she said

Co-leader of the Green Party, Russel Norman, has called for an immediate Inquiry into this latest blunder.

“Everyone knows John Key’s background as a foreign exchange trader before he came to Parliament.  This happened on his watch, and he has some explaining to do”, Norman said.

In what appears to be a never ending stream of Government foul-ups where individuals send emails to the wrong people, frequently with information that wasn’t intended for them, or web sites aren’t secured appropriately, it is Government ministers that are clearly not doing their jobs according to Norman.

“In this instance, with fake foreign exchange having not just entered the country, but also having been re-issued and taken back out, shows a clear systemic failure by the National Government.  They continue to let every day Kiwis down on a daily basis”, Norman added.  “The public deserves to know exactly when John Key knew about this issue, and what, if anything, he tried to do to cover it up”.

Banks use high-speed note-processing machines to authenticate bank notes. However, ANZ could not explain how the fakes had slipped through.

An ANZ spokesman said the bank apologised to the customer and refunded her money.

“We have since made additional checks and reviewed processes to minimise the chance of this happening again.

“We cannot give details for security reasons but we have taken measures to minimise the chance of this happening again.”

The spokesman said in-house checks regularly identified fake notes and removed them from circulation.

The Banking Ombudsman’s office, which deals with complaints about banks, was not aware of any cases where bogus foreign currency had been issued by a bank, and a police spokeswoman said there had been no complaints.

The Green Party has sent out numerous requests under the Official Information Act to reveal where National went wrong.

“Once again we find John Key asleep at the wheel”, Norman said.  “If there is one area where I’d expect John Key to shine it is Foreign Exchange, and yet, here we are, with another clear failure by government ministers to ensure the systems below them can run free of errors”.


Source:  NZ Herald


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  • The fact that you don’t have the line alongside the story gives it away. At least, it suggested that it was partially faked, and I checked; Wed Wussel hasn’t called for an inquiry- yet.

  • cows4me

    Norman should have an inquiry on why he is such an arsehole.

  • Rodger T

    I DEMAND an inquiry into that snivelling little greenginga bitches immigration status!

    • Bunswalla

      Leave the ginga bullshit out, and I’ll support you!

    • Ain’t a ginga. Is a communist. Why is the Green list full of Australian and American activists? Can’t they go ruin their own country?

  • J.M

    Answer to the enquiry as to why the note was fake is simple. Russel printed it.

  • williamabong

    It was Russell Norman, he was practicing on Canadian money beforev the big print run on kiwi dosh.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think this is a genuine request. Sheep just phone me to say all the money in his NY bank account could be counterfeit notes due to John Key’s blunder. So he says basically he has no money and he is clean.

  • Is this some sort of joke Cameron? (I can’t believe even Norman would be this stupid)

    • (check the post’s tags)

    • I think it was a 1 April post!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      You are overestimating Stormin’ Norman….any idiot who wants to print money cannot have any brain left…

  • Owl

    With the current exchange rate at 86 cents US and I wrote previously about the GREENS QE printing program – my quick calculations is the we would of needed to print another $1B of greens QE money on top of his $3B- I think $220.00 pales into significance.

    Logic step – why spend say $50k on an inquiry on $220.00 – Russell Norman struggles with financial matters

  • As a patriotic New Zealander I consider all foreign money to be a joke – the only real money, in my opinion, is NZ dollars.
    I was once doing a business deal with a Yank and a price was agreed – $14,000 USD; I then asked him “how much is that in dollars?” he replied “that is dollars” to which I started laughing and said “no I mean ‘real’ dollars – kiwi dollars” (he was sooooo pissed off he started turning red in the face)

    • Mr_Blobby

      If you had said south pacific Peso he would have got it.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems ironical,as all the commie joke “greens” in parliament are counterfeit unelected politicians.To think that an Australian wetback dumped by his own Australian Political Party ,can be re-invented in NZ beggars belief.Sounds he is in fact making fun of the NZ population,like we are all thick, and he is an Enstein.

  • AzaleaB

    …and Norman also demands a full Inquiry in the reason why a small child in a public café in Helensville choked on a ham sandwich. “We all know Key is Jewish” says Norman ” surely the eating of pig resulting in this tragedy is his fault as Prime Minister…and in his electorate. It is clear to the public he is not fit for office and his electorate now have suffered the consequences”

  • Arnie

    What has this got to do with John Key? Norman is crazy to suggest this, it makes him look so silly. ANZ is a private company, nothing to do with the Govt. It makes the bank look a bit embarrassed that is all. Now it is a toss up who is the most embarrassed ANZ or Norman.

  • AnonWgtn

    How do you spell Pillock ?

    • Rodger T

      It`s spelt N-O-R-M-A-N W-U-S-S-E-L

    • sheppy

      I think the spelling is T w a t

  • Grizz30

    A beat up of a low brow story with a little fabrication. Seems commentators from the left have been doing this for some time.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So. . everything that goes wrong is John Key’s fault? Isn’t ANZ a PRIVATE company? Isn’t this a matter of criminality and being referred to the police? Case closed!
    As for the leaks and “accidental attachments” what will he do, when we find it is actually being orchestrated by the PSA??

  • Steve R

    Everyone knows John key is supposed to personally check every bank note in New Zealand
    And of course the counterfeit note probably came from Russell’s printing press

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Good to see you admit John Key dropped the ball here. He cannot remember every single phone call he made, he cannot remember the colour of the tie he wore 20 years back…he cannot remember the price of the ticket he paid for the first movie he saw…what the hell is going on here?

  • PlanetOrphan

    It’d be the offshore bank that delivered the money that needs investigating surely ?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says he will lead the National Party into the next election. Key told New Zealand he intends to remain National’s leader going into
    the 2014 general election, as long as the party wants him. – NewstalkZB.

    Sheep’s neighbour’s are complaining that they are hearing the toilet flushing sound non-stop…..bros you all know why…..Leaders’ debate coming….

    • Mediaan

      Key staying on, despite all the dumb media treatment?

      Thank goodness, if so. The man is hard working, bright, honest, and talented. And best of all he has significant business experience in an international setting.

      If we had gone out to hire a man of that calibre, we wouldn’t have either found one or been able to afford one.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Key knows that he is the only person capable of warding of the axis of evil – Sheep-Norman-Winston-Horny Hone in 2014. Remember, once this axis of evil is defeated in 2014 following things will happen.

        1. Sheep will disappear – Labour will get into infighting and Jacaranda will emerge as the consensus candidate and bring down Labour to 20% popularity level

        2. Winston will retire – NZ First will either cease to exist or become a good party

        3. Greens will start to disintegrate. Another 3 years of sitting in the opposition will be unbearable to them

        4. Only Hone will win his seat and continue to live on tax payer money without achieving anything

        • Mediaan

          You’ve changed your tune.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    The number of people on benefits has dropped by 29,000. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says beneficiary numbers are now the lowest they’ve been at this time of year, since 2009.

    She says she takes her hat off to more than 17,000 people, who’ve gone off the unemployment, DPB and Sickness Benefits and into work in the past quarter – NewstalkZB

    Russel Muesli Norman says the entire Green Party will apply for dole to bring the numbers back up.

  • Polish Pride

    Guess I am the only one who sees counterfeit notes in the system (and we don’t know how many are in circulation) as a threat to the integrity of the system that the govt may just perhaps, you know if they are not too busy might want to take a closer look at. Or direct the appropriate authorities to and report back to them on the possible magnitude of the problem. …

    • PP as 300 million Americans would tell you with a shrug “It’s only Canada” hahahaha

  • BJ

    What a world class buffoon

  • The Canadians said it was the best they had seen but a restaurant could see it was not the real note, may have had Russell Normans face on it, and that gave it away?
    I think the NZ Bank did a good job trying to pass it on lol.

  • LesleyNZ

    Is Russel (with one l) Norman developing a habit to get into the media spotlight everyday to show that HE really is the Greens leader?

    • Mediaan

      All this tells us is that major media channels are furtively promoting Cadet Russel.

  • Guest

    This is a piss take right? A late April fools joke?