Gutless Media being called out on Kermit Gosnell story

Photo of the courtroom’s media section. Source: PJ MEDIA

Photo of the courtroom’s media section. Source: PJ MEDIA

Earlier today I posted about the abortion story that media are refusing to cover.

PJ Media are calling out the media who are spiking the story asking for journalists who had their story about Kermit Gosnell spiked to blow the whistle.

For the past few weeks, a man has been on trial who, according to testimony, is likely to surpass Ridgeway as the U.S. serial killer with the highest body count, and he may surpass McVeigh as the worst mass murderer as well. Ridgeway is suspected of more than 90 murders and he was convicted of 41. This man stands trial for murdering eight — however, testimony puts the number at more than 100.

Further: the other four mentioned above primarily murdered adults. Only one murdered children. Indeed, a significant portion of the revulsion the country will forever direct towards McVeigh involves the 19 children at a daycare center who were killed by his bomb.

After being apprehended, McVeigh told investigators he did not know there was a daycare center in the building — and that if he had known, “it might have given [him] pause to switch targets.”

Even McVeigh perhaps thought the murder of children to be beyond the pale.

The man currently on trial?

He almost exclusively murdered children.

To compound the enormity of the event as a news story: the man did not act alone. Several others, who are also being prosecuted, aided him in the murder of perhaps more than 100 babies.

A contender for trial of the century? Objectively, yes.

And yet as the photo above shows, no media are turning up. There was a media frenzy for the appearance of the Joker killer, but nothing for this?

In an immoral, unprofessional, bizarre — surely, several other negative descriptors are apt — display of unity, virtually the entire U.S. media industry save for those generally referred to as “conservative outlets” have instituted a blackout of the trial.

Infanticide — the crime that gave even Timothy McVeigh pause — is a left/right issue for your employer? 

The media behavior regarding the trial of monster Kermit Gosnell is a turning point: with all of conservative media’s complaints regarding the liberal bias of U.S. media, we never imagined this could happen

We know there are journalists out there infuriated by their employer’s current behavior: The change must start with you.

We are looking for whistleblowers: if you have any information regarding why your employer is not covering the Gosnell trial, please submit it here. Your anonymity will be protected.

What has happened to our media? Why have they become neutered, fearful and establishment? Gutlessness is not a trait that journalists need, and yet it has developed inextricably over time.


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  • There are no journalists in the mainstream. In the mainstream there is only the narrative. Does not fit the narrative, spiked.

  • Jimmie

    Because to justify a distinction between infanticide/murder and state sanctioned abortion requires such extensive moral gymnastics that the msm know that a case like this may throw public opinion in the US (and maybe here) against abortion on demand.

    This would never do as abortion (going back to hippy days of the 60’s & 70’s) was a major tenant on which progressive liberalism is based. If society suddenly turns around and says that abortion is immoral then what about other recently liberalized behaviours – could they be seen to be wrong once again?

    This silence is very hypocritical WO however liberals have always considered that truth and morals should be used on a very selective basis. (Relativism)

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Very perceptive Jimmie but here’s a thought. Maybe, just maybe, the MSM could actually report on it and not infuse it with opinion passing as fact. Regardless of the readers opinion on abortion per se, this story is about a wanton breach of ethics, medicine and decency in the treatment of other human beings.

    • Slippery slope fallacy (of course – but perception is reality, especially for progressive liberals). Thanks WO, had no idea about this monster until I found it here (and with that other murderous Gosnell in Christchurch, was momentarily confused).

  • LesleyNZ

    Shame on them. Thank goodness we have the blogs and a few independent media organisations who are prepared to report on this trial – unsanitized and of course social media. They did exactly this with the man-made global warming and with Lord Monckton – and with the situation Fiji. MSM do not seem to like to tell truth if it does not fit their agenda, world view or philosophy on life. We want the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A great photo. I wonder who the lone journalist/media person is?