Hastings lamb rustling scum and a soft Judge

How lovely.  A bunch of reprobates stealing lambs from the disabled.

These dirty, rotten, lamb-rustling scum should all have been jailed for a decent stretch in the big house for this, not just a couple of them.  And that’s without even mentioning the animal cruelty.  Another soft-touch Judge at work.

Four men crammed 11 stolen lambs into the back of a hatchback because they were trying to provide for their whanau.

The lambs were pets, and kept for breeding by Idea Services, an arm of IHC that provides services to the intellectually disabled. Ten of the lambs had been hand-fed by residents. 

Gino Butler, 21, Raniera Nathan, 36, Nicholas Fido, 21, and Healy Te Are-Paul, 22, grabbed the lambs from their paddock in Bridge Pa early on February 19.

They then passed the animals over the fence, dragged them up a bank and loaded up their Ford Laser.

Police discovered the animals when they pulled the car over during a routine check in Hastings. The lambs, worth a total of $880, were bruised and close to suffocating.

The men, who have family connections to each other, appeared in the Hastings District Court today. Their family packed the public gallery.

Of course, all the usual bullshit excuses and sense of entitlement abound with the classic old yarn “I was only trying to feed my whanau/family/friends/knuckleheads”.  We’re all trying to feed our families pal.  Do it the right way – get a job and live within your means.  The only surprising thing was the ‘principles of the Treaty’ didn’t get mentioned.  Maybe the reporter missed that part.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Let me guess maori, wet, bus ticket, slap.

  • Another case of ‘we only did it because we’re starving’ .Phuq off and get a job and feed your family like most of us do, no sympathy for these scumbags, Maori or otherwise need a lesson given to them, play by the rules or whuk off to the coast and live off the kai that abounds there.

  • one of the oldest oldest crimes in history. the penalty should fit the crime. good old hard time.

  • David Broome

    Outing myself but in an interview for OneNews I described them as a bunch of scroats. I reminded them that farmers in the Bay have had a bloody tough time of it with drought, the rustling took place in February. What’s the bet they have stolen from farms and if they have they have stolen capital stock. Who is going to provide for the farmers’ family? What galls is that they cannot fess up and be honest and cop what is coming.

    PS I wonder if their ford laser was warranted, registered & road worthy.

  • David Broome

    I can add we have 20 unfilled jobs at ruraljobs.co.nz and trade me has 288 (admittedly that includes hort, forestry and fisheries); still 308 unfilled rural jobs (for those who want to work)

    • Travis Poulson

      20 in total or 20 in the Hawkes Bay?

      Edit: nevermind, found out myself. No listings in HB. Having said that, no farmer will want these shitbags within a yodel of the farm boundary.

  • Honcho

    Property rights are now no longer property rights if the criminal simply claims they were to put it to good use . The reason we have laws, the police, judges, is to protect decent citizens from savagery. The reason we have unemployment benefits, wff and the like is so no mouth goes unfed in this country. If the worst was to happen we have missions, church groups and food banks so people dont have to beg, steal or whore.

    Hope they bought a towel for the bus ticket they are about to be slapped with.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The towel is provided free of charge along with the Taxi fare home.

  • Mr_Blobby

    They should have been charged with being part of a criminal organization. It sounds like they all had previous convictions and at last one got caught again whilst on bail. Pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, caught red handed, please.

  • Patrick

    Sense of entitlement, someone has something I want so I will just take it

    • Mr_Blobby

      No TOW right.

      • Travis Poulson

        It’s not called TOW anymore, I’ve renamed it ‘Iwisaver’. Great scheme for the bro’s.

  • peterwn

    They were lucky not to face Judge Tony Adeane.

  • Dave

    No wet bus tickets for this lot, from memory they ALL had long criminal histories, although some in the words of the judge, one had not offended since 2011 – WOW thats an incredibly long time. Sentances ranges from 80 hours community work to 15 months in the slammer.

    BUT, their families said outside court: “The men were just trying to be good parents by providing for the whanau” Message: Stop drinking, stealing, lazing around and get a JOB, ANY Job!!! Thats the best way to provide for the whanau, its also fun having work mates to talk to, and better than prison!!

    Laugh of the day……… All men were ordered to pay $27.50 reparation to go towards the veterinary bill. I can see a few applications to WINZ for that one!

    • Mr_Blobby

      2 thirds off, so effectively 5 Months.Community service 8 hours for buying the fish and chips on Friday night at the marae.

    • SJ00

      One had not offended since 2011? I think that should read he hasn’t been caught offending since 2011. What are the odds he commits his first crime in 2 years and gets caught.. Whenever I read someone done for x amount of burglaries or whatever, I usually multiple that number by 3 or 4.