He shoots, he scores…oh wait!

Labour deputy leader Grant Robertson’s complaint to the Auditor-General has fallen on deaf ears. There is nothing untoward about the process by which Ian Fletcher was appointed.

The auditor-general will not investigate the appointment of spy boss Ian Fletcher, the watchdog has announced.

In a statement, the office of the auditor-general said the law does not prescribe any particular process that must be followed before appointing the director of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). 

The prime minister has responsibility for the appointment and serves at their pleasure, the statement said.

“As with many other ministerial appointments, the responsible minister therefore has considerable discretion about how appointments are made. He or she is accountable to Parliament and the public in the usual way for those decisions.”

Cue predictable left wing wailing about a cover-up. That won’t wash though because the Auditor-General is Helen Clark’s former right hand girl Lyn Provost.

Knowing the Labour party though, they will now mount an attack on yet another civil servant.


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  • Pete George

    But wait, there’s more. Labour have brought in their big gun:

    Labour Leader David Shearer is promising to keep on pressuring the Prime
    Minister over the appointment of Ian Fletcher to head the Government
    Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

    The Auditor-General has turned down a request for the appointment to
    be investigated, saying the Prime Minister had responsibility for the
    appointment and had discretion in how it could be made.

    Mr Shearer believes the Auditor-General has highlighted concerns by
    acknowledging the recruitment process envisaged by the State Services
    Commission didn’t happen.


    The Auditor General addressed that, but never mind. Key will be dreading question time next weak. (Spelling deliberate)

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Here is Key’s answer – ” I suggest Shearer can go to New York and find the bank where his money is before he forgets the name of the bank”

  • Whafe

    Grant Robinson is an oxygen burglar, silly silly man

  • spollyike

    Classic! Another Loserbore FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yet another non issue of no interest to anyone outside of the smartypants Beltway Set – no one has even heard of this nonsense outside of Robertson’s electorate.
    Robertson will spend his historical footnote of a parliamentary career in opposition; when he eventually leaves Parliament he will wonder why.

    Last week Parliament was in recess; would Robertson have been better spending that week flogging a dead horse no one cares about? or knocking on doors in a marginal electorate? (from National’s point of view – thank god he kept well away from potential Labour voters!) but you get my point? Robertson will end his career in failure and oppostion wondering “how the hell did it all go wrong?”

    I know Grant will be reading these posts – and will read this one – and will be scratching his head in genuine incomprehension “spend the recess knocking on doors and meeting some voters?!?! what the??” (Robertson and Shearer are the greatest gift to the National party ever! HAHAHA!!)

    • Solution_seeker

      Time will tell.

      • Well I suggest Grant Robertson knocks on 1000 doors in Hamilton West and see how many people say John Key is a marvelous PM compared with how many say “oh now I am voting Labour because of the GCSB business, yes, this has convinced me to switch sides”

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Yes, the man on the street says he is so worried about GCSB appointment as it has reduced his ability to earn a salary. If your team of creatures can’t come up with one good economic policy, please at least shut your potty mouths and collect the salary. Don’t waste tax payer’s money in digging dirt. That was tried by the Communist dictator in 2008.

  • Phar Lap

    Time for an inquiry into the part Grant” knucklehead” Robertson played leaking lies and,allegedly in bed with the cub reporter Vance from Doompost ,as well as some guy called Brucey Ferguson over the saga .The trio it is alleged between them set out to besmirch the name of Ian Fleming and our man for all seasons and reasons John Key,not forgetting the TV3 “CHIMPANZEE” CAMPBELL he was even scratching under his armpits, was seen to salivate every time Brucey was talking about the PM in a less than complimentary fashion.

    • Solution_seeker


      Attack the person. Not their argument. . .

      • Like the Labour party does you mean? haha (dickhead)

        • Solution_seeker

          QED. ;-)

    • Hazards001

      hahahaha that’s twice I’ve seen that now…it’s Fletcher..but ya gotta love the James Bond connection!

  • Solution_seeker

    “The prime minister has responsibility for the appointment and serves at their pleasure, the statement said.”

    So no specific skills required other than to do what the minister says.

    Like illegally spying on New Zealanders?

    • Justsayn

      Only the Helen Clark appointees apparently

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      OK, let me not attack the person Solution_seeker. Tell me who spied on the Urewera four bro? Aren’t they New Zealanders? Then why spy on them?

      • Justsayn

        Who cares, they damn well should have been spied on – training as body guards by lilly white ass they were

      • The Urewera Four? who cares? (they were only a few ignorant maoris)

      • hazardsareonitsok

        Don’t Maori want to be separate to the rest of NZ? Than spying is allowed tee hee hee

    • Phar Lap

      Lest we forget ,most of the spying was on Helen Clark and Grant” knucklehead ” Robertson’s watch.So run your solution over that, seek the truth.Seems you know it already ,its like cold steel ,which you and that dumbo “Shonky” Shearer are painfully aware of.

  • Mr_Blobby

    No Biggie, saved some money. When did the Auditor general aka white wash department ever find anybody at fault.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Now I suggest Sheep and Commie Norman now stick their heads where the
    sun doesn’t shine. Such lowly creeps. Instead of coming with alternate
    policies and showing to the people of NZ how things can be done
    differently, their entire energy is spent on digging dirt on John Key.
    The shameless media of this country is in tune with them. I am waiting now how Commie will twist this story around.

  • williamabong

    Robertson will revert to type now, the Clark training will come through we should see the bitchy, fag come to the front, the rainbow will emerge as dominant gene.

    • le sphincter

      rainbow ? Are you so blind not to notice Key is an honoury queer. He doesnt miss a GLBT event,

      • williamabong

        Why do you take fuckwitism to a art form, oh thats right, because you’re so good at it.

  • Bafacu

    Andrea Vacant from Stuffed up reports that “Fletcher – formerly a high-flier in the British and Australian civil
    service – was the only person interviewed for the job. The pair are
    childhood friends.”
    Sorry to burst your bubble Andrea but 4 others were looked at before him and all found wanting – not quite what you are implying! Oh, and there mother’s were friends and he went to school with his brother – not him!. Any possibility of getting some facts right – or is that just too much to ask?

    • johnbronkhorst


    • I believe Mr Key was physically present in the same Island as this Head Spook bloke – is that a conflict of interest too? clearly that means they are really chummy

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Yes, I am going to request AG for an enquiry right now

    • In Vino Veritas

      Well said Bafacu. The “childhood friends” thing has been repeated ad nauseum throughout the media – Key went to school with Fletchers brother, Alistair – and is an example of a lie that when told enough, people begin to believe.

  • johnbronkhorst

    off the subject. Did you see this “Horse meat catering company could provide hospital food”.. First broached by king at question time. This is typical this company, was the victim of this scandal, not the perpetrator. They were sold horse meat instead of beef. I bring it up because winnie did exactly the same thing, he accused the Chinese milk powder company of being involved in the melamine scandal in china (as reason NOT to allow them to open)….yes they were involved…they were the victims of the scam. Is this going to be the tactic from now on???

    • Yes it will be the tactic – they are so desperate. And they will get increasingly shrill when Mr Key simply ignores them.

    • le sphincter

      Thats right , thats worked well recently.

      I suppose well call it Novomeal

      • Hazards001

        Now who exactly was it that signed up for Novapay again dickwad?

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Comrade Klarke never made any mistake….

  • sheppy

    yet more fuss about nothing, you’ve got to ask does anyone really care?

  • Steve R

    I watched parliament today for the first time in a while and to be honest labors questions were just a waste of everyones time . They were meaning less and made absolutely no real point . As for the greens , some old woman asked the same question about 6 times and no mater how it was asked the result was the same .

    Both the opposition parties really are clutching at straws

    • Troy

      What you observed from the Labour and Toxic Greens pretty much sums up the level of their job in opposition… next to useless. They seem to hammer on over things which don’t gain them traction and if there are serious issues, can’t seem to form a cogent argument. As for Robertson… what is hiding in HIS closet… time to investigate him.. after all isn’t he the pretender to the leadership?

  • cows4me

    “Move on, nothing to see here leftys” , God that was good.

  • National isn’t looking clever, it is a traditional don’t-scare-the-horses plod along make the right empty noises party of dimwits. Meanwhile, Labour is more than several rungs inferior, in ability, direction, principle, anything. The Greens are in the mad corner wearing tinfoil dunce caps and smelling of sweat and urine. They are so far removed from reality that an asylum wouldn’t release them.