Helen Kelly training for a seat in the Nasty Party

Helen Kelly has come out with a mean spirited and nasty press release about Jackie Blue’s appointment as Equal Opportunities Commissioner.

The appointment by Judith Collins of a current National MP as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner is a direct political appointment and as such it risks undermining the integrity of this crucial national human rights role, says CTU President Helen Kelly.

It looks like she is also planning to uphold the Hipkins Standard. No former politicians or people associated with Labour will be appointed to any government body.

Helen Kelly says “Human Rights Commissioner roles are positions that need to be independent from direct government policy and influence. Jackie Blue is well respected on her advocacy on some women’s issues and we recognise and respect that but she has been a voting member of a Government that has set women’s issues back years with changes to pay equity initiatives, attacks on solo mothers, cuts to ECE services and other changes.  Her direct appointment from the Parliament and lack of experience and knowledge on human rights are serious issues.” 

Nasty and hypocritical, after Labour gave pasty jobs to all manner of useless partisan hangers on, including the outgoing Commissioner Judy McGregor, who likes to make political speeches at Labour conferences.

“The National party’s policies on women are taking women backwards in this country and we need an EEO Commissioner prepared to advocate against this.  We need someone who will stick up for the thousands of women underpaid and undervalued in the care sector,  for the extension to paid parental leave and to equal opportunities for women getting on to boards and increasing their representation in other areas.”

“We believe there are better people for this position and along with other recent appointments to the Commission are concerned for its credibility in the Human rights area.”

Where was Helen Kelly on the issue of Herceptin when Jackie Blue was fighting Labour’s “fuck off and die” policy for women fighting breast cancer?

It seems the only appointments to positions acceptable to Labour and their union flacks are ones who are politically wetter than a monsoon.

I am glad they are making a big deal over so-called crony appointment, I am so going to love pointing out their hypocrisy when they next get into power.


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  • Jackie also spent a great deal of time with her members bill trying to improve the organ donor system. Her bill was to stop relatives vetoing a donors wishes. Sadly it got biffed out in favour of the labour government bill which widens who can veto your wishes to be a donor…

  • sheppy

    Upsetting Hobbit hating Helen Kelly proves that its the right appointment!

  • Macca

    Just the fact that the hairy arm-pitter from hell Kelly finds cause to make comment on this appointment confirms to any of those on the right that Jakie Blue must be the best choice for the roll she has been employed for!

    • Jman

      My thoughts exactly

  • Gazzaw

    The last thing that Kelly needs is training up to join the Nasty Party. Labour should appoint her as head trainer.

  • Justsayn

    Nice shot Helen, but I think you missed the mark. It was a close shave (and no, before you get all feral on me, I didn’t mean that as a reference to your facial hair). Go back to Hobbit hunting.

  • Michael

    So the appointments of Sandra Lee, Jonathan Hunt, Jim Sutton, Mike Williams, Graham Kelly et al to prime government appointments were all based on merit?

  • bobby

    I can’t wait till that she takes up a crony seat which
    Labour will gift her like they usually do to their union flack mates.
    She’ll be fodder for mockery.

    • Bunswalla

      Highly unlikely to be a seat – she’s unelectable. High scum list position methinks.

    • Mediaan

      I thought she was off in New York just like Helen Clark. Probably on some salary from something the taxpayer pays for.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems she wanted the job.It was realised she was getting enough now for doing nothing ,other than scamming her union members to the tune of around $200K annually.

  • What seat is she going after whale? Rongatai?

    • Gazzaw

      She’ll be pushing shit uphill to win a seat in Wellington after her attacks on Jackson. Labour will manufacture a result though and do another ‘Andrew Little’ by pushing her right up the list. Labour has no option because of their funding source.

  • Kacanga

    They are just so bloody predictable

  • Owl

    Helen Kelly is becoming an advocate for everything – very talented lady

  • Mediaan

    That is hilarious. She implies only she, Kelly, or someone very like her would have have the experience and understanding to know what a human right is.

    My human rights, I think, include not having to suffer the gabby and expedient Helen Kelly making verbal noise about whatever new extra the union wants to use to lure in members.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    What a dumb slag Helen Kelly is. Fancy her saying that J Blue got the job with a lack of experience. She doesn’t say the same thing about Labours leader about his lack of experience.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Anyone know how H2 got her role?

    • Phar Lap

      A long tongue? Maybe .

    • NotForTurning

      Closest thing Hellen could find to Malcolm Tucker.

      If Key had someone half as good as H2 – or a quarter as good as Malcolm – none of the shit sloshing around (novopay, GCSB, kim dotcom etc) would have happened.

    • Mediaan

      If we knew that, they would have to kill us.

  • Constance Lee Furious

    Kelly herself is a recipient of Labour largesse over the years. The less retarded around here will recall that the outgoing EEO commissioner made a cunt of herself on stage at last years Labour conference.

  • cows4me

    I find the left most enjoyable at the moment, like watching moonbeams reflecting on the surface of the shit pond.

  • davcav

    “I am glad they are making a big deal over so-called crony appointment, I
    am so going to love pointing out their hypocrisy when they next get
    into power.”

    Good luck whale. Labour are like the Aussie Rugby Union; whinge and moan about everything till they get what they want then change the rules to keep the cup (power) for as long as possible.

    Labour and their ilk will never admit to hypocrisy as they have the moral right and prerogative to tell us what to do cause they know better. The just can’t be wrong. Ever. Honest.

  • Mr_V4

    If only electricity could be generated from the sourness of Helen Kelly, Darien Fenton, Sue Moroney etc, NZ would have no energy problems.