#HeyClint is this how we mow our lawns once the Greens take our petrol away?

via Imgur

via Imgur


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep says – this is a good exercise and we should all use this.

  • geoff3012

    Funny……if it was not so tragic……

  • Hazards001

    Fucking ride on mowers are getting flasher…must be a rich pricks one!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick


  • Andy

    You would get sprayed with grass clippings even if you managed to find the torque to push the thing. The only way this would be a viable piece of green tech is if it were subsidised by the government

    • In Vino Veritas

      You mean like every other green tech idea?

  • sheppy

    Id be surprised if the Taliban allowed you enough steel to build something like that

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tory Bros of the Whale world – I have been carefully watching events unfold over the last week and the results of the opinion polls. I get a feeling that Sheep and Commie Norman are starting to win and confuse people. The Sheep of NZ are starting to believe these clowns have a viable policy and the media are playing along. Lousy Morgan poll will be out next week and it will show further decline in Naked Emperor’s (NE) support. NE and his useless cronies are not doing a good job of exposing the con scheme of the communists. Overall bad situation. Evil forces are rising rapidly.

    • Lion_ess

      Heard from Larry Williams tonight that the Nats are inbetween rock and a hard place. That they are a bit tied from discussing this policy while the MR float is on the table. Anyone like to comment on this?

  • Lopsy

    Every politician of even the vaguest ability has recognized that polls don’t tell the whole story. People tell pollsters what they think the pollster wants to hear. True polls are few and far between. Some polls are biased simply by the terms of reference in which the questions are asked. Most importantly, poll taking is an expensive exercise where the client will not take too kindly to unfavorable results. Grain of salt and all that. The only poll that really matters is the one where people check the contents of their wallets and the cynical RedGreen rats know this and pander to it in the most dishonest way. In the words of a Trojan priest, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.