#HeyClint Is this the Green’s draft education policy?

I have been leaked a draft of part of the Green party Education policy.

The policy document looks like a work in progress, and a cut/paste job of a bunch of ideas…but the upshot of them is that the Green party appears to be going to spend millions in education and the main plank of the policy is to basically remove the role of parents in caring for children and instead making that the responsibility of a plethora of newly created positions and jobs.

There are some truly alarming ideas contained in the document which was authored by Green party spin-weasel and former Herald on Sunday and DominionPost journalist Leah Haines.

Many areas are vague, incomplete or missing data. It is as if they have decided to create a policy and are hoping the data will fit what they want to achieve. 

In the document embedded below I have marked up the spelling and grammatical errors.

What is most interesting is that they are completely neutralising parents in this policy.  It’s the state through schools, social workers, nurses that will educate the child and feed it and liaise with social services.

Before they release the full policy one would hope that the Green party might invest in some remedial english lessons for their staffer.

Once again though it shows just how shallow the Green party is with its work, no doubt they will have been developing the spin to feed the politicians along side this policy work.

I’ll let you all look thorough the document, I am sure I have missed some details. Feel free to add anything I have missed in the comments.

LEAKED – Green party Education Green Paper by Cam Slater


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  • Phar Lap

    Well lets have a look at most of them in parliament.A bunch of half wits indoctrinated with the teachings of USSR,or Joe Stalin.Would be interesting to check out the pedigree of the American from Boston,Genter.Could she be an exported eco or financial terrorist from Boston.Wonder is there any red flags for her.

    • simon says

      I think she would call herself an eco warrior… captain planet and all.

      • NotForTurning

        Whose the Nazi in Red & Black in the middle?

    • Mediaan

      Genter is about 34 and has no useful background at all.

      In perpetual education until about age 24 in the States, then moved to France for more perpetual education, but in politics.

      Then she was picked up by Sinclair Knight Merz, a heavy-weight international consultancy type company that does unbelievably expensive reports on planning things for Councils, including Councils in New Zealand.

      Funny thing, though, she had no skills yet: only woofty things like politics in her academic background. (So how did they bring her in? Why did Immigration let her in, this being about 2006?)

      She worked there for five minutes, then signed up for more… Guess what… Perpetual education. Masters in Planning from Auckland University. This qualified her to travel and give lectures on … Wait for it …


      • Mediaan

        In other words, a smoothly infiltrated foreign agent maybe?

        • NotForTurning

          Na. economic terrorist.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Not even spell-check , which takes 5 seconds to enable . This is dangerous and seriously misguided social engineering .

    • Patrick

      Commies don’t use MS Word – remember that is a tool of the capitalist pigs. Open source word processors only at Communist Central aka NZ Greens.

  • Apolonia

    Under the “Care of children” act passed by Helun, parents only have day-to-day care of their children. That’s why when she spoke about “our” children she wasn’t talking about hers, she was talking about the state’s children.

    The horse has already bolted.

  • Looks like a “jobs for the girls” (and boys) work generation plan with social workers and nurses the biggest winners. I wonder how the Teachers unions will view this? Solidarity or feeling threatened by a clear invasion into their responsibilities. All I can see is a lot more non-learning time going to admin and social work.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    This is a useful insight into the way the Greens operate. Take an idea that bestows their ideology onto the masses and formulate policy to achieve it. To ensure its wider acceptance, “create” issues and injustices in the current system which are highlighted in the positioning statements.

    The “insert statistics here” aspect to this is appalling as it is frightening for it shows predisposition to policy regardless of its need and should create suspicion of any subsequent data wielded its support.

    • Mediaan

      I got told that “create issues and injustices in the current system” is what is really meant by the marxist term, “dialectical materialism”.

      I was pathetically grateful, as I had been struggling to understand the term for years.

  • Mediaan

    I have experienced this working.

    The end-point of this sort of Policy trend is, children get brought up in “children’s houses” with professional rostered caregivers, 24 hours a day.

    Those who have parents, the parents go to collect them mid-afternoon for some quality time in the tiny flat allocated to the parents. They all walk together down to the state-staffed dining hall for a ready-cooked meal, then the parents walk them back to the Children’s House and staff put them to bed.

    What it produces is a very homogeneous bunch of state-loyal kids, very strong in military service. They look on their age-group from the Children’s House as so like family they wouldn’t dream of marrying within that group.

  • Lopsy

    It’s as scary as we suspected. Hey Clint, go ahead and try it ya mung bean. You don’t mess with peoples children you stupid and (did I mention) fucking stupid fascists.

  • Lopsy

    This has happened before (approx 70 odd years ago) and still happens in places like North Korea. A vote for Labour is a vote for this kind of insanity.

  • onelaw4all

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”


  • disqus_IMXoT9Tobm

    Cam you are a moron to think the general public would believe this is genuine party document or even planing for that matter. It looks like you have just copy pasted random crap that you found. I didn’t think you right winger were so fucking stupid. At least make it look credible you lazy fat slob.