#HeyClint, shouldn’t Metiria bring her LARPing into the 21st century?

Hey Clint,

We all know Metiria likes to have a bit of LARPing fun


But in line with her recent make-over in parliament, shouldn’t she also upgrade her LARPing technology?


Nice and Green, those Segways, eh Clint?




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  • Dave

    Yes, perhaps the green party members would like to follow in the footsteps (or wheelie tracks) of the Segway founder…… Farewell greens.

    • Just for accuracy, the Segway founder/inventor (Dean Kamen) is alive and well. James Heselden had just bought the Segway production company when he went off a cliff on a Segway in 2010.

      • Dave

        Oops, I stand corrected, Thank you Aaron

  • segways are sooo green.

    • Less CO2 than horses, I’m sure.