#HeyClint – The Full Video

Gareth Hughes has been shown up as a glove puppet. Patrick Gower has really done a number on him and also on Clinton Smith.

Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes had to ask his spin doctor Clint Smith for some advice while the cameras were rolling.

Political reporter Tova O’Brien asked Hughes whether the party was “pleased” about their power policy damaging the Government’s asset sales program.

He started answering, stopped, and then looked behind the camera: ‘Hey Clint! Are we pleased?’

Clint responded: ‘Well, it’s not why we did the policy… we don’t want the assets sold”?

Here is the full video:

I say out all pollies who are glove puppets in exactly the same manner. This is fine journalism by TV3, Tova O’Brien and Pedro Gower.

Bring it on and do over the other pollies.