Horrid back in business, manufacturing news

Yesterday the NZ Herald ran this as their front page…yes complete with an internet meme image nicked off the net.



You might think this is a massive story. You might think this applies to flights to and from Samoa…especially from the image used. Well you’d be wrong.

You see the “decent journalists, trained and skilled” at the NZ Herald clearly didn’t check out the website of Samoa Air…where they handily have images of their fleet and the inside of their airplanes.

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Samoa Air operates Britten Norman (BN2A) series and Cessna (172) aircraft. These are no massive aircraft with aisles as depicted. They are small, effective aircraft for regional and local airlines.

This front page lead by the NZ Herald is a shameful beat up…with planes that size you can see why they need to weigh passengers…they would also have to make sure the weights were finely balances so as to not affect centre of gravity.

My how the standards have fallen at the newspaper of record…I wonder when they will add the red top to it?


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  • Gazzaw

    Even ZB was paralysed with this shit yesterday. You wouldn’t expect any better from Danny Watson but I couldn’t believe that Leighton Smith would even mention it. I agree with Cameron totally re small aircraft – they are a totally different proposition. I was weighed at Kaitaia last year along with all other passengers and a couple of bags were left behind. Commercial jets are a totally different proposition – how exactly do these twats expect Air NZ to weigh every single passenger boarding a 737 to Wellington and then start assessing whether some need larger seats at extra cost? How is that going to work with self check-ins? We’ll be reporting 90 minutes prior for domestic flights FFS and fares will have to increase to cover costs of extra check-in staff.

  • cows4me

    It’s not about the facts it’s about promoting an opinion that conforms with so called politically correct thinking the infests the countries media. How so. The paper is trying to promote the view that Samoa Air dares to discriminate. They seek to charge the obese more and this goes against the politically correct view that all are equal and all have the same rights, never mind the facts.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well I was taken in by the Horrid. Shame on them. Now it makes total sense. You and your luggage are ALWAYS weighed before boarding those small aircraft. When we flew to Mana Island in Fiji we and our luggage were weighed when we went on one of those little planes. They were very particular about the total weight. I remember one time at Denarau a seaplane tried to take off to go to one of the outer islands. It skimmed over the water and had to come back – it couldn’t take off because the people inside were too heavy (they were big people).The luggage was removed and the plane took off. The luggage went on the next flight. Looking at the Horrid journalist’s name – they should have known better! If you regularly travel via these aircraft then what a good incentive to lose weight!

    • Joe_Bloggs

      Yup – I was taken in by the Herald’s coverage as well…

      Their attitude towards churnalism pisses me off – it’s not just a casual or occasional slip. It seems the current editorial staff have adopted a deliberate policy of misleading, misrepresenting, sensationalising, spinning, manipulating and choreographing.

      Why do they show so little respect for the public?

  • unsol

    What is with the anti Herald stuff – is it because they are so extraordinarily shite (which they clearly are if this article is anything to go by…along with some of the other pearlers you have posted) or is it something personal?

    Re pay as you weigh I like it. I watched 7 Sharp last night (yes I did) & one of the guys there interviewed a big Samoan fella in Wellington. The man said that what wasnt being reported is that for the extra price in fares the large people will get more leg room etc.

    So isn’t this fair? They pay more & sit in a section that doesnt involve their lard spilling over to other passengers.

    The only thing I would like to see though is clarification of the finer details – the ABs are considered obese because they are well above their BMI. While they are clearly not they are still huge & personally I wouldn’t want someone their size sitting next to me either.

    So maybe alternate rows – skinny row/large row (where perhaps three or 2 seats becomes 2 or 1 seat)?

  • Bunswalla

    Two Irish moose hunters were flown in to the wilds of Canada for 4 days hunting. When the pilot came back he saw the number of moose they’d shot and said there was no way the plane could take off with them, their gear and all the dead animals. They protested loudly and said that the previous year they had the same number of moose and the plane managed to take off OK. Reluctantly the pilot agreed, loaded everything onto the plane and it struggled into the air. It wasn’t long before it started to wobble and inevitably crash-landed in a forest.

    After a couple of hours the hunters came to, and looked around them in disbelief. Where the hell are we? asked one of them. Not sure, said his mate, but it looks to be quite close to where we came down last year!

    • unsol

      Haha what is it with lame jokes always being the best! Laugh out loud bunny – must share that…..

    • Random66

      haha, you wouldn’t per chance be implying hunters are foolish, selfish or just plain stupid would you? If so, ssshh WO will hear you :)

  • I don’t mind confessing I was sucked in by yesterday’s front page and just assumed it was a fleet of large planes. Bloody Herald!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Yup, I’ve flown between islands in Samoa and you can only fit four or six people in the plane, depending on luggage and other stuff.

  • Jim

    A while ago the TV program “Air Crash Investigation” had a story of a commuter plane in the US (a 19 seater) that crashed right after take-off because the average passenger weight tables were out of date. When the plane took off it was overweight and its centre of gravity was too far back. This crash prompted the US authorities to get an up to date table of the “average” passengers weight.
    For an airline such as Air Samoa that is flying small aircraft the weight those planes are carrying and where that weight is located is crucial to the safety of the plane and its occupants.
    A separate issue is whether charging should be by weight alone – but given that the economics of running their aircraft is at least partly dependent on the weight they are carrying they do have a case.

  • LabTested

    That’s not Samoa Air. That is Lufthansa. Smallest economy class seats & lack of leg room for any airline I have flown. More than once I have spent 12 hours on a Lufthansa flight with someone else’s stomach on my arm rest.

    Now I pay more & go with Air NZ (although having to transit Heathrow is a pain)