HoS, reaches new low, consults with Labour on IT issues

via telkom.co.za

via telkom.co.za

As I reported yesterday, the cluster**** that is Yahoo!Xtra email continues to be a severe problem for both Xtra account holders that have had their accounts compromised, and the rest of us who are in some cases receiving a deluge of spam emails clogging up the normal daily routine.

It is only normal that the Herald On Sunday would run a piece on it.

One Telecom customer was getting 20 nuisance messages a minute.

Telecom’s troubled email service is suffering a fresh spate of problems just days after the New Zealand telco announced it would stick with Australian-based Yahoo.

Yahoo!Xtra account holders contacted the Herald on Sunday complaining accounts had been hacked or clogged with unusually high levels of nuisance spam.

Corporate communications boss Lauren Young said her Yahoo!Xtra home email account was under siege. Over a 72-hour period, tens of thousands of emails flooded into her inbox, peaking at 20 messages a minute.

The Counties Manukau District Health Board communications manager rang the Telecom helpdesk and changed her password, but the unwanted spam continued through to yesterday.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this and it still keeps going,” said Young. “I’m still under attack and have been since Thursday.”

Telecom is playing down the latest attack, saying it isn’t as severe as an incident in February where more than 80,000 Yahoo!Xtra customers had their accounts compromised.

Certainly sounds like a a problem when the nation’s largest ISP can’t guarantee to keep its email systems secure even after two previous incidents has given them ample chance to review and overhaul its security measures.

But here is where it gets weird, and the Herald on Sunday truly shows what a partisan rag it has become.

No, they didn’t ask TUANZ to comment on the issue.  No, they didn’t get their own IT guru to comment on the issue.  No, they didn’t even get a comment from some lame B-list bystander with a tenuous link, like Sam  Morgan or Seeby Woodhouse to make a comment on the story.

Instead, they exclusively went to the Labour Party.

That’s right.

A private company in New Zealand is having trouble, so the Labour Party clearly is the obvious place for informed comment on the story.

Labour Party communication and IT spokeswoman Clare Curran said Telecom should be transparent with any problems.

“The public are on reasonably high alert at the moment and it’s incumbent on Telecom to be upfront with their customers.”

Regular Whaleoil readers know Curran’s expertise in IT and Communications is embarrassingly shallow (“Has Margaret Thatcher died?”), and to get an opposition MP to comment on a commercial story like this is just unbelievably weird.

Certain Labour MPs are obviously easily accessible on speed dial.

I can’t think it will stop here.  There is lots more of this to come from the Herald On Sunday as they consider themselves National’s true opposition.


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  • cows4me

    It’s a bit like asking a strainer post to comment on quantum physics.

  • AzaleaB

    Ok – we all know NZ Horrid and HOS is becoming so left that they would see Stalin as moderate, but seriously…what can we actually do ( rather than fret, bitch, swear or throw hands in the air in disgust)

    • Patrick

      Stop buying the fish wrapper, they will go out of business & the conniving leftie Labour activists employed (aka Fisher Orsman etc) will lose their jobs & maybe do some real honest work to survive.

  • thor42

    Bwahahahaha…… I’m with TelstraClear / paradise.net.

    No problems here…… :)

  • Grizz30

    The only use for the HoS is dunny paper in a long drop.

  • AnonWgtn

    No problem – like me in the last year I have cancelled both the SST and the SH and have learned to do without a Sunday paper.
    Working on last delivered paper, the horrible Herald, and will cancel one day when I am stretched at its inane comments, buy wife likes cryptic crossword though.

    • cows4me

      No such problems here, we can’t get Sunday papers.

    • Gazzaw

      Print the crossword off the online edition AW.

  • Orange

    Wow, did a real double take when I read this. Good post.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    How can I link John Key to the Yahoo!xtramail issues??? – Norman thinking….