Human Rights Commission sticks up for Pedophiles

The Human Rights Commission has successfully gone into bat for a Taupo pedophile who runs a “family friendly” motel, helping him get name suppression.

The man clams he has name suppression but he is wrong. In 2009 Truth published all his details including a photograph of him and this week have again published his details as he seeks to attack the Sensible Sentencing Trust by using the Privacy Commission and the Human Rights Proceedings.

Truth supports the efforts of the Sensible Sentencing Trust in protecting the rights of victims and we will assist them in raising funds to support them in fighting this silly legislation.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has issued a press release: 

Interim Name Suppression granted for convicted Paedophile who claims Suppression existed anyway!

The Human Wrongs Commission continues to waste tax payer money this week by continuing their ludicrous claim that the Sensible Sentencing Trust has breached a 5 time convicted Paedophile’s privacy by publishing his name.

The trust is in possession of a court minute that clearly states no final suppression was in force and despite his name being extensively published for years previously.

Spokesperson for the Trust, Garth McVicar states “We will defend our position strenuously – the fact that the Human Rights Commission is acting for a 5 time convicted paedophile is an absolute farce not to mention the immense waste of tax payers money”.

“This serial sex offender has 5 previous convictions and numerous other allegations against him of disgusting and clearly illegal sexual assaults on children.”

“Whose privacy should the commission be more concerned about?”

If you would like to make a donation to the Sensible Sentencing Trust fighting fund the details are below:

Funded solely by public donations the Trust will need significant funds to help fight this battle for the greater good. If you are in a position to assist at whatever level please make a donation to help with our costs:
Donations can be made at any branch of the ASB.

Human Rights Fighting Fund
ASB account number: 12 3136 0460 763 00


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  • Justsayn

    Whatever your views on name suppression the “Sensible Sentencing Trust” has to be a clear case of misrepresentation. They should rename themselves the “Not So Sensible But Not Completely Silly Sentencing Trust”

  • Justsayn

    There may be a story in that for you… How much does Garth McVicar get paid by the trust (including indirectly eg car, home etc)?

    • williamabong

      Who fucking cares, at least he has the balls to stand up what the rest of us think, every dollar tipped into the SST the real people of NZ get $2 worth of value from.
      For too long our justice system has played pat a cake and protect-a-pedo with these arseholes, left to me I would run tthem through the tattooist and have “I’m a kiddie fiddling cunt, please feel free to punch me” emblazoned across their face.

    • RuthM

      And why the feck is that even relevant? No government funding – all public donations and for the record neither he or I get paid anything but instead ‘work’ 60 plus hours a week helping the victims of serious crime. Speak to the victims we help and pull your head in at the same time. Who have you helped lately??!

      • Justsayn

        Touchy! I was joking but now you make me wonder!

        A lot of us help people Ruth, but most don’t feel the need to trumpet it or to use that, and them, to push our own agendas.

    • HtD

      Oh, that old chestnut question. It’s cost him a fortune in lost wages and caused him tremendous stress, working for society instead of for his own farm. And then getting snide shit from anonymous sneaks like you in return.

      • Justsayn

        I don’t like the way the trust uses those in a vulnerable position to push its own very marginal views.
        For instance, no name suppression ever?? What about for a pedo who molests his daughter? No? I don’t give a stuff about the pedo but how will it impact on the daughter when everyone knows what happened to her?
        Okay then, some name suppression but not as much as we have now?

        • RuthM

          When have we ever said no name suppression ever??? – We haven’t! Read the releases – all we’ve ever called for is a review of the current mess to fix it for the victims & public safety – these 2 things should come first always!

  • hazardsareonitsok

    Rename the trust to “Retarded Justice system fuckups Trust”

    • HtD

      Which part of SST policy don’t you like? Helping victims? Trying to get judicial accountability? Being against bailing and paroling crims known to be dangerous? 3 Strikes? Warning the public who is dangerous?

      • hazardsareonitsok

        see the above…

    • williamabong

      Another Hug-a-pedo, how is life under the rock, and yes before you ask I’m one of your down votes.

      • hazardsareonitsok

        see the above

    • hazardsareonitsok

      You guys mis-read me.

      I should have said “Fix the retarded justice system fuckups trust”

      Because it is getting out of hand, all these stupid decisions by judges.

      Like that pedo who’s punishment is to hang a sign in his business. Really? What happened to jail?

      • HtD

        Fair enough. Your not a dickhead like Justsayn, then. All the best to you, in that case. :-)

  • spollyike

    The Human/minority rights commission is a joke which the sensible sentencing trust aim to counter. Full credit to them and keep up the good work!

  • Get a grip

    I see there are two Sensible Sentencing Trusts !!!!!!!

    The original – still valid apparently is called Sensible Sentencing Group Trust.

    The newer just the sensible sentencing trust?

    Dodgy or not?

    • HtD

      What are you on about?

  • Apolonia

    Another victory for the ‘do nothing Key, caretaker government”

  • mike

    Perhaps the Privacy Commisioner past needs to be investigated?