I apologise. I was wrong about Duncan Garner yesterday.

Yesterday I posted that Duncan Garner had jumped the shark when he wanted everyone to come listen to the Chicken Man singing a song.

But I was wrong.

Today he managed to sink even lower.



Can someone please take pity on him and give him a call?   I think someone should tell him that Marriage Equality is done and dusted.

Drive time radio should be bringing you the news.  Not dragging the Family First attack lines back from the dead.

Jumping the shark and flogging a dead horse.




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  • LesleyNZ

    What is this about?
    Legalise multi-partner marriage – group http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/8588721/Legalise-multi-partner-marriage-group
    Family is first.

    • Dave

      Yes Lesley, Family is first! It seems they want a very large and happy family.

      • LesleyNZ

        Leighton thinks it is OK so it must be OK. Free for all now when it comes to equality in marriage. Anything goes. Boris Dittrich would totally agree. Holland is already discussing the next step on from gay marriage. Multiple partners in marriage – 3+ or more.

  • Guest
  • tarkwin

    I notice the proponents on Stuff don’t say who they are. Could be Green Mormons – don’t laugh, they have several things in common. Polygamy, push bikes, being nerdish and turning up on your door step. Could be a radical new force out there, better tell Colin!

  • grumpy

    What is wrong with group marriage???? If some guy wants a whole bunch of mothers-in-law what business is it of ours – as long as they love each other.

    • unsol

      Nothing – better than cheating as at least it is out in the open.

      • grumpy

        I knew you would be with me on this, unsol. If only we had it in my youth. Ah, but youth is wasted on the young……

        • unsol


    • Kacanga

      Mind you he wouldn’t be left with much if they all divorced him at the same time.

      • grumpy

        Half split 6 ways is still only half.

    • LesleyNZ

      Love how you all think there is always one man with the heaps of women. Might be the other way round – one woman with heaps of groupie men. Then she will have all the mothers-in-law.

  • Poor Duncan; no career to speak of, no listeners to speak of, no wife, playing second fiddle to Guyon Espiner and having to talk gibberish for 3 hours.

    At least when Fonzie jumped the shark he was wearing a leather jacket!

  • Justsayn

    “What comes after same sex marriage?” For a change, they both do.

    • unsol

      “What comes after same sex marriage?” For a change, they both do.

      You realise that doesn’t make sense…it should say no change, they all do (assuming all men & women ‘know’ how to do their ‘job’ properly).

      • Justsayn

        You are clearly unmarried, or very lucky.

        • don’t worry, I get it ;)

          • seems to me

            Good for you!!!

        • unsol

          Married & lucky :-)

          Like I said, no change if men & women know how to do their ‘job’ properly….familiarity doesn’t have to breed contempt & marriage doesn’t have to mean the end of good times!

  • cows4me

    Didn’t take long did it WO. I guess we’ll have gayguy along in a moment all pissed off that someone else wants “marriage”. Well done you liberal progressive tosspots and don’t come crying when you daughters want to marry the sky tower after all it will be a loving relationship and God forbid we deny someone equality, for fucks sake.

  • unsol

    Garner is indeed an idiot – debating an issue that has closed for now & comparing it to something that well, kind of goes on anyway. Any moral high ground claimed on polygamy issues implies marriage is only ever between 2 people. Yet history, stats & anecdotal evidence tells us the opposite.

    So what’s better – polygamy (polymoral if you don’t want to get married) or cheating? Would one preclude the others? I’m curious. If the Marriage stats are correct re implying a huge number of people cheat then what is the point in having a law that says marriage is to the exclusion of all others when clearly it is not, and in fact, has never been the case? Back in the day marriage was a business arrangement & love was something you found with your mistress (women would get strung up if they cheated of course!).

    And who listens to the radio for news anymore – such stations are just filled with current or ex so-called journos or annoying delusional ex MPs….anyone getting their news off such crap would be better off watching What Now.

  • Phill

    Not that he did anything to push the issue while the debate was on. Just regurgitated his leftie mates opinions.
    He will say anything to get callers to his show.
    Desparate much?

  • Michael

    Isn’t a Labour MP living with his partner, who also lives with her other partner?

    • Oh do tell (have no idea who you are talking about) – got me all curious now!

      • Michael

        To be fair, the other partner has a long term illness that requires care and he cannot physically do a lot. So, I’m not sure it fits into a group relationship as perfectly as I was hinting.

        • Sponge

          Still the Labour MP concerned is a prize prick.

  • It is only a very small step from gay “marriage” to polygamous “marriage” – the arguments in favour are exactly the same – just remove the word “two” and its all on. And what about bisexuals ? Presumably for a bisexual to be completely happy and fulfilled he or she might want to marry a partner of both genders. Hetero, homo, and poly – all in one happy “marriage” of people who love one another – and therefore demand the equal right to marry.

  • J.M

    I hope this means that Duncan Garner has taken the correct stance of opposing gay marriage. As many have stated it is a slippery slope.

  • Bunswalla

    There was a young man from the Clyme
    Who married three wives at a time
    When asked “Why a third?”
    He replied, “One’s absurd!
    And bigamy, sir, is a crime”