I wonder if Bruce Ferguson would like to declare a conflict of interest?


Bruce Ferguson has been running around squealing to anyone who would listen that the process for hiring the head of GCSB was unfair.

He ran to the nation’s only opposition, John Campbell, and moaned and threw his toys.

Now He is about to go on Radio Live with Sean Plunket.

With all his histrionics he is acting like someone who applied, or at the least may have been on the short-list that was rejected.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some proper journalists asked Bruce Ferguson if he was on the ¬†short-list presented by the State Services Commission to John Key.

It would be interesting to see what his answer was or whether he too has a “brain fade”.


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  • James Stephenson

    “With all his histrionics he is acting like someone who applied, or at
    the least may have been ont he short-list that was rejected.”

    Whaleoil’s rules of politics #8: Never ask a question, if you don’t already know the answer. Hmmm?

  • Gazzaw

    Wasn’t he the former boss of GCSB from 2006-2011? Did he have to ‘re-apply for his job’ for some reason after having been a Clark ‘shoe-in’ in 2006? I wonder what the employment process was like when he secured the job under Clark. Bear in mind he was Chief of Defence Forces during the era when the Skyhawks were disposed of (he was RNZAF) and LAVS & shit Aussie naval harware purchased. Pay off time?

    • GregM

      Spot on Gazz. He had his arse handed to him and told not to re apply.

      • le sphincter

        Laugable !
        He had the job for 4 or 5 years. Its the public service you move on to something else…

        • Gazzaw

          He was on a five year contract. No sign of ‘something else’ as yet.

          • johnbronkhorst

            Good people in these positions get snapped up really fast. To positions all around the globe…….BUT dear old brucy here seems to still UNEMPLOYED….not sure why…but just saying!!!

    • le sphincter

      Best decision ever to get rid of obsolete Skyhawks.

      Last time the RNZAF fire their guns was at Malayan villages in the 50s.
      Been a waste of space ever since

      • Gazzaw

        A bit like NZ Rail in many ways.

      • GregM

        Bollocks. Fishing boats poaching in our waters got shot at in the 70’s.
        Should have got the F16’s, it’s called doing our bit for regional security.

        • Honcho

          And 80’s and 90’s .. Things were often scrabbled as it was a well known fact that their trawlers could outrun our patrol boats. A whole squadron of planes operated out of townsville around the lead up to the incidents that occured around east timors independance, but thats long forgotten.

          • Dumrse

            That’s interesting. Which Squadron was operating out of Townsville in the lead up to the East Timor fracas.

          • LesterPK


          • Dumrse

            A penny to a pound of goat shit there was no relationship between them being in TVL and the ET crisis.

          • LesterPK

            They were orginally there for an exercise, that is true, but its also true their stay was extended and plans were made to base out of Darwin if neccesary.

          • GregM

            Very true Honcho. I was on deployment up there at the time with the RNZN.

            It was a very worthwhile deployment and it certainly won’t be forgotten by those who served in the region at that time.

      • johnbronkhorst

        AAHH the big lie by auntie Helen.
        The sky hawkes have 8 more years….they were mothballed within 8 months.
        QUOTE “we will follow the Quigley report”….Really??? The Quigley report recommended, that while the F-16’s weren’t the ideal operation combat tool we needed…the deal was too good to turn down and we should buy them!!!!

        • Gazzaw

          At least Sphinky’s consistent. You can always rely on him never to allow facts to get in the way of official politbureau dogma.

          Where have you been of late? Keeping you busy in Question Time?

          • johnbronkhorst

            who me? I couldn’t be a politician, sitting in the same room as winnie, hone, shearer, dalzeil etc would force me to become a.d.d. and bathe every 20 minutes just to wash off the stink!

          • Gazzaw

            Apologies John. Have reworded that question.

          • johnbronkhorst

            Thank you!

  • PlanetOrphan

    In a country that turns a blind eye to Doggs dealing hard drugs with impunity, in the name of crime prevention, anything goes.

    John Key wants to hire an old school buddy, just more of the same.

    And flunkies will always suspect the worst, because they live and work with it everyday.

    • BJ

      Key doesn’t surround himself with cronies – he surrounds himself with people of high intelligence and a high level of integrity so he can delegate responsibility into capable hands while he gets on with leading from the front – and he’s very good at choosing the right people

      • PlanetOrphan

        He plays the cards he’s dealt, as does anyone in positions of power.
        It’s rare that they get to choose the people that surround them.

        And he has changed his tune markedly in the last 12months, which I give him credit for, because before then he was heading for Hell in a handbasket.

        • BJ

          He chose his Front Bench and my point is – he does not engage in cronyism – he has people close that have a skill set that he recognizes as valuable for the country

      • ratesarerevolting

        Hekia Parata ?

  • spollyike

    Campbell and Plunket and Garner and Gower and Mau and Boyed and Mulligan and Espiner. What should we do with this lot??

    • Gazzaw

      You mean Snow White & the Seven Poisoned Dwarfs?

      • BJ

        Very good!

      • spollyike

        Woops! I forgot Willie and JT. That would make 9 dwarves Gazza.

        • Roger Gower

          Stack the tiddlers to make one dwarf.

      • Phar Lap

        Excellent ,was wondering why Plunket is no longer with Newstalk,he lasted five minutes.Seems Radio Dead deserved him ,an overblown blouse if i ever saw or heard one.

    • sheppy

      Send them all to somewhere Communist permanently, that way they can live the lifestyle they so clearly yearn for

      • spollyike

        Best idea ever, they are certainly in on some communist/socialist, anti democracy, anti equality plot, why not let them be real communists. Only problem is everywhere in the world that is communist/socialist seems to be less so than these tossers! (except the watermelons and green-piece of course)

      • PM of NZ

        They’re in a communist sh*thole already – it called Aotearoa.

  • BJ

    I am so pleased you have posted on this. I listened very carefully to his interviews and formed a view that he had a real chip on his shoulder – this was personal and he has an axe to grind. And, maybe last night Mr Rennie subtly, by publicly making it clear none of the other applicants were up to scratch, gave it back to him, after all Sir? Fergusson said on TV to discredit the whole process of the GCSB selection. I’ll bet he was an applicant and was previously installed by Labour – perhaps to spy on National before the new act came in to effect.

    • Gazzaw

      Precisely BJ.

    • Phar Lap

      Well said i thought he sounded like the enemy within.Campbell was drooling like a chimpanzee every time the mentioned Ferguson said anything that was against John Key ,or the selection process.

    • AnonWgtn

      He is probably more afraid of what the report on GCSB will apportion to his time when instability became rife.
      He is getting in with the media first.

  • le sphincter

    On 26 August 2010, Prime Minister John Key announced the appointment of Mateparae as Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau. Mateparae was appointed for a five-year term commencing on 7 February 2011 but stepped down from the role on 1 July 2011. To become Governor Gerneral

    So Fergusson had finished his stint and another person got the job. The vacancy came up again

    Why would Fergusson want the job till hes 70?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Who cares???

  • LabTested

    Interesting to hear Iain Rennie who just gives straight answers


    at 13 minutes into the video John Campbell points out that during the GCSB DotCom briefing to John Key there was no Director of GCSB and trys to suggest this may have been a set up!!! – to let the Govt do what I do not know.
    Campbell could not get anything juicy out of Rennie & was fishing desperately

  • I know it’s not good to make assumptions, but IF Bruce Ferguson applied for his old job back, and IF he was one of those on the short list who were rejected by the SSC and the Prime Minister, and IF he has used political contacts to stir the pot, then the SSC and John Key were wise not to appoint him.

  • GregM

    A couple of points people seem to be missing:
    1: The insider who leaked information to Fergusson and/or Robertson needs to be held to account, why didn’t Campbell ask that question ?
    2: For too long the head of the GCSB has been a retirement posting for ex military officers. Now we have a professional in charge.
    I think it is a particularly good appointment.

  • Justsayn

    Key was interviewed on Radio Live at noon and gave a very strong hint that the soon to be released report about the GCSB dotcom thing was provided to Fergusson in draft, doesn’t say good things about him, and that is why hes it out there so publicly.

    • Gazzaw

      There’s a lot to come out about this and I have the feeling that it ain’t going to be all good news for Ferguson or labour.

  • Troy

    Ferguson is drawing a long bow on this and ought to know better how it works at the senior level – he should know, he was the guy that was a 1-star military guy who got promoted to a 3-star job (Chief of Defence Force), thereby cutting out all the 2-stars – and why? Because of shoulder-tapping. If he is gonna squeel like this he ought to remember what happened to himself. If the thinks the process was wrong, he should never have got the top military post because he got there thru a process at that time which was deemed to be appropriate and still is today. He has lost the idea of “best person for the job” – isn’t that what we all expect?

  • This twit was installed by labour as the GCSB head after being installed by labour as the CDF, leap frogging more suitable but National aligned senior officers.

  • It is really a great move getting the old shit out and replacing it with someone real for a change,real people who have an open view and are not ex force. Good on you JK.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I can understand Ferguson’s upset at a spreadsheet jockey from the Banana Benders public service being appointed.

    Having a fly-boy in charge of the GCSB would have been useful in the RNZAF’s battle with its greatest enemy, L-3 Communications.