I wouldn’t whine if millions of dollars were at stake

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

Mr Reed, who acts as David Cullen Bain’s lawyer thinks it is a good strategy to whine and moan about the location of the judicial review now that it has been shifted from Auckland to Wellington.

Of course, Bain can’t pay his legal team, so they’re whining that they’ll have to take the extra expenses on the chin. ?Suddenly all that glorious “free advertising” ?legal work is going to cost them real time and money.

So like the small minded and short sighted idiots that they are, they decided to whine about it.

The Crown is “acting vindictively” in its bid to shift David Bain’s case against Justice Minister Judith Collins to Wellington, a court has heard.

Lawyers for Mr Bain and the Crown were back at the High Court at Auckland today where Mr Bain is seeking a judicial review into how Ms Collins handled a report into his claim for compensation written by former Canadian Supreme Court judge Ian Binnie.

“The report was received, it was kept secret, a spurious basis of confidentiality was put forward and it was handed to the police,” Mr Reed told the court.

He said Mr Bain was asking that his case against Mrs Collins be heard in Auckland.

Mr Reed said Mr Bain did not have legal aid, had a “modest job” in Christchurch and could not afford to take legal action against the Crown.

“We are close to – if not already – at the stage where we are being forced out of this case.”

Boo effin hoo.

I wonder how many fellow lawyers would be cringing at this pathetic whining coming from the Bain defence team.

He said applying for legal aid was so time consuming that it was not worthwhile.

Mr Reed said while Mr Bain would find it difficult to fight his case in Wellington, the Crown were able to fly an experienced QC up to Auckland to argue that a two-day hearing be held in Wellington.

“The Crown appears to be acting vindictively,” Mr Reed said.

He said if the Crown agreed to hear the case in Auckland, they would only face the extra cost of one night’s accommodation.

“I haven’t seen any bit of evidence as to why they want the case in Wellington. Why is it?”

He said because Justice Binnie interviewed Mr Bain in Auckland, Auckland was the proper place to hear the case.

Oh hand me the tissues will you? ?Legal aid is too expensive to apply for? ?Do they even think this through before it comes out of their stupid faces?

Mrs Collins’ lawyer Kristy McDonald QC said Mr Bain was asking for special treatment.

She said Mr Bain’s claims are in relation to Mrs Collins and her job as a Cabinet Minister and therefore should be heard in the capital.

“Despite the high profile of this case, generally, Mr Bain is not special … There are many parties who are poor. Mr Bain has chosen to bring a judicial review.

Bain lives in Christchurch, but it is somehow less onerous to him to to have the case heard in Auckland than in Wellington.


Source: ODT